Friday, May 30, 2008

Family Day Out to the Zoo!


Ok, it's time to blog about my FAMILY-DAY-OUT...Participated in the Nuffnang Blogging contest and Won myself 5 Tickets to...
The Singapore Zoo!!! It has been ages since i went to the school...The last time i went was like...Sec3? So about 5 years le...So what changes are there?Before i go on to the 'plot', let me first introduce the Main characters of that day...
ANdyStorm the official 'Video' Camera-man
Christina, the official camera-woman of the day.
Before anything, we decided to take family photo right in front of the zoo to prove that we have been there. P.S: I was the one who took this photo, so i photo-shopped myself into the photo =)

Alright, how could we go into the Zoo with an empty stomach? We would be walking for several hours!
So we decided to have lunch @ KFC first =)
Alright, now we are full, let's start out journey to walk the park!
Once we stepped into the Zoo, it started to drizzle... What a "Great" way to start the day, but it did bring down the temperature to a more cooling enviroment.
mum and dadChris and me
We took photos with the Giant Seal Statue, which was the latest attraction of the Zoo, Splash! I still remember watching those animal school everytime i visited the zoo in my primary school days...

Alright, it's 2.30pm, Time for the show.
The sealions are so cute!!! The way they did all their tricks are so entertaining! But the 'storyline' of show was predictable. Like kissing kids, shaking hand, catching frisbee, splashing water...

This shot was right taken after the show. Don't ask me why my hair is also messy, where is my bangs...Ask the sealion...The penguins behind is freakin' cute!

Some shots with the giraffe...
My mum and dad...
Me and my sis =)
As you know, my sis was the 'photographer' of the day, she was basically snapping non-stop, taking ALMOST everything, from animals, humans to dunno what...
Even when walking right in front of us...

Alright, i think this post is getting abit too long... Let me end it off with another family shot...

Reader: Oi! You go to the zoo never take photos of the animals ar? Only take photos of people...

Oh yes, i forgot... I guess it would be pretty bored if i just paste paste paste the photos of the animals i took...So...

Dammit, i can't paste the slide show here...
You can click HERE to view it.

Thanks Nuffnang for the Tickets!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

" Dirty Old Man! "


The story goes like this...

Amanda went home with her classmate. Rinn's uncle came to fetch her. I was alone...ALL ALONE! My dad not free to fetch me. Asking me to walk alone to the interchange and wait for Bus 168 is like...
Asking me to go ALL THE WAY there just to go to the toliet. So i decided to take a another route home. I waited for Bus #169 from the bus stop infront of my school so that i could go to Yishun to take Bus #39 home. I was SUPER sleepy so i slept on the bus...The next thing i know, i reached Yishun Interchange. I switched to bus #39 and continue sleeping...
Suddenly this 'dirty-old-man' OR 'Ji ko peh' beside me leaned on me. Crossed his hand and TOUCHED ME!!! Stroking me as if i was his DICK! KNN! Ch**B**! F**K! I pretend to wake up, he then 'withdraw' his hand and pretend nothing happen. So i decided to test him by closing my eyes. THE SAME THING HAPPENED! Wah, Stroke until very 'shuang' sia.

So i decided to stay awake to prevent him from taking advantage...and i elbow-ed him in his ribs when he stood up to alight the bus =)Dare to take advantage of lim pek!

P.S: Many thanks to Rinn from Actuality-rinn for taking her time to draw the scenario out for me on her tablet PC =)

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who's reading it???

Don't have the mood to blog,
I just feel like...

Pasting a big big photo on my blog, wahaha!!!

Haven't been going to school for the 4 days. School's really boring.(Especially today, JAVA!) Imagine without the laptop, i will be bored to death. Lucky there is this space in the web called a blog where i can rant all i want...

Went to the Zoo on saturday. All thanks to Nuffnang, cos i won the Family-day-out blogging contest. The last time i went there was like...when i was sec 3?

Should be going to blog about it soon. Waiting for Nuffnang to ask for it, haha.

Oh ya, before i end this boring post...
What is
FIND OUT ON 12.06.2008.
Join the facebook group now HERE.

