Friday, November 30, 2007

Difference in Size?!

2 Post for Today :)
So Damn Pai Seh During 3rd Meeting.
I had to act the "Gatsby Guy"
*Twist my hair while the Music is playing*

Sheena Realised something in class.
Zahid was sitting beside me then she pointed out.
I had to Do sumtink. Tadah!
Zahid got the Sad face :( *Wahaha*

SUPER Bored X 100

* Just listening to my Nick describes me*
(Nurul is Sick, Never Come school...)
(i got nothing to Do also)
(what should i blog about?)
Did some PhotoShopping in class...
" I AM ONe step nearer to my W810i "
Managed to get my parents so pay part of the $$ for me :) Yay-ness!
Some other things to describe me.
I am "Peter Petrelli"
I am "Chocolate Brownie"Wan to Know more about yourself? Join FaceBook.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

What to blog?!

HELL lot of people on Bus 168 today.
Almost late for UT.Sat on the stairs throughout the whole journey.
Kah kwee just said a joke. Decided to Blog it.
Person: "How to get to tampines mall?"
Kah kwee:
"Go straight, turn left
Go straight, turn left
Go straight, turn left"
Conclusion: You will end up at the same spot where u started -.-

Get it? No?Understand now?
Today is MY Module selection for Year 2 and 3.
*Confused* Dunno what to choose.


*Told ya sumtink was wrong with my com.*

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Blog Revamp!
Always wanted a 3 column blog.
So after the whole day of stressing with html codes.*irritated*
Pls comment on my new blogskin.
This Small thing cause so much STRESS.Today open a new pair of contact lens.I wore the left, den there was difficulty putting in the right.Suddenly, the lens fall from my finger to Dunno where.I panic-ed.
I rushed to my Room, get a torchlight and started searching.
I shouted for my mum, who wen to get a torchlight too.
I was thinking,"It'S A DAMN NEW PAIR!?" I refused to give up.
After 15mins of searching of the basin and floor. I gave up.Took out my left and wore my specs.Den i saw a shiny thingy on the wall. It was my contacts...Enterprise Faci treat my team & Nurul's team to Ice Cream cos we managed to solve the CrossWord puzzle. Hem...After school, wen tO library to Slack.Ate Brownie :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Helpless [x_x]

Maths Lesson Today.
My team is left with 2 People -Me & illah.
(Yah see and Zhi ying NVR COME. Dino wen halfway)
Totally helpless.
Let this Pic tell u how i feel about today's lesson.Can see what i am trying to say?"This is how i am feeling right now"
I nid to cut my Hair!!!
I seriously need to Reformat my Com. [x_x]

Monday, November 26, 2007

[Sony Ericsson]

Today Was Boring Science...
Downloading Flash Mx to Create my Blog Banner
Currently 75%, since 11am !?
Everyone in class Took Out Our Sony Ericsson Phone.

Editted The Photos so it look like Advertisement.

Did anyone Spot W810i? One of my Classmate has it..*awww*

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Random Post.
Nothing Special happened in the Weekend.
(except that i received a PANIC call from Nurul at 11+ pm last nite)
So why did i blog since i got nothing to blog about???
Just Wanna Tell You all...

I wanna buy this Phone!Presenting W810i
I know it's an Old Model but i am Sick of Phones that cannot take Clear Photos.
This Phone has Nice Design and Can take Clear Photos.
(Why didn't i think of this phone before buying my LG?)How bout the White one? Which is nicer???

Friday, November 23, 2007


Before i blog about anything, Checkout New Banner!
Created Using PhotoShop.After self exploration,
I finally know how to create something like that.
This is only temporaily,i am in the midst of creating a CoOler,Nicer One.
12midNight: Just Bathe after reaching home from work.Slack @ Mac after work.
Today is Cheryl's last day @ Work.Met me after school at Woodlands interchange so we could go to work together.
(Sorry Nurul, didn't pei u go home)
Btw, my friend say Nurul is Photogenic,
I guess that's the effect of taking photos with me
You'll look much nicer :)
Cheryl bought me Mango Juice & Donuts in case i hungry.Thx :)
My SpiderMan Donut. Love it :)Cheryl gave me these on the Bus.
A bible, A card and a GIANT bar of chocolate.I had this "can't bear" feeling when she handed me these parting gifts...
Nevertheless, we enjoyed Cheryl's last day with fun, laughter and Joy.Last Photo taken with a Christmas Tree.
Lastly, From the bottom of my heart, (Cheryl,if u're readin' this)
I would like to thank you for all the things you have done for me.
Must remember to visit me.Best Friends Forever.
"i promise to read the Bible, the tearing trick was amazing :) "

Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Wat title to put?"

