Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why twitter when you got plurk?

Did you all notice that i got this small little box below my blog profile pic?

Well, I got to introduce this to you all!!! It's a blog widget called Plurk! It's just so addictive! You just basically write what you loves/like/share/gives/hate/ blah blah blah to your plurker friends, and you might get response from fellow plurkers!

It's something like twitter! and that's not all! You earn karma on your plurking journey! And more karma means you get to unlock emoticons!!!

Doesn't it sounds fun??? Actually if i am a reader of my blog, and i just read what andystorm has just wrote, i think plurk doesn't sound that fun... BUT NEVERMIND, it's really fun! You just got to try it out yourself!

When you sign up, remember to add me as my friend/fan =)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nuffnang Wall.E Movie Event!

Feel like i haven't been updating for a long long time, so here is the post everyone has been waiting for!

The Nuffnang Wall.eMovie Event held at Orchard Lido last saturday. All thanks to Nuffnang (and generous Ming), i got myself 2 tickets for the show.So i decided to bring Keith along =)
Look how happy keith is to catch Wall.e! He should be happy cos we get to watch the show before anyone else!!! (Wall.e opens tomorrow!) We supposed to meet at 11, but both of us were late, so we met at about 11.30am.

Collection of tickets was at 11.45am, so at 12,we headed to the topmost floor of the shaw building, and the first people we saw was Ming and huiwen from Nuffnang, who forced me to sign the form for collection of my ipod Nano!

Before i go on, i must rant on how nice the movie is!
The story is about the last robot (Wall.e) on earth , who spends everyday doing what he was made for. The whole movie has very little conversation but the little actions of Wall.e is enough to make the ticket worth it.(although it's free)

There is also Eve, who also plays a big part in the movie. As this whole movie, or 3/4 of the movie is about wall.e chasing Eve across the universe.

Although Wall.e and Eve are the main characters of the movie, there are also other minor roles like the cockroach, and also...
The cute little robot beside Wall.e!!! From what i researched, this robot is called M-O. It's a robot which cleanse other robot, making sure they are clean to travel in the spaceship. This small robot is one robot to look out for in the movie.

With the cute storyline, cute characters, i would rate this movie...
5 out of 5 Popcorns! A must-watch for any age.

There were FREE popcorn and Evian mineral water for everyone at the event!!! It was totally unexpected!
That's SimplyShawn and Me happily with our food! He left early (even before the show starts!) Wasted!

After the show end, while walking to the exit, i saw ClaireChing. She suggested taking photo, so the next thing we did...
That's me with my strips-shirt with suspenders and her with her Kimono! She is Super friendly! We used to fight for the 2nd place in SGfriends =X But now, we are good blogger friends =)

Saw familiar faces at the event such as Jessica etc. But guess who was the most excited to see me?
It was Wall.e himself! Look at him jumping for joy! Well, he did put up a good job for the movie =)

To end the event, the Nuffnangers took a group shot.
Don't bother to look for me in the photo,
I was blocked by some guy!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I won an ipod shuffle!

Nope, this is not the me-going-to-Nuffnang-to-collect-my-Ipod-nano post (although it will be out soon), and Nope, i did not win another blog contest.

This is totally random! I just won an ipod shuffle in the Downtown east Summer treats Grand draw.

Although the Main prize is an IMac. I won the consolation prize, which is a ipod shuffle plus a "fold-up aluminum speaker"! Who0ts.

Went to the Nuffnang Wall.E screening today! Wall.E is such a Superb show. Totally did not regret watching (not like the whatever shaolin or kung fu girl). Saw a few familiar faces at the event. Post will be up once i got all the photos =)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Will you be going tomorrow?

Have you received the email?
If you have, it means you have won a pair of tickets to Nuffnang's Wall.E Movie screening tomorrow! Who0ts.

It will be held tomorrow @ Lido Cineplex (orchard). Hope you see ya there tomorrow!

Who's going? Leave me a comment =)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BFF Day Out 2!

Just felt like i didn't update for a long long time. So I went through my photobucket, and i realised that i have not post my BFF day out 2!!!

So here goes...

The 3 of us decided to go to Bugis this time! To accomplish the neoPrint Mission! The theme for that day was BLACK. Btw, the photo up there is photo-shopped so that 3 of us can be in the same photo =)

So we were like thinking of what to eat, everything at Bugis seem expensive so we decided...
To settle for Hawker Fare just opposite Bugis Junction. The food there is Cheap and Nice (although it's a bit hot...) After eating, we shopped around, and then...
Complete our mission for the day! Which is to take neoprints to commemorate our friendship! Wahaha! We took 2 times of neoprint cos...One is not enough!!! (Sounds like the Munchy Donut's slogan =X)
The editing of the photos. Actually for more unglam photos, You can visit Yah See blog(clickable). Tell you something, she can actually blog an event on the actual day itself!!! WTH! It's something i cannot do =X

That's why my post are always delayed. ~Well, not only me right...


After editting would be printing, then it would be...
The cutting of the prints. Tell you all something. I was not "actually" cutting in the photo on the right. I was just posing because... I got unsteady hands =X But it did look real right??? *Beaming*

After Neoprint, we went to Haji Lane, then Arab street, which i think these 2 places aren't that great like some people claimed. Nevermind.

After all that long walk, we decided to have Dessert @ Swensens.
That's 3 happy people with their Ice cream =)
Group Shots.
Individual Shots. Mainly the Happy, the Cheerful and the GREEDY! Go figure out which is which =) You can see from the no. of ice cream cups infront of us =)

Finally, we decided to end the day looking for the ScratchIT card! We bus-ed to Plaza Sing looking for a Singapore Pools Center.
That's us with our most happy faces. But after scratching the card...Yah see was not that cheerful...Why?
Because Nurul and I won 5 Bucks each!!! Who0ts! Yah see could only see...and collect the prize money for us...

So to compensate her, i ask YOU all, my readers to head over to her BFF day out 2 POST to read about our day out =)

With that, we end our BFF day out 2.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I wanna watch Wall.E !!!

(Is that a rubik cube Wall.D is holding?!)

I wanna watch Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class (in short Wall.E because...

He or she or whatever is freakin cute!!!

(Aww...Look at those eyes...)

I would like to catch Wall.E in action as he chases EVE across the galaxy and sets into motion one of the most exciting and imaginative comedy adventures ever brought to us.

Don't you want to watch it too?

A typical Wall.e Review.

~ Opps, the title is wrong! Instead of those "typical" Movie reviews, My review shall be my Rants how GOOD this movie is! Well, some people say this movie sucks, some say it's stupid... Well, but for me, it's good! Why? Read on!
The story is about the last robot (Wall.e) on earth , who spends everyday doing what he was made for. The whole movie has very little conversation but the little actions of Wall.e is enough to make the ticket worth it.(although it's free)

There is also Eve, who also plays a big part in the movie. As this whole movie, or 3/4 of the movie is about wall.e chasing Eve across the universe.

Although Wall.e and Eve are the main characters of the movie, there are also other minor roles like the cockroach, and also...
The cute little robot beside Wall.e!!! From what i researched, this robot is called M-O. It's a robot which cleanse other robot, making sure they are clean to travel in the spaceship. This small robot is one robot to look out for in the movie.

With the cute storyline, cute characters, i would rate this movie...
5 out of 5 Popcorns! A must-watch for any age.

Have you watched Wall.e?

Shopping alone.

Just as the title suggest. Shopping alone. I think today is the first time i shopped alone. Normally if i am alone, i won't even think of shopping. I would just try and get some friends to go out, if there is no one to accompany me, i would just stay at home.

I went to school early in the morning to finish my project. My mum says she will meet me in the afternoon @ Bugis to go shopping. So i took the train from woodlands to Bugis.

A 40 mins ride.

After i reached Bugis, my mum sent me an sms say she is lazy to come all the way to Bugis =( I decided to shopped around on my own.

If i were a celebrity, and paparazzi following me, taking photos of me shopping. I confirm all the shots would be Emo shots.

I think after writing so much, i should put a photo...

*Search my photos folders for a Emo Pic*

*Edit to Black & White for extra Emo-ness*

*Upload to Photobucket*

*Copy HTML codes*

I think this photo is not Emo enough. Never mind. Btw, while shopping, I just spent the last 50 Bucks i have on me. 1 Shirt and 1 Shorts, both 25 bucks each.

I think i will wear the shirt on this Saturday's Nuffnang event =)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I AM not looking for BFFs!

Have you watched the recent Xiaxue's Guide to Life? She is looking for her BFF! Well, the nominees are super funny! I am looking forward to the next espisode!

Well, this post isn't about ME getting a BFF cos i already have 2!!! Well, we skipped school for 2 days, and today i am gonna share with you all what we did on Day 1 =)

9am: Nurul and I slacking at Starbucks early in the morning. At about 10.30am, Yah see came to meet us. We wanted to have Seoul Garden but it was kinda too early. So we decided to head to the arcade!
The girls decided to enter the House of the Dead and fight of Zombies!!! While i entertain myself with yah see's digicam. ~lalala...

Until 11.30am, we headed to...
Seoul Garden! Decided to camwhore outside, well Nurul and Yah see was 2 happy people. Why? because...
I was paying. Well, that day was like a post-celebration for their birthday. So i treated them to Seoul Garden and let this 2 hungry monster eat all they want for the price of one.

Honestly, i don't really like Seoul Garden. It's like the same old thing. I would rather go for buffets that has lots of varieties ending off with lots of sinful desserts!!! Any recommendation?
Wahaha! When you have really nothing to do at Seoul Garden, you should... Create your very own specialty!!!

Mine is the infamous Sasuage Egg omelette! Just follow according to the photo and i bet you can make the most delicious omelette in your entire life! I'm bluffing you.

Besides creating your specialty, you can also...
A HUGE series of photos we took! There is one SUPERB unglam photo of me, that photo is gonna ruin my reputation! Really, and NOPE, i am not gonna post it here. P/s: To nurul and Yahsee, i will delete all your tags/comments if you show my readers the photo!!! Opps, did i just reveal where the photo is?

Well, to end of the day...We headed to a relaxing place, where we can let our hair down, have some mocktail and SING!!!
~ *PartyWorld...Cha cha cha...* I also got no idea why i put my leg up on seat but this is the most decent photo out of all the photos we took.

I did not tell my mum i skipped school. So she assume i went to school. But the next day... She knew it! I thought she saw my bankbook or something, so i could give the excuse that i have been blogshopping, thus transfering huge amounts to pay.

BUT guess what? She found my VISA receipts, with my signature somemore! No way to deny it. Well, she was not angry...

*Wipe sweat*

Alright, That's all for BFF's day out 1. There is still Day 2!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Singapore Won!

I was surfing the net, then i went to

I saw a post on Singapore VS Korea table tennis Semi finals! Our very own li jia wei and the other 2 superb paddlers. I immediately shut down my laptop and on the TV. It was superb match! Singapore WON!!!!

It's a confirm silver medal for Singapore le! On the 17th of august would be the final between Singapore and _______ (most prob, china)

Can we get the Gold? I think we can.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Singapore Flyer!

As promised, this is the Singapore Flyer post!

"At a height of 165m, Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel and is set to be one of Asia’s biggest tourist attractions."

"Featuring fixed capsules the size of a bus, the spectacular monument is capable of holding up to 784 passengers. Each capsule has a 28 person capacity and each revolution takes approximately 30 minutes.Singapore Flyer was conceived and designed by ...blah blah blah"

I know you guys aren't interested in the info of the flyer, you just wanna see photos right... See i know what you all are thinking...

Well, before i go on. You should click on the photo below to read about how the story goes...

Did you click it? NO?! I refuse to continue until you read the storyline. Now that you have read it, i will continue...

We had the whole cabin to ourselves, it's like as if we booked the whole capsule! FYI: Booking the whole capsule is like 800++ Bucks? Now we have one whole to ourself at only 120 bucks, What a bargain! 70% discount!!!

Yes, stop laming ANdy. Anyway, the ride itself is about 30 mins. So you are paying average $1/min. Which is quite expensive =(
About 15mins later, we were at the highest point of the flyer - Where the view is the BEST! The scenery is freakin' nice, it makes you feel that the ticket price is worth it. The Scenery behind...(Opps, the capsule blocked the scenery!)
*Shift the capsule to the side* Nah! Now you get a better view of the scenery. You can see all the way! So i estimated Pasir Ris to be there! You see that condo beside the highway? OMg!!! Imagine i am living there...*Dreaming*
Some shots i took on the flyer.Took a lot of photos but lazy to post them all up. So these are the just 2 shots i gonna show u all =) But of all the photos, there is this "Photo-of-the-day" that i took, and i am gonna show it to you all. Are you all ready?
That's my mum and dad =) So perfect right, with the right angle on my camera, the right angle on my mum's phone, the expression, the brightness...This photo is priceless!!! Haha, ok, i will stop crapping. Alright, 30 mins up. Time to get off the flyer.

To end the day at the Singapore Flyer, we had...
Well, no more photos after this. The reason? Oily hands =X Hope you enjoyed this post =)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

ANdyStorm wishes...

I wore RED to school yesterday! Did you? I was like...Since i only get to wear this one and only RED shirt which says "I love Singapore" once in a year... Might as well wear it to school =)

So the Picture above that i have editted is to show my love dedication to Singapore!!! Who0ts.

The NDP has just ended, somehow, after watching the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony yesterday, our NDP like No kick =X

Once again,

Friday, August 8, 2008

Why got Advertisement?!


I suppose to blog at 8.08pm just now, but i forgot all about it. Because i was watching the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. I got to say it's planned very well. I think this event has impressed people from all over the world.

Are you watching it? Did you see the part where they use fireworks as footsteps to enter the stadium? That was really NICE! The performance was also very well synchronize, with surprises upcoming up every now and then,

BUT...WHY IS THERE ADVERTISEMENT?! I was so engrossed in watching the show, then advertisement show... So irritating...When's Singapore contingent coming out... There is like 196 countries...*Yawn*

I am so gonna catch those table tennis/badminton/swimming and running actions!

*Back to the show*

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I just feel like typing.

Yup, just as the title says it.

I just feel like typing. Finally done my OMNIA post, it has been like dragging and dragging till the 2nd last day of submission. Thank you people for all the nice nice comment, regardless it's a haloscan comment or tag or verbally or in msn, it really makes me feel the effort is worth it.

Well, that's the main objective of being a blogger right? Well, if you have no idea what i am talking about, it's either your first time here or you haven't been reading my blog for a long time. Head over to this link HERE and read my OMNIA post!!!

Oh ya! And for those who is expecting the flyer post instead of this OMNIA post, thousands apologies. Next up would definitely be the flyer post =)

I have been blogshopping a lot and i realise i just spent 60 bucks on blogshopping =X 2 superman tee, one tee from Taiwan spree and a pair of contacts! Just collected my superman tee today only to realise the size is too small!!! Gave one to my mum, and the other to my sis.Just Ordered another 2 more...

Talking about blogshop. I've been thinking. I would want to open my own blogshop and try to be "entrepreneur" for the day. I will not divulge much details about it, and i have to finish up all those projects/blog post in hand before thinking about it.

So just wish me luck. To all my blogger friends/readers, you wouldn't mind doing an advertorial post for free if i opened my blogshop right? Haha.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Samsung Omnia - More than just a phone.

Samsung OMNIA Blog Contest Entry.

OMNIA may means ‘everything’ in Latin and ‘wish’ in Arabic, or 'everything i wish for' to some bloggers but to me, it's a different thing.

