Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still wearing that normal clear lens?

Sponsored Advertorial

Few weeks ago, I put up a note on my blog just simply for fun. It says "Any blogshop wanna sponsor me contact lens?" Few days later, a blogshop replied.

And they are sponsoring not one BUT two of my choice! They are nevertheless, the friendly people from

Look at my Grey lens! So freakin' cool rgt? Are you still those who are wearing the conventional normal clear contact lens? It's time to change! Get a coloured one!

There are like a HUGE range of designs to choose from! The one i am wearing now is the Angel Colour, which makes your eye look bigger! (and so much cooler than the normal clear ones!)

The lens are priced at $14 to $15 with FREE normal mail! It's not expensive for a pair of AUTHENTIC Geo lens that can last for up to 1 year. (Cert to prove it's authentic)

If you order more than 4 pairs, there will be FREE registered mail.

Your lens will be safe when mailed as it's bubble-wrapped too!

So what are you waiting for? Head down to
to choose your design, it's just a click away!

Update: Good News! ANdyStorm's Readers get a $5 discount if you purchase 6 pairs and above. So get your friends to order together. (Free registered and $5 off!)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Is your future supposed to be on a Stage?

Think you can Dance? Think you can Sing?
Wanna be like them?

NOW is the chance! Futurestage is holding an audition for boys to form a boyband! The company will bear all cost in nurturing YOU to become the next superstar, no hidden cost. (I know of some companies which make you pay for your portfolio!)

So what are you waiting for?

Submit your application now. Application closes on 31st of October. If you are selected, you will be asked to go down for audition.

For more information, check out THIS website.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Million and one things.

I have like so many things to do?!
And all of them are due on 31st of october.

I rushed out the most difficult task which is the High school musical vlog, submitted it 10 mins after the deadline. 5mins after submission, Raine from Nuffnang called me to ask me if i posted the video up. I said yes, and guess what she say?

The contest has been extended to 21st November! Well, nevermind. At least one task is down.

I still got a few advertorial to do! (which i am going to do it right after i publish this post) and one of their spree is like closing soon?! OMg, OMg, i feel so bad.

I haven't been blogging PROPERLY. Just look at the last few post. All is just "Chunk" everything out. Like NOT INTERESTING AT ALL! Even i, myself read also bored.

~ ANdyStorm! ANdyStorm! Wake up your idea!

I still got my Birthday post! I haven't even got time to look through all the photos!

I must really make my Birthday post a super nice one to thank all those who made my 19th Birthday a memorable one! I promise.

Oh, and I've got to do a super interesting post about myself. I'm not telling you all the reason, but Nuffnang-ers will find out soon enough. I am still thinking how to go about doing it!

I've got so much so share with you all! Like sharing you all my first clubbing entry, and how i was denied entry just because i don't look like my EZ-link photo?!

Tomorrow is the starting of my 1 week holiday. And stupid me just submitted my work schedule FULL SHIFT from MON to THURS. Left with friday (PP presentation in school), Sat (No plans yet), Sunday(Big walk with Shawn, Ryan and Rinn).

And there goes my holiday! Wait, is it even a holiday?

Comments not allowed.
Unless you got a really sweet nice encouraging comment =)

Friday, October 24, 2008

ANdyStorm's High School Musical Vlog!

After cracking my our brains for the past few days, thinking of what to do for the High School Musical Vlog. Watching the dancing part in the Movie like 80 times?! (I swear i'm not exaggerating!) so here, I present...

ANdyStorm's HSM vlog Entry!

*claps claps* ANdyStorm takes a bow.

So how was it? I think it's super funny! I can repeat the video again and again, and not feeling bored of it. Haha! I can't seem to remember the dance step. The most funny part of the video would be at the 33rd second, where I forgot to tap my leg, and decided to do it after Ryan and Rinn did it!

Then Rinn and I had to lip-sync to the "Troy and Gabriella' singing part. Ending of with Jump Shots, and Ryan doing a solo dance!

Special thanks to BBB(Shawn), Rinn and Ryan for their help.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Time passes so quickly!

Alright, i got a million and one things to do and most of them are due by 31st october! Not forgetting the High school Musical Vlog which is due on the 24th! I skipped class yesterday and stayed at the library the whole day hoping to finish most or at least some of my advertorials and blog posts and school work but i did not manage to finish even one of them! ARGH!

I even though of on-ing my laptop on the bus to finish up some posts! Time is passing so quickly!

Hey babes and Guys!
Love blings blings? Always 'zheng' your gadget like Xiaxue? Got the 'chio-est' mp3 among everyone? With a chio MP3, you will need the chio-est earpiece in town.

Diamond heart earpiece!
So pretty right??? Too bad i'm a guy and i can't be seen wearing these heart-shaped ear piece. Well, but i could get them for my female friends =)

It cost only 25bucks each. So if are interested in getting 1 or maybe 2, 3 or 4, visit especiallyhers.blogspot for more info!

Monday, October 20, 2008

HSM Vlog contest!

Lights! Camera! Action!
In collaboration with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Singapore, Nuffnang is holding a contest exclusively for Nuffnangers.

What is this contest about?
1.All you have to do is take a video of you(or with your friends) dancing and singing to any tune.

2.Your video must end with a sign off line: “Catch High School Musical 3: Senior Year in cinemas from October 24!

3.Post the video up on your blog and email the direct link to hsm@nuffnang.com along with your name and contact details.
By submitting a entry, you stand a chance in winning an exclusive HSM CAMCORDER! What are you waiting for? Contest ends 24th october 2009, noon.

Being the _______ blogger, i will be submitting an entry! Lookout for it on either the 23rd or 24th of october right here!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween @ Night Safari!

Thanks to OMY.sg, I got a pair of Exclusive Night Safari Halloween preview tour tickets. As Rinn and i was early, and we were waiting for Shawn and Ryan, we decided to Roam around... Online study at Phoenix College would have to wait.

The setting was exactly right.Dark skies,Scary characters lurking around, staring at you as if they want to eat you up.
First thing when we meetup with the OMY peeps, is an video interview. I wonder when the video will be post up...So looking forward to watch it...After which, we were issued Media Pass =)
And the journey begins...While queuing for the "Train of Terror", this scary girl was walking towards the people in the queue. Poking her voodoo doll...Staring at us with her deadly eyes. Shawn and I decided pluck up our courage to stop her to...

Take a photo! After which the "Train of Terror" arrived...Shawn was actually seated at the side but he was not feeling very brave that day so he asked for an exchange of seat. Here's one of the reason...

The tram ride was like the normal Night Safari ride where we see the animals, except there are some Halloween add-ons.Like going through the "eternal torture" but the ride wasn't scary at all.

Mainly because the people in front of the tram was screaming when those "things" appear, so we knew something was coming...

After the ride, we went through the "forest giant trial", walk across the "bridge of hell"... It wasn't really scary, it was more on experience. After which we roamed around and took photos with the characters lurking around...

The Evil clowns!!! The one on the right insisted he was the good one. AS IF i believe. The left one tried to strangle me! Ryan! Lookout for that knife behind you!

I was feeling abit hungry so i thought i could grab a Char Siew pao from the trolley. Little did i know that...

The evil witch which is really scary. The way she portray herself, her voice... It's giving me Goosebumps!

And to end of the day Night...

A group photo.Thanks OMY.

Checkout Night Safari Halloween Horrors on Fridays and Saturdays (from 10oct to 1Nov) For more info, you can click HERE.

Life is fragile.

Suddenly felt like blogging after hearing what Rinn say...

She told me a real life story, a mum joined a contest to try the grand prize which is a Nintendo Wii for her children. The contest is like the "Subaru challenge", the winner would be the last person standing who managed to not go to the toilet for the longest amount of time, despite consuming large quantities of water.

I got no idea whether she won the Wii in the end, but she died few days later because of water intoxication.

After hearing the story, i was feeling kinda sad. It's not worth it. I think the children would rather not have the Wii and have their mother back. I suddenly feel so blessed with a family, a roof and almost everything i want.

My parents try to give me everything i want, even if they have no spare cash, they would still try to provide me with whatever i want. The worse thing is, Sometimes i get angry because they give me thousand and one reasons why they are not getting it for me. I did not think of whether i really need it. It was more on "WANT" rather than "NEED".

I think we should appreciate what we have now. If i were to choose between Riches and Family. I would choose, Family.

P.S: I just felt like writing, so i might just delete this post soon. There will be another exciting post tonight! I promise!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


~ As we go on...We remember...All the times we...Had together...And as our lives change...Come Whatever...We will still be...Friends Forever...

High school Musical 3 is coming! I'm a HUGE fan of HSM! I still remember the time when i graduated from Hai Sing 2 years ago...

I miss secondary school life. Secretly eating in class, Mass homework copying, SMS-ing in class, going for recess together... Now in Poly, sms in class? Go ahead. Graduation was Happy and Sad for me.

Happy because I'm moving on to the next step of life/education . Sad because the class would be separated. I wonder how will it be in HSM3...

So Catch Walt Disney Pictures' High School Musical 3: Senior Year in cinemas from October 24!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ice Cream buffet in Singapore?!

Nope, you did not read the title wrongly. Singapore weather is so freakin' hot! There is this place in Singapore where you can indulge in Ice Cream. Buffet style somemore! D-I-Y!

Located at the 3rd storey of Marina Square (#03-210) is Yuki Yaki. One of the popular Japanese restaurant in singapore.

And it's super affordable,it's only $8.90 per head (excluding GST & Service charge), for a whole 2 hours of indulgence. (OMg, this post is sounding like an advertorial!) So are u ready to SCREAM?!

All these little cups are actually teppanyaki ice cream mixture. Each cup is one flavour, there is like chocolate, strawberry, passion fruit, vanilla blah blah blah. So you just choose, then pour the mixture into the "pit" right infront of you and then...

Start Scrapping!!! From the photo above, it may look easy, like just scrap as if you are frying a plate of fried rice (OK, what kind of example is this?!) Nvm, the main point is. IT'S NOT THAT EASY! We had to use 2345/2350 of our strength just to scrap that bit of ice cream up... Got an idea how difficult it is now?

More snapshots... continue Screaming...
Oh ya, did i mentioned that toppings are also available?

Other than ice cream, we get to choose toppings to "decorate" our ice cream! There is like Chocolate chips, Chocolate rice, crushed peanuts, Colourful "rice" and not forgetting the wafer sticks, which "innovative Us" decided to crush the wafer sticks and combine it with vanilla ice cream, PRESTO!

Cookies and Cream! *Beam proudly*

Not forgetting to take 235454623 photos so that i can share this wonderful place with you all! Opps, i realised i didn't introduce those 2 babes i went with. They are Manda & Rinn! I treated them to ice cream buffet for their birthday! So special rgt...

*Ding Dong* 2 hours is almost up, cannot take anymore ice cream mixture le! Being typical Singaporeans, we took like many cups of vanilla mixture + many many wafer stick to create a...

GIGANTIC Cookies and Cream I-Scream!!! Enough to fill up one of those tub from NTUC. Only to realise we are kinda sick of eating ice cream, but we had to find places to hide it finish it cos there is wastage charges... I forgot how much they count for wastage...

To end this post, is the many many cups of ice cream mixture. After 2 hours of indulging in ice cream, i swear to stop eating ice cream for one month! *Cross fingers*

Checkout Yuki Yaki's unique Ice cream with your friends/family =)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

When is the last time you ever visited a museum?

Heritage Star Blogger!

I remember the last time i went was...

Ya, when i was like them. On a school excursion. Wearing my primary school uniform, with a water bottle sling across my chest, Roaming around the place, poking our head into every exhibition.

Well, many years later. In present time...

Let me, ANdyStorm bring you on a virtual tour to the Asian Civilisation Museum! " Are you ready to embark on this journey? "

Located near Raffles place MRT station, just across the Singapore River is the Asian civilisation Museum. You will need to cross the Cavenagh Bridge to get to the other side of the River.It's just a 5 mins walk from the MRT station.

Now you know where the place is? Kindly follow me.

Basically there are 5 galleries in the museum, as you walk, everything you see would be artefacts, statues blah blah, which does not really appeal to teenagers like me...


They have these little stops which they call the ExplorAsian Zone! The ExplorAsian Zone is what appeals to me the most.

Let me explain why...

The ExplorAsian Zone allows us to have fun and learn something about the multi-faceted aspects of Asian cultures at the same time. There are more hands-on. For example in the above photo (from left to right), we have the "Islamic-puzzle-piecing", in-gallery videos, "pottery-design-shading" etc.

Everything was hands on in the ExplorAsian Zone, rather than just me looking at the display, and forget everything the next minute. I would say the most interesting ExplorAsian Zone would be at the China gallery! Why?

There was a station where we get to dress up like those old-good-days opera actors! Most people won't even dare to try, but being bloggers... and for the sake of photo-taking.

The next thing we did was to...

Try on the costume!!! (STOP LAUGHING!) Haha! We spent like 30 mins there playing, taking photos etc. It was totally unexpected. The above is just one of the many photos we took =)

There were also other little stations which taught us a lot of china culture, such as the characteristic of different operas and their style of singing, the different type of teas, Fun facts etc.

So because of these ExplorAsian Zones, i would say my trip to the Asian Civilisation Museum was...

Quite an experience! Perhaps one day when you are free, instead of going to the movies, spend some quality time with your good friends at the museum instead!

Trust me, you won't regret =)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My attempt at photoshopping Xiaxue!

Update: "Thanks for the encouraging and the not-so-nice comments! I realized "the neck problem" a long time ago, it's just that i didn't save the photoshop format of the photo, and i am lazy to edit it =X"

Before i forget. I can only say this once a year!

So here i go...
Selemat Hari Raya
to all my Muslim readers/ passerbys/ friends/ enemies/ haters
to myself/ all my readers/ passerbys/ friends!!!

Oh ya, did u read about Xiaxue's post where she post her fugly photos of her past self, i am really amazed by her photoshop skills lah! I dun think i can ever photoshop like her lor.

And this is my very FIRST attempt in fully photoshop someone's face. Normally what i photoshop is the hair, the contrast, the size +++ but a full face?! It's really a challenge to me.

So are you all ready?

This is the "before" photo which i got it from her blog. Mushroom head, dark skin blah blah blah. So after my photoshop-ing...
(which i think isn't that nice... =X)

Ta dah!

Change the Mushroom hair to "whatever-you-call-this" hairstyle, plus thick eyelashes, purple contacts, bleach the skin, liquify the face, Auto contrast blah blah blah.

So what do you think about the before and after?