Took my reflection from the projector.
Today got Enterprise UT.
Freakin' Not enough time.Did not finish.Dammit.
My class is SO Obsessed with DOTA everyday.
Projected one of the COmputer on the Wall.Like WCG. LOL :)Sheena suggested taking our height on the whiteboard.Photoshop-ed fire on my hand. Nice?CoOl?
Played PoOl with Nurul During 2nd Break.
Guess wat? she won.
We are going to check out havainas at CWP later :)

Miracles do happen?

Miracle #1
Even though today is Wednesday, i was not late :)
Wednesday + Enterprise Lesson = Irritating Faci.
I did not shoot him today.
Miracle #2I check my grades once i reached school.
I realised i got an A for enterprise.
I was like *stunned*
Miracle #3 He treat us Ben & Jerry's Ice cream.When all the way to the nearest shell station to buy.One tub each for each team.($7 x 5 = $35?)
Are you trying to get into our Good Books?!
but nevertheless, thanks :)
End my post with these interesting picture...
What if Doreamon(s) work in an office?
Doreamon @ work.
LOL :)
Go join SGclub!
Went to Bedok with Hui xin, Rinn and Manda after school :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Urgent Post!

Our enterprise faci found out euodia's Blog!
If he find the links, he will find all our blog!
ANd he will know all the things we wrote!
Oh my f***ing shit.
THIS MORNING on the bus, this STUPID,IRRITATING,NOOB, IDIOT guy squeezed in the middle of Nurul and Me.NeverMind about that.
BUT he keep banging onto us, when we sms,
SO Freakin' Irritating.
So we decided to do Something.
Nurul stared at him. I blasted my Shaver msg tone @ his ear.
I sms right in front of him.
I bet he was suffering inbetween us :)
(all the way from tampines to woodlands)
Then he asked Nurul, "are u both frieendddss?" (indian accent)
Nurul replied: "Yes :) "
Go Nurul's Blog to see her view on that guy

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Left class [x_x]

To my Relief Faci: Maths was too complicating for me.
Partly is that i wasn't interested. All i might have given you was:
"The types of whales Mary might encounter during her trip"
(no link to maths)
so i bet u are not interested.Maybe you might be...
Me, Nurul and Euodia left our brains at home.Forgot to bring.
Therefore We decided to leave @ 2nd Breakout.
My accomplice. Nurul & Euodia. Nurul & Me (:
Actually we wen to the Library to Slack.
Slack from 1plus, then Played PoOl till 4 plus.To save $$, we need to prevent the ball from going into the hole.
Some Photos. Those in class, dun be jealous, keep up the good work.Dun be like the 3 of us.
Coached Nurul to be as Pro as me.
In the end, she became good too(:
She is so HyperActive.Dunno Why.Never take medication i think.
On the Bus, keep chatting, keeping herself entertained.
Headed to Work.So many Customers.Got another new Colleague.
This time is not feminine guy. Is Slow-Mo girl.
She everything slow motion de.
Slowly walk....., take...things....
Ok, i shall end my post with this:I am the most powerful there is.
Oh ya, thanks cheryl,for bringing a Donut for me just now :)
Lastly, found a lame sentence on the internet, it goes...
"My future is so bright that i have got to wear shades" -.-'''

Monday, November 19, 2007


MSN Down in School Today!
So helpless. When someone stepped into class this Morning,
Amelia would shout "MSN down today"
The person's Expression would be "wat?!"
Lucky there's ebuddy which Zhiying intro:I did a SUPER silly thing today.
5.30pm: Nurul and i getting ready to go home.
We are the last to leave the class,While Walking to interchange.
Den i realised something, I looked at Nurul, shocked.
I think she read my mind, and she said "Handphone"
I LEFT MY HANDPHONE IN CLASS!(it was charging)
We chiong back to school. Climbed up the Ramp.
Then Climbed the Stairs to the 5th floor,Cannot access to the building.
Then realised the door at the stairs was LOCKED.
Climbed Down again.Thinking of alternatives...
Then, Lucky one faci helped us open the door,
then we chiong up to W35F.
*Gasping for Air* u feeling it?
Some Pictures to share before i end this post.
Sushi Computer.
Piano Building.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hungry, Hungry!

Raining Super Heavily Today.
Had a New Colleague.A rather feminine guy.
Suppose to teach "him" some stuff.
After teaching, Our conversation:
Me: If u dunno anything, u can ask me...
"Him: ok, what's your age?"
I was like, "WTH, i mean anything about work!?" OMG
My manager call him a "her", sister (:
NeverMind about "her", Had Pizza Hut after Work!
Ate Dinner @ Tampines Mall. So freakin' Hungry.
Ordered 3 Regular Pan Pizza.Cos Super Hungry!
Heard of this Phrase? "A hungry man is an angry man"
First came the Honey Wings, in 5 Mins, this is what was left (above) SupeR Sian Waiting for my Pizzas... Finally! Eat and Eat and Eat (:
TomoRRow school again...*Yawn*
Need For Speed!