Friday, November 28, 2008

Philips "Indulge your senses" Blogger event

I got to say this is the BEST blogger event that i have ever attend! You might have read about it at Peggy's/ Winnie's/ Esther's blog... It's time to read mine!

I think i am one of the last few to blog about this event.
I thought everyone would be taking their own sweet time to blog about it, but guess what?! Within a week, almost everyone blogged about it!

I totally did not regret leaving halfway throughout my test and chiong-ing all the way from woodlands to City hall. Claire & I was one of the first few bloggers to arrive at Fairmount Hotel, the actual venue of the event was actually at Scarlet hotel. A limousine came to fetch us! YOU did not hear wrongly! A limo!

It's the first time i get to sit in a limousine (Same for most of the other bloggers), and i hope there will be a second, a third time! Inside is really super cool! Just look at the photo below!

There is a variety of drinks to choose from, Ranging from champegne, Juices, mineral water etc. There were also Expensive chocolate! Above our head is so Star-ry! It's like a mini bar in the limousine! I was busy taking photos and exploring the limo...
Finally we reached Scarlet hotel. The hotel may seemed small on the outside but it's actually quite big. We headed to the topmost level, where all the bloggers gather for some food and drinks.

Everytime bloggers attend events, we usually have to whip out our camera, to take photos so that we can blog about it, but for this event, they actually hired photographers! So all we have to do is pose pose and pose, and the next day, the photos are uploaded on Facebook for us to grab and blog!

Drinks & Food were served while waiting for all the bloggers to arrive. There were a lot of food to taste. The waiters will keep asking you to take, making sure you had enough :)

Soon after all the bloggers arrive, had enough food. The event started with philips pulling off a cloth to reveal their latest *referring to notes* Philips Flat TV with Perfect Pixel HD engine & Ambilight Spectra 2. Big difference compared to the normal flat screen TV.

Then, we were split into 3 groups to checkout the other Philips products, in different suite of the hotel.

(Click to enlarge)
*Referring to notes* They introduced a lot of their products such as the Micro Hi-Fi system, with Bluetooth technology, Their audio Players, Their Acoustics In-ear Headphones, Shavers, Hair curlers, Hair dryer etc.

While girls was checking out the hair curlers, guys was introduced Shavers and Men loreal products.

That's me listening attentively to what they've got to say about their products. I might need them soon... (Actually i was wondering if those products are in the Goodie bag =X )

Photos were printed out almost instantly! Suddenly, the photographer will come to you and pass you some cards, and you realised it's your photo! Great way to remember the event! Gonna laminate those photos.

Next stop was the Audio Room where we get to experience some audio stuff. The above photo is BTM630 Micro Hi-Fi System, which allows you to enjoy music via Bluetooth technology. There is even a One-touch MP3 recording, No PC needed! There is also a built in mic for hands-free calls! I would recommend this.

Everyone listening attentively. We also get to try their latest Advanced Acoustics In-ear Headphones. Honestly i'm not fan of In-ear headphones cos it feels weird. However their earphones comes with the Comply™ Canal Tip' memory foam sleeves, which provides comfort and noise isolation. It cost a whooping $179.

My group! With Peggy, Winnie and June, and two others which i dunno who are they. (Photo clickable to enlarge), after the "Audio" room, we headed down to the next stop, which is another ride on the limousine to test their Mp3s!

Taken in the lift with June, Peggy and Claire. Winnie left early cos she got something on... The photos are really clear and nice compared to our cameras...

In the limo, we get to test 3 different earphones with 3 different Mp3, then we fill in a survey form to choose which is our preferred choice. Until today, i still dunno what Mp3s are in the suitcase!

(Click to enlarge)
Not forgetting to take lots of pictures of the limo! It's not everyday we get to see one, not to say travel in one! The above is just one of the many photos we took.

Lastly, we returned to the hotel suite for a de-brief cum lucky draw for those who brought their Mp3 (I did!), they thanked us for coming...and then to the lucky draw, the prize is the $179 Earphones!

A name was chosen out of all the names... So the Guy was like going... The lucky person has a "N" in his name... A lot of us have N in our name, then he go... There is an "A"... Everyone was like "Nadnut! Nadnut" I bet her heart was pumping super fast, until...

It's ANDY!!!! *Throw confetti* I was quite surprised that i won. So i was giving the million dollar smile when i shook hand with the guy :) After that we were dismissed, being bloggers, it's photo-taking time!