When INNIT and combine...

Edit: This post is not about boasting my traffic or whatever, it is just to show how powerful INNIT and in helping your blog to getting more traffic and more exposure.

Prior to my "Ever wondered how wondered how much top bloggers earn", it hit top post in INNIT and within hours...Traffic has been flowing like Siao during the 2 days and my traffic shot all the way up.

Here is a sneak preview on the traffic i had for that particular week, which is last week...

Print-screen-ed from Nuffnang Analytics. But blur-ed to keep the info secret... *Smirk* Just a little clue for you all, for Monday the hits was 96 uniques...So figure out the rest yourself=)

Alright, now u have counted using your mental calculation, your fingers/toes, calculator, the answer is...

INNIT + + Own traffic = 1000 uniques.
(Press "CTRL" + "A" button)

A lot right??? I was shocked too. For last week, i got 3000+ Pageviews and 2000+ Uniques =) This is how powerful Innit and Ping is...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Help the Sichuan Victims...

Just a random short update:

A charity show is showing on Channel 8 now...The motive is to raise funds for the Sichuan victims in the earthquake.
Help them
These few days i have been donating 2 bucks and 2 bucks to those asking for donation for the victims, let's do our part and donate some money to these people.

6 Bucks isn't a lot to most of us, One Macdonalds meal cost almost 6 bucks. So Singapore Bloggers, call 1900-112-5121 to donate $6 Bucks to the charity. If 6 bucks is too much, donate what you can to those asking for donation at the MRT station...

Also, Help by raising awareness in the blogosphere on your blog.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

The more the merrier!

Ok, i really don't know what to blog...

Oh ya! Let me share something with u all.
Remember my Ben and Jerry's post regarding the free cone day?
I sent the photos to STOMP.
And guess what? The post hit almost 3000 hits and 20 comments! If you are interested, you can view the post HERE. I was like, Wow. So many people are using STOMP, imagine my blog URL is in the website, i bet my traffic would increase like Siao! haha *Dreaming*

Talking about hits, i am SUPER satisfied with this week's hits. According to nuffnang, i have like 3000 pageviews and 2000 uniques for this week. Which is about...*Damn, my stupid home computer doesn't even has calculator!* Manual calculation, which is about 428 views and 285 uniques per day =) WhoOts. 22nd May is the best! 600 pageviews and 415 uniques, broke my record. I wonder which band will i hit for the nuffnang ads...

Alright, i shall end my post here =)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian

Alright, the post has finally arrived!!!

Nuffnang Event:
Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian

Managed to get the tickets from Nuffnang, they are PREMIERE tickets! The movie opens here on the 29th of may, so we get to watch it first =)

Invited Manda to come along with me. We had 2 motive. #1: Watch the movie before anyone else, #2: Lookout for celebrity bloggers =)
The 2 girls beside us email-ed me before the event asking if they could meetup with me, They are Felicia and Caryn. We made friends =) Let me tell you, the movie was SUPER NICE. You should watch it! Believe me, you won't regret =)
Saw Jayden, Jessica and Xiaxue at the event. Took a photo with jayden, i was expecting more top bloggers to come...I was expecting typical ben, issac(heard he overslept -__-), ice angel ++ Finally saw Xiaxue in person, all i can say about her is that - her photoshop skills are amazing =X

Alright, lastly, i just wanna say...
Some of you never say hi to me when u saw me =(

Q&A: Xiaxue $1000 a week...

Prior to previous post on 'Ever wonder how much those top bloggers earn?', there are questions from my readers, so let me clarify some stuffs...

Q: XiaXue $1000 readers a week, which is $4000 a month, lesser then Dawn Yang?

Ans: ERM, i am not sure how much readers dawn yang have (Although she claims to have 16,000+ aday) But Xiaxue is able to earn $1000/week based mainly on Nuffnang Ads. NOT counting other blog revenue...So in the end, Xiaxue might earn more...

Q: I wonder how typical ben/thy-dowager is getting so much traffic...

Ans: Ask yourself why u are reading it...
Q: How i wish i can earn that much..haha..!!