To me, each alphabet in OMNIA means something, So 'O' means something, "M" means something blah blah blah. But what does each alpabets really means to me? Well, each alphabet shows the function is really useful for someone like me =)

Sit back(slowly scroll down) and hear my explanation.

O means On screen QWERTY keyboard. Know what it means?
On screen QWERTY keyboard
Nah! Does this picture explains everything. Samsung OMNIA is a full touch sceen phone. So everything is touch, touch , touch. No keypads. So everything thing is on screen. Touch screen is the latest handphone trend now! See the HTC diamond? The iphone? LG viewty? they have the on screen keyboard?

What does M stand for? M stands for Microsoft Office! Why MS office? There seem to be Microsoft Office suites in OMNIA. Does it mean..
MS office Suite
Does it mean I can view my files on the go? Does it means I can refer to my powerpoint files to revise for my test? And i can check my excel database to find something? Do a simple word document with the QWERTY keyboard? Seems like it...What a smart phone. Super useful for students like me.

stand for...erm...actually i just wanna say OMNIA is Not an Iphone! I bet if i had an OMNIA and i were to bring it around, people would say "Is that an Iphone? Is that an Iphone? I would say, "Nope, it's a Samsung Omnia."
It's NOT an iphone
From what i think, if i were to choose between the Iphone and the Samsung OMNIA, i would choose the OMNIA.

Hey, the iphone may look stylish but there are still somethings that iphone will lose to OMNIA. Omnia has a MicroSD card slot, so if i would like to increase the memory space, I can. It works on Windows mobile. And i think Iphone need Itunes. I would rather copy and paste my music files into OMNIA then go through a program just to input songs... another reason would be...I tell u later.

Let's go on to I. What does I means...Erm...Iphone again?! Nope, the I in OMNIA to means Internet Browsing! With internet browsing...*thinking*
Does it mean i can view my blog on the go?! I can watch youtube?! I can check my mail?! That is super-ultra cool! Actually after mentioning so many things about OMNIA, it's as if i need not bring my laptop out anymore... the last alphabet of OMNIA. The letter A, is what i really think i need most. Well, it's a blogger's most essential tool (other than blogging cells), can u guess what it is? It's the Auto focus 5MP camera!!!
5MP camera!
This is one of the reason why I prefer it rather than the Iphone.Instead of bring a phone and a camera out, why not subsitute it with a GOOD camera phone?

OMNIA has a 5 megapixels plus face/smile detection + auto-focus with Power LED flash camera. What more can we ask for?

Being a blogger, I would need a good camera to take good photos(also to camwhore) so that i can present it on my blog. Who would want to see lousy quality photo right?

So to conclude, each alphabet in "OMNIA" means something to me. Don't you just feel like getting a OMNIA yourself and see if it's as good as what i've just said? Well, i wish to get one too. So Samsung, are you granting me this OMNIA(in Arabic)?

~ Pictures taken from the
Official Samsung Website and editted by yours truly.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Dawn Yang in today's newpaper!

Nope, it's not a headline.Not like the previous The Sunday Times headline news.Well, It's nothing to be proud of when you are accused of plagiarism.

Here's a screenshot of the article.

Well, this dawnyang-plagiarism thing has been on the blogosphere for quite a while and now, it has gone up to the local newspaper. Seems like blogosphere is changed, even the public is concern of what's happening.

Now you have to becareful of what you write/do in the blogosphere for your every actions will be monitored by all only your readers, but random blog-hoppers.

Your haters will take the chance to attack you
(OMg, i am like refering to my 'incident'), in this case, Dawn yang haters.

, perhaps last time there is not so much DY haters but after the lawsuit issue and the plagiarism post by xiaxue, xiaxue supporters are going against dawn.

Quoted from the newpaper, "Dawn yang's biggest mistake was to file that lawsuit in the first place. Now everything bad about her is rising to the surface."

You can read the whole article HERE.

Reporter, ANdystorm reporting live from his house.

~ Ciao, back to the flyer post.