Pretty Ms Dowager wants a share of my Ear piece! How to share, one side each? Nice meeting you! I was having eye infection that day, so i had to photoshop away the "reds" in every photo :(

The other pretty sister! Roaring Queen, Winnie! Sorry i can't attend your friend's chalet the next day!

Nadnut pouting cos she didn't win the earpiece. She even show me her "almost" spoilt earpiece with wire hanging. In the photo, Issac, esther and fidelis.

(Click to enlarge)
Another group photo, Issac and I are the only guy there lah! With all the other pretty female bloggers.

Me, Issac and Esther.

(Click to enlarge)
A final group photos with all the bloggers that attended the event. Great event wasn't it? I would give philips 5 out of 5 stars for the planning of this event, making us bloggers felt like celebrities. Not only that, We did not go home empty handed!

We had a Goodie bag each! Comprised of lots of Loreal products and a 2GB PHILIPS MP3 PLAYER!!! plus a folder with some pamphlets and notes to aid us in blogging :)

Special thanks to Philips, Loreal and P.Sabrina :) and nice meeting bloggers such as Deadpris, the dudes from tech65, simplyjean, Iz reloaded etc :)

I should start using the Loreal products, my skin is getting bad. Must be not enough sleep. I shall stop here. This entry is super long! Hope there is more events like Philips!

P.s: More photos can be found HERE.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

OMY outing - S'pore Discovery Centre.

This is the 2nd time i got invitation from OMY to attend their outings! This time is "Exclusive Singapore Discovery Center's newest exhibitions and movie screenings".

The last time I went to the S'pore Discovery Center was... maybe in Primary school days?

Shawn and I got the invites, so we brought Rinn and Ryan along. Mrt-ed all the way to Boon Lay and bus-ed to SDC. We were late.

Anyway, we were looking forward to lunch because we were super hungry! Lunch was provided, and i was expecting those "Economical Rice" packs, but when we entered the "Loyalty" classroom, Guess what greeted us? (other than humans)

Pizzas,Pizzas and more Pizzas! Btw, i did not eat much, thanks to the stupid strepsils that i ate on the way to SDC, and it made my mouth numb :(

After eating, we began on our tour! Before that, let me introduce the friendly guide, *Drum Roll*

Yup, that's Jenifer (or jennifer) who accompanied us throughout the whole trip, explaining to us the interesting things in the Singapore Discovery Centre. She had to carry this heavy speaker everywhere she go.Jenifer, if you are reading this, THANK YOU!

(Click to enlarge)
The above collage basically summarize what we did that day. Exhibitions, exhibitions and More exhibitions. Some of them are really cool! Like the "bomb simulator" where we get to experience a bomb blast. Visiting the famous "little George", etc.

We also get to participate in some quiz show! Like those TV quiz show, where we look at the video and press either A or B button on the panel infront of us.

After which,

X-factor! The X-factor exhibition showcase how we Live, Work and Play in Singapore in the next 10 to 15 years via interactive and experiential ways. Urban Cool-ness! (Btw, realised that i photoshop-ed myself into the pic above?)

After all those walking, it's time for some relaxing!

3D Movie! The SDC theatre has a five-storey high screen and excellent sound systems, this 344-seater world-class theatre offers a truly cinematic and realistic sensory experience.

The show we watched was "Fly me to the moon", which is about three young flies set off on a courageous mission to become the first insects on the Moon by hitching a ride on the historic Apollo 11 space flight.

Super nice! I feel that i can almost feel the space rocket with my 3d glasses on. The things are popping out of the screen! After which, we watch the next show "Light before Christmas", a animation show. At the end, they show how they made the animation film, which is like super tedious.

After the movie, we hopped onto the SAFTI bus and took a tour around the SAFTI Military Institute.It brought us around the 88-hectare training ground for officers from Army, Navy and Air force. Then alighting at the Army museum of singapore.

Before ending the day at Singapore Discovery Centre, the lucky 20 of us get to experience the 4D simulator which is only opened to public on 1st of December!

Lastly,a BIG Thank you OMY for this wonderful experience! I look forward to more events (:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Everyone's trying to be the Next top blogger!

Blogging is no longer personal. I started out blogging 1 year plus ago, just a normal personal blog with like maybe 20 readers a day, mainly friends . But after inspired by top bloggers, i decided to embark on this journey to become the next-top-blogger.

Today, i have achieved quite a lot. I am not claiming that i am a top blogger or I am famous. But i simply can't stand those bloggers trying too hard to become the next top blogger. As if they are addressing to 25,000 people a day, when they only have like less than 100 readers/visitors.

Getting top in some blog ranking contest isn't everything, it doesn't mean you are already a top blogger. Unless STRANGERS willingly vote for you, because they truly feel that your blog is good. Votes isn't everything. It's just like a popularity contest. The more votes you get, the higher your ranking.

Same for links, Yes, Wow! you have hundreds or thousands of people linking your blog. Your technorati authority is 3 or 4 digits. If people link you willingly/without you asking, it's something good. But if you go around "Hi, nice blog, can we xchange link?", that's another thing.

"OMg, i got ads from Nuffnang!" Yes, congrats. Before you exclaim to the whole world that you receive an ad, go around and you see other blogs, if 9 out of 10 blogs have the same ad, and you are earning like 2 buck, then maybe you should keep it to yourself. Until you receive an advertorial that pays you at least 50 bucks, then maybe you can exclaim.

"I got invites to XXX event! So honored!" Erm, if you feel honored, should the 99 other bloggers who got invited too feel the same too? (actually maybe you should, cos there are 2998343 bloggers who are not attending the event)

Yes, i know. The thought of earning from advertorials, exclusive invites to events, sponsors, fame, getting recognized. I've been through all these. It sounds attractive. But it's not easy.

What's really important is the true meaning of blogging, writing because you want to record down something in your life. Sharing it with the people who are reading it. If people like what you are writing, they will eventually stay and continue reading. That's when these people are officially called "readers", not visitors.

Alright, i think i should stop here.

P.s: Comments are moderated. *Wink*

Monday, November 17, 2008

It's the start of something new.

Update: The results are out, the chapter has just started. If you are wondering what all these is about, a small hint would be read my last few recent advertorials, and try to relate.

I need to recover from yesterday's shock.

My heart was pumping super fast. I wonder what is going to happen. I keep asking myself questions, Am i ready for all these?

When it happened. The spot light was on me. I almost freaked out. I stunned. 5 pairs of eyes looking at me.

I dunno what made me do it. But well, what's done is done. Whatever the result is, i will still be happy. Like one of my friend say, "it will be a chapter of my life."

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My latest Gadget!

I wanted to blog a food review today, but i'm lazy to edit the photos =X I just trying out new restaurants! (esp when it's cheap and nice!)

Meanwhile, let me share with you my latest Gadget!

P.s: It's an Ipod nano 3rd Gen.

Yes...I know the 4th Gen is out, the nano-chromatic... Just to share with you all, i have 1...2...3...4 Ipods! You did not hear wrongly, i've got 4 ipods! In the past, i always wanted to own an ipod (it was like the coolest mp3 around!) but now...

Out of the 5, i only paid for 1, which is the an ipod nano 2nd Gen. One ipod shuffle is through blogging (my first contest prize!), another shuffle from some lucky draw(unexpected.), and the current one which i got it through blogging too!

I got this Nano 3rd Gen quite long ago, when i collected it from Nuffnang, but i left it one side, because i felt much safer carry a ipod shuffle (i am quite rough with my things), UNTIL yesterday when i found my BRAND NEW 3rd Gen covered with dust :)

I bought a silicon protector for it (10 bucks!) Heard from my dad i could get one for $3 at the pasar malam opposite my house -.-

And today, i connected it to my laptop, loaded some things into it and...

I never left it.

Except for dinner time and now...blogging :) I am quite amazed by it's interface. Maybe one day, when i got really nothing to blog, i might do a review of it, just for fun! I put in Songs! Movies! Photos! *type in excitement*

Aright, enough enough... I shall go do my food review post.

(Back to exploring my nano. Opps.)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Too cute to resist?

When I received this sponsor from, i agreed to it readily. Simply because...

WHO WOULD RESIST THIS CUTE MICKEY MP3?! is having their 4th preorder for their Mickey Mouse Mp3 player! Their previous preorders all exceeded their capping! So if everyone is getting this cute Mp3 for themselves, shouldn't you be getting one too?

There are a whole range of colours to choose from! Shoppeinn offers 14 different colours! From the basic White, Pink, Silver, Black, Blue to Special colours such as gold, orange, purple, yellow, blah blah blah.

Other blogshops are selling these 2GB mp3 for 40Bucks and more, but shoppeinn is only selling it from $32.50 to $35
(depending on colours)

Each mp3 purchased comes with a USB cable, a Stereo earpiece and a FREE neckstrap! For Specs of the mp3, Click HERE.

Everytime i get advertorials, i will ask for any special gifts/ discount/ rates exclusive for ANdyStorm's readers! So this time, if YOU purchase any "Special" colour mp3 ($35), you are entitled to 1 FREE silicon case to protect your MP3!

To identify yourself as a ANdyStorm's reader, simply fill in "andymp3" at the promotional code fill in the order form.

Get yours now @

P.s: If you have any question regarding the mp3, you can comment below. I will reply within 12 hours!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween @ Escape Themepark!

How did you spend your Halloween?

I think this is the first year I really go out there to celebrate Halloween. (although i did not dress up) The first event that actually brought Halloween to my life was when I got tickets to the Exclusive Night Safari Halloween preview tour tickets from OMY. Read more about it

I regretted not going to Zouk after hearing Rinn talk about how interesting it was! Next year, Next year! Oh, guess where we went to celebrate Halloween?

ESCAPE theme park @ Downtown East!

We met at about 8pm, ate dinner then headed to Escape theme park, Specially open till late for "Hell"oween. Did not take much photos because we were busy queuing for rides, but there are HELL lot of scary characters around.

One of the ghoul (or are they called Reaper?) lurking in the theme park. Opps, did i mention who I went with? They are Rinn & Hui Xin! Admission was $11 per person. Some rides were closed. I don't really remember the name of the rides.

The first one we took was some "spin-spin" thing, then we queued 45mins for the Go-kart! Camwhore while queuing.

The above is one of the 234565 photos we took. But i don't wish to flood my blog with peektures, so i just chose the above =X Honestly, i hate blogs that have a million and one never ending photos, with little words. Scroll scroll scroll until dunno when.
That's my personal opinion though.

Can guess what is the next ride we took?

Flume Ride.The one that get you real wet if you are with or without a poncho. Rinn spent 2 bucks buying one. I and Hui xin just need to ask those "xiao mei mei" to give us *Wahaha*

I wonder where they are looking at lah! There are no other people taking photo for them lor! AND did you notice something?

The "boat" can only sit 2 person! There is 3 of us. I had to go on the freakin' scary ride myself! (I've a a phobia of height)


After that we went into the haunted house. Hui Xin stayed outside cos she was a afraid! We left Escape theme park at 11, and went to grab a bite before heading home at 12 midnight, only to wake up 5am in the morning to...

P/s: I still think Zouk would be better and more fun!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Clubbing: I don't look like my EZ link photo?!

One day after my 19th birthday, Me, Rinn and hui xin decided to go clubbing, it's my first time so can you imagine how excited i was?! We met at bout 9pm, MRT-ed down to...

The Arena @ Clarke Quay

Age limit was 18, No cover charge that day. I showed my EZ link to the bouncer (is this what you call those guys?) and went in. There was a live band playing and singing, the atmosphere was quite good to chill. Not alot of people on Monday.

We then ordered a jug of Orange Vodka and started drinking and chatting (although most of the time we had to shout because the music is super damn loud!).

Sorry for the poor quality photo, my Omnia doesn't work well in the dark, photoshopping won't help much also... Other than the live band, there was also 'live' action at the table infront of us. A couple up to some hanky panky (to them,everyone around them was like invisible?!), so it was quite entertaining =X

At bout 1am or so, i wanted to take a breather. So i went out alone for a while.

After a while, i wanted to go back in. The bouncer change shift. So i had to show my EZ-link again (I don't bring my IC out cos i lost it once.) This time, the bouncer look at the card closely, look at my birthdate, followed by my photo. Taking glances at me and comparing the photo and me.

Then he asked,
Did you bring your IC?

I was like WTH!

I don't look like my EZ link photo meh... So i said "Nope, did not bring. I came out from there." Pointing to the door. So he allowed me in. Imagine if he did not allow me to go in! I would be stuck outside lah!

You would be asking, your EZ link photo got that bad meh...

Nah, show you all!

That was like in early 2007 =X

At about 2 plus, we headed to the 24hours Mac to grab a bite before cab-bing home =) I wanna go clubbing again!