Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last Enterprise.

Today is the last Enterprise Lesson.
Yes, the lesson that i always blog about.I still wonder whether he reads my blog...It has been 16 weeks together with Mr.Ng. I think i gonna miss his lessons. Opps, why am i saying this? Someone stop me...Hurry. It's like 16 weeks of lame-ing, Suan-ing, it's just the way he talks. Just makes me ~Diao... LOL
Thanks, Mr Ng!
He treated us Ice Cream and Pizza Hut today.Thx =)
It's the 3 of us!!!
Yah see, Nurul and i CamWhoring outside class.During the 3rd meeting, we gave the excuse that we're gg to the toliet. Okay,lame...
Wah, so THICK!
My mum asked me to keep this stack of 2 Dollar Notes in my Bag, i was like, Wow,So thick. It's because Chinese New Year is coming, which means adults need to give out Ang Pows,So nid to change 2 Bucks... Who0ts =)
that's me
Wore my New Hoodie to School today, just wanna show u all. But this picture doesn't tell much right? Nevermind, take again on Friday.If i don't wear this week, i dunno when i wear it again, cos it's like super hot if i wear this to Orchard. RP is the Best place to wear your Hoodie. Fashionable and it keeps you warm =)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I want!!!

Yes, i know...No nid to tell me...
Yes...Ice Angel caught up...
I'm 3rd now...
Isn't it obvious? Like i said...

This is something that i want to get...
It's the Limited Edition Adidas Watch.So Chio!!!
The adidas watch is short term,As for long term...
It's the Lexus 250! My uncle got one.I haven't ask him to take me around in his car...Maybe this Chinese New Year.It's like one of the most expensive Car.The photo of it is nice, but the Real thing is even Nicer!!!
What is/are your wants?
*I got a deal for the Adidas Watch,anyone interested?*

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Who0ts!After 2 days of miserable days without my laptop,
I finally got my laptop back!!! *Hugs and Kisses* to my lappy!
My poor Laptop was locked up last friday by the IT helpdesk, partly it was my fault cos i was Engrossed in playing Xbox with Nurul at the Library. Then by the time we wanted to collect ouR laptop, the IT helpdesk was closed.Wanted to blog this during the Weekend,
Last friday, Yah see, Nurul & i was bored during 2nd break,
So guess where we went?
The three of us went to the Park @ RP! It was Super Hot that day, we got nothing to do in class, so we went to checkout the newly built park beside RP.
Climb-ed up the Hill just to take this shot.
The fitness Corner was filled with Fine sand!!! Nowadays Fitness Corner's floor are those "Sponge" type de, So that when people fall down, it isn't that PAIN.
But You will have to Much fun with Sand!!!
We were writing our Names on the Sand, then Nurul decide to Checkout the other things.
On the Monkey Bar. "Nurul, let me go first leh..."
That day was Super Hot. Everyone was Sweating, No, Sweating is for Pigs, I mean everyone was Perspiring. *Wipe Sweat*
End of park Post
I receive like 2 Negative Comment over the weekend.
#1: Anon: LAME. You look er xin
My Reply: You started your comment by saying-LAME. Are u calling yourself lame? cos u did not mention what is lame, izzit me? oR my post? so i take it u are calling Yourself. I look Er xin? I wonder how u look like...
#2:Maddie: No offence but I think your blog isn't really nice to read. UH, I mean... I was expecting it to be as good as typical ben yeah. Weellllll. JiaYou~
My Reply: It may not be nice to you but it may nice to others, everyone's opinions differ. I will jia you de, thanks.
Alright, shall end my post here. 4 more days till Year 1 ends =(

Saturday, January 26, 2008

OMg, Sex Scandal!

Did you hear about the Sex scandal between Edison Chen and Gillian Chung?
When i read about it, i was like
"OMg, they did it?"
"Is it real?"
"Or photoShop-ed"
"How did the photos leak out?"

Anyone if you are interested, you can view the photos here.
Strictly M18.
If u are below 18, all u can do is just view and just keep quiet about it.