Ans: Yeh, me too...

Alright, that's all =]
(Btw, that post brought me 1000 hits in 2 days...*Amazed*)

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Let me count...
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, wednesday, thursday...
6 Days i have not been going to school...
It's not alot okay...
Not counting sat, sun, monday (Vesak day), wed (No school),
I have not been going to school for 2days only =]
The 4 of us that skipped school (Anonymous)
Nah! The 4 of us.
Rinn, Manda, Peggy & ME =]

P.S: I have finish editting Photos for the Nuffnang Event, the post should be up today...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ever wonder how much those top bloggers earn?

I was at Starbucks slacking with my friends...
Then..." Hey, isn't that typicalBen in the coverpage? "

Digital life. Ever wonder how much those top bloggers earn?Photobucket

The article was on how much u can earn through blogging. The 5 bloggers interviewed was TypicalBen, Thy-dowager, Dawn yang, Princessa and food blogger, leslie tay. I was really shocked at the amount they are earning through blogging.

Typical Ben earns $200 to $500 a month!
Thy-dowager earns $500 to 2000 a month!!
Princessa earns $1500 to 2000 a month!!!
Dawn yang earns $4000 to 6000 a month!!!!

Lastly, Xiaxue with 20,000 readers a day can get at least $1000 a week!!!!!
Now who dare to say blogging is useless?

Thanks Nuffnang for sponsoring the tickets =]

I was walking into the library listening to my earphone when all eyes were on me...
Did they recognize me as ANdyStorm the blogger...
Everyone stared at me...
Then i realised...


I just posted my 'Family Day out' post this afternoon. Within 20 mins, Cherie from Nuffnang called me to tell me i have won tickets to bring my family out to the zoo this saturday!!! Thanks Nuffnang!

I am required to blog about the trip.

Thanks Nuffnang for sponsoring the ticket =]

My favourite family routine =]

Let me share my favourite family routine with you people =)
On a typical sunday, when my dad is not working...My Mum is freed from housework (and her shopping friends), My sis has no school, and i am not working...
We would go out for lunch? But where? We would argue on the way out...Sakae Sushi!!! Jack's place!!! Secret Recipe!!! Instead of the normal kopitiam food, we would go to some where more 'high class', the reason? "It's only once a week..."
Lunch at Jack's place.
Sakae Sushi.
Sometimes we go for the wildest thing that little families would think of...
Tickets for? Which country? My mum wanted to try the experience of being in a hot air balloon... So we went for the DHL balloon @ Bugis =) *Exciting!*
We went for the Duck Tours too =) FOR YOUR INFO: these singapore attractions are not for tourist only, Locals can enjoy them too!!! You get to know another side of singapore...
Other than all those wierd 'fetish', we would go shopping together!!! and the best thing is...I DON'T HAVE TO PAY A SINGLE CENT when i go out with my parents!!! Wahaha =]

My mum's NEXT TARGET would be the...
Singapore Flyer!!! So i am joining this Nuffang Family Day out Contest hoping to win tickets for the flyer so that i can bring my family along... *Praying*

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow's 1st Nuffnang Community Event of 2008 -
The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian @ Bugis Junction!

I've got 2 tickets and i am asking Manda along =)
Ticket collection is at 2.30pm, guess we'll be there early to checkout the crowd.
*So excited* Seems like some people will be looking out for me tomorrow at the event. ( I'll be looking out for top bloggers too! )

Hopefully i will get to take some photos with them =)
See ya people tomorrow =)

Friday, May 16, 2008

*Ding Dong* Time to blog.


Haven't been blogging well lately, just look at my post yesterday *pouts*
It's time to blog about my life...


Sometimes,i can reach school @ 7.58pm.
But Most of the time - 8.45pm.Let me tell u all about today's extraordinary morning...

I was late (as usual), waiting for Bus #168 at seletar, couldn't get up the #168 cos it was too packed. So i waited and waited, people are starting to take cab (*humph* Why didn't they ask me to share cab...)

At 8.15am: An empty #168 came from opposite lane to my side, stop right in front of me, open the door and asked, "Going to Woodlands?" I was like "Yeah", the next thing i know, i was on the bus with another 5 supposedly Republican.

5 students in a Normally-packed-until-you-cannot-squeeze-in Double Decker Bus.
Cool, isn't it?

Well, i was still late at the end, but i enjoyed the ride =)

Random photo. Trying to clear those unpublished photos in my Photobucket. Oh ya, did u realise something different about my blogskin? Always wanted to change it, i want a blog skin like typical ben, the 2 columns on the right... but...nevermind, oh ya, notice the differences? I changed the background.

Credits by Jayden.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Boring Rants...

Damn! Realised i haven't been blogging about my life these days, so i wanted to do up a post, but Photobucket is not allowing me to sign in!

Now this would be a picture-less ranting post =(

School's really SUPER DUPER BORING.

*Stupid Photobucket, let in sign in leh...*
Failed attempt #1.

I really don't know what to blog about now...

*Tries to sign in again*
"Too many failed logins, try again later. Failed #2"

I got myself a Ipod Nano. It's super duper cool, just wanna have a feel of the scrolling wheel =) Will take photos and show it to you all.

*Give up trying to sign in*
Guess i will blog again tomorrow...

I might delete this post tomorrow morning. So meaningless...

Tickets pls...

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian opens on 29th May this year! The time has come! C.S. Lewis’s timeless fantasy come to life once again!

This first movie of the Chronicles of Narnia was a sucessful show. I remember my family watching the The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in 2005, and it was amazing! The movie is catered for any age, Regardless you are 5 or 50 =)

So this time, i think this movie should be better than the first! I watched the trailer on the official
website and it is really nice. (Since when trailers were NOT nice...) I look forward to the part where the Pevensie siblings are magically transported back from England to the world of Narnia! It looks super cool and magical!

So Nuffnang, Can i have a pair of tickets, pls...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is it too late to review IRON MAN?

Almost everyone watched IRON MAN already, this review is kinda late, but all those 'Mountain Tortoise" that have not watch, let me tell you how Awesome it is.
Bought 4 tickets but only 3 turned up. Lucky the manager there was kind enough to change the ticket to other show - 5 Star for Causeway pt, Cathy =)

Billionaire industrialist Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) makes weapons for the U.S. government. While testing of one of his inventions, he is wounded, captured and forced to make weapons for the enemy. Instead, he fashions himself a crude power armour to save his life and facilitate his escape. When he returns home, he revises his armour and finds purpose as the Armoured Avenger, Iron Man!
Working on his IRON MAN suit. You should have seen his first version of iron man, it's Fugly. Nope, i won't show u the photo, find it yourself. The final design is so much cooler and nicer. Using his state-of-the-art equipments, the process of creating the IRON MAN suit is definitely a MUST-WATCH!
One of the fighting scene. The ending fighting scene is also one of the MUST-WATCH. But it's abit lame.Fly higher & higher, then...Enough! Go watch the movie then u will know the ending.
Overall, if u are a FAN of those Marvel Comics Movie, this movie is a MUST-WATCH, being a FAN, therefore I rate this movie:
4 Popcorns - What are u waiting for?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I won!

[ I actually blogged this post last night.When u see this post, i am actually working and I am working from 12 noon to 10.30pm today. This post is Scheduled by me to be published at 4PM.]

After so many people asking for Ah shui, Ah shui. I finally published my 'Superhero' Post, hopefully can win something.

Talking about winning something. I actually won another blog contest, which is my School's [Weblog @ RP - Holiday Blogging contest] They did not state what was the prize. I went to collect it today at the One Stop Center.

*Counter Staff hands me an envelope after i fill in my particulars*What's inside?
So i was thinking, "It must be some kinda voucher..." What can you expect in an envelope other than paper? It's not bulky...
Movie tickets!
I was right =) 2 gift voucher for any show @ Cathay Cinema. I should have collected it yesterday, cos i watched IRON MAN -___-
Catch my review soon!

Now my mum got nothing to say about Blogging is useless. I have won an Ipod shuffle through blogging, Now it's a pair of Movie tickets =) What's next?