Alright, you can view it here.

Friday, January 25, 2008

All she had to do.

I am Just simply amazed.
I went to read Ice Angel's blog this afternoon.
She asked her Readers to vote for her.
Just went i went into SGfriends half hour ago, I saw this:
A whopping 54 Votes in a Day. *Amazed*
At this Rate she is going to catch up very soon,
She might even become Ranked #1 again.
I once told Nurul, With thousands of Readers everyday, all she need to do is
Which she did.
Good Luck to Miss Maybelline, ANdyStorm & Claire =D

Thursday, January 24, 2008


My Laptop died because the DC Jack is spoilt.
So went to ACER with Nurul and Saira to fix the problem.
2 Days of "Battery-less", of course, I must thank Nurul, Yah see and Euodia for helping me pass by these 2 days, thanks a lot!
Went off class eaRly to go ACER, sat 187 to Jurong East.
1 Hours trip. Nurul and I were Singing in the Bus and Crapping.
We sang mostly high school Musical songs and some random.
The Random is really Random, like:
~The wheels of the bus is round and round,
~Round and Round,
~The wheels of the bus is round and round,
~Round Round Round =)
Reached ACER @ about 5pm.
The Violent Person Ripped my laptop apart.
Everything from the Keyboard to the Hard disk, leaving...
I Dunno what is this remainder call...
I was asked to Pay 32 Bucks lor!!! It's not covered under warranty, the person say is "User's Fault" So it's my fault la?! Stupid. I paid reluctantly. I handed to Cashier my Card. They asked "Master oR Nets?" I asked Master. After like 3 tries, Sorry, it seems that it cannot be approved. I was like, WTH. Ok, use Nets. Den the thing cannot detect. I was irritated le, it's not my card's fault lor, i used Saira's card, also cannot work, den they say "Can you kindly go over to that ATM machine across the road and withdraw cash?" I was like...No. I wanted to get over and done with. I borrowed 12 bucks from Saira and paid the guy rudely. The Next thing i did was to On my laptop and submit a Complaint letter. Everything was done at 7pm.
See the difference from the first photo and this photo? The first photo the sky is still bright, but when we left ACER, It was Dark. Took 197 to Bugis and took MRT home with Nurul, singing and Crapping on the MRT again. Reached home @ 10pm.
Had dinner, bath and blogged.
Last photo before leaving ACER.
*Looking forward to ACER's reply about my complaint*

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Last Sunday

Haven't been bloggin' for the past 3 days.
Cos i was @ Hongkong. (didn't u read my previous post?)
LOL, okay lah, enuff of the hongkong nonsense.
It's because of my stupid laptop Charger.
Tomorrow i must go ACER there repair le =( *Waste my time*

Meanwhile, I am going to Blog about last Sunday.
Guess Where I went?

I went onboard the...
I know that i'm a Singaporean. So the Question is "Why am i going for these S'pore tours?" Ok, i did not suggest going for these tours. It's my Mum's idea. She saw this offer on the newspaper, 3 Tours (Ducktour, HippoTour and DHL balloon) for about 30+Bucks/person. And she bought 4. I went for the DuckTour already. "Why are these tours are named after animals?!" Anywae,i was only interested in the DHL balloon"
SUPER strong Wind
Everyone was enjoying the wonderful weather.
A bit of Sunlight + some wind = Perfect weather.
Stupid Rain
The Wind became so Strong, the skies became Dark and it starts Raining =.=''' I was like soaking Wet la.My dad and Mum ran for cover downstairs, leaving me and my sis up there.
Braving the Storm. *Stupid Weather*
When back to Suntec to Dry ourselves.
Donut factory
Tea @ Donut Factory =) Nowadays there's no Queue,not like last time where we have to queue for a long time...
Tea @ Donut Factory
Enjoying my Donut =)
Went to Bugis After that...What for?
DHL balloon
To take the DHL balloon, the one that i was anticipating.I was so excited.When we reached, i was like Yay,Yay, up on the DHL balloon!!! But guess what - "Sorry we are close for the Yearly Maintenance" *WTH!?* Sad-ed la. The DHL is located at Tan Quee Lan Street. Which is also where Indulgz is located!!! I ask my parents to have dinner at indulgz but...They brought me to this restaurant instead...7th Storey Restaurant
7th Storey Restarant.Nope, it isn't on the 7th Storey. I also dunno why it's called 7th storey restaurant also. My dad start ordering non-stop, i was like, "can we finish all the food anot?" I took the menu from him and start ordering. I was still thinking about Indulgz.End up the Bill was 60 over Bucks.The food is also quite nice. Restaurant ma...I asked my dad why did we eat at the restuarant, he said " got reason de meh? Eat dinner lah" I was like, "ohh..." cos that day wasn't any special occasion...Maybe it is...Family Day...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

U've been to the Airport?

Warning: This might gonna be a long post.
But it's gonna be Super interesting.
The Story begins like this...
ANdyStorm is in the middle of his Science Test, he finished his test in 20 mins, because he dunno how to do. Then he starts daydreaming...He dreamt about flying off to HongKong with his best friends. Den it became a reality.He gathered his friends ( Rinn, Manda & Huixin) to skip school to head to the Airport.
We're off!
OuR staRting Point - Republic Poly
We walked to Woodlands interchange to checkout which bus to take to the Airport. The Bus was #858. Waited for a f**king 20 mins. At this Rate we are going to miss ouR flight! Will we miss it?
ANdyStorm wondering whether they might miss the flight...
After a whole Hour Stupid Ride,
We reached the Airport at 11.29am.
We realised we were too Early! Our flight was at 2pm!!! Everyone was complaining that they are hungry, so we decided to have lunch at the "Must go" if u are at the Airport - Popeyes!
This is my first time having Popeyes. Was it good?
Let the photos speak for themselves.
So was it good?
My Verdict - It is quite Pricey for Fast food.4 piece of chicken, 2 sides (Mashed potato/Fries/Colesaw), Shrimps and 2 Drinks cost $16.50! Izzit expensive? For that quality of food, i think it's reasonable. Another thing is that "HOW COME HUI XIN GET A MUCH BIGGER PIECE OF CHICKEN THAN MINE?!" Nvm, i consoled myself by telling myself - "Maybe they give according to the customer's size"
★★★★Stars/5 for Popeyes! Must Have.
Now that everyone is Full and happy, we decided to go to Terminal 3, of course, taking the SkyTrain!!! Who0ts :D
We decided to skip Terminal 2 and head to Terminal 3 straight. Terminal 3 opened on Jan 9 this year and we are going to see what so special about this New Terminal.
It's almost Empty. It's SO BIG! There are a lot of shops there, We decided to shop around - Is that Candy Empire?
Candy Empire - Where all your teeth Rot!
There is so many kinds of Chocolate, Sweets, Cookies!!! It's like heaven for us.But if only we got the money...The price is...erm...You should know la...Maybe we should buy back from HongKong instead...Hx: Can we find a place to sit down and Rest our legs??? Pls... ANdy: Alright...
Wang seems like a good place to slack.Kopitiam style. It's something like Ya kun.With a Variety of food and Drinks such as Toast, Coffee, Laksa etc...
I took out my Laptop to see if there's Wireless. And Wow, there is High Speed internet there. Terminal 3 is the Best place to Chill out with your friends. Especially with your laptop and a Ice-blended Milo.
Decided to CamWhore abit to mark the day at the Airport.
Natural lighting. This photo is taken indoors, not outdoors...
Playing Lego at NTUC ~ No childhood.
Our creation! Opps, izzit time to board our plane?
Is that our plane? The New A380? Alright, it's time to check in.
Weighting our "luggage" It's a whopping 16.60kg! 4 laptops and others. Huixin's is the heaviest, 4.9Kg! I can't imagine how she drag the bag all the way from PasirRis to Woodlands everyday...16.6kg - Acceptable =)
Alright, we are off! ( P.S: I think huiXin is smiling too hard, As for me, it's because of my irritating @#$% Ulcer that cause to smile liddat =(
~Ok lah Bye :D
The above story is Fictional. It's just a plot to make this post more interesting. The 4 of us is still in Singapore. Currently in our boring class.Love this post? Hate it? Comment.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Quick one.

Ok, i won't be bloggin' about my Airport trip tonight.
Because there is 127 photos.
I need to choose some and edit them to make the post interesting to read.
Some hints: Next post is in a Story Form.
So lookout for Next post: " The day i left" =)

Oh ya, i really appreciate these 30 people who voted for me tonight.
I am Ranked #2 now for Best of Blog.

Just some thoughts that i want to share with you all.
I used to think that i want to become a famous blogger, blogging for others to read what is going on in my life. I am Mad about the no. of people viewing my blog everyday, i Mad about blog ratings and ranking. But now, i thought it through, after Jan, hopefully if i win one of those badges in SGfriends. I find that winning one month is enough, it's everyone's effort. Your time to vote for me every night. So if i win, i will dedicate a post to you all =)

After Jan, Blogging will become personal. I won't really care how many people are viewing my blog everyday, be it 50, 200 or 1000. Blogging is just an interest, now the blogosphere has become like a popularity contest, the more "readers" u get, the more popular u are. So i be a normal blogger. Read it if u like, leave if u find it interesting. I could do with some encouragment, if u like my blog, comment me.

As for my friends, i noe u all have been reading my blog everyday. Continue doing so because we are having fun everyday and we should take more photos so i can share the joy with everyone on my blog, Who0ts :D

Alright, i am back to editting my "Airport" photos.

P.S: Remember to Vote for me :D

At the Airport!

Updating on the go, Who0ts :)
You tot i siao ar, Taking my latop around bloggin' where i am...
Just wan to tell you all...
I'm at the AIRPORT NOW!!!

Airport, Here i come! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
I am in the middle of a Test now but i dunno how to do.
Skipping lesson today, cos school is seriously bored.
Going to the Airport with my friends in 1/2 hr time.
We've got a flight to catch, LOL
I'll be back with more photos of the AirPort, Who0ts :D
To my faci: I promise i'll be here next week, dun miss me :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stupid Ulcer #@!$%

You had mouth ulcer before?
I have one NOW.
And it's Freakin' pain!
It affects how i eat lor..No mood to eat le.
I know i am not suppose to smile like that when i have an ulcer, this picture is randomly chosen from my photos, just wanna show u all where the Ulcer is.
ANyone know how to get Rid of ulcer fast?
I mean Real Fast cos it's affecting how i eat =(

Miracle do happen?

~A more balanced post. Got words,Got pictures.
Today i was super early.
I was the 2nd to reach class.
7.30am: Bus 39 appear, i nid not wait for it.
7.50am: At seletar. Bus 168 came within the next 5 mins
8.20am: Reached Woodlands interchange
8.30am: Reached School!

Yah see was 3rd to reach class.When she saw me, she was like "Wah Miracle, So early ar" Yes, miracle do happen, Yah see...
Sheena told me about this sign outside the toliet.
Anything different from the Normal "Caution Wet Floor" sign? There is this "Open Your Eyes" thingy on top. I wonder who wrote that? Maybe it's the cleaner...
Yah see, Nurul, ZhiYing and me went to play pool during 2nd Break. The Black Ball was missing, we went to the counter to demand the black ball, guess what the girl at the counter say?
"oh, it has been missing" I was like, "wat?!" Can't u all put a note or something?! Anywae, we continued as i solved the problem using my Quickthinking mind, use another ball as the black ball. Wahaha, praise me, quick :D
I realise that i actually know how to "Jump" Ball, i am so proud of myself. Then Yah see and Nurul ask me to jump the ball over their Cues. I Was like...
Nurul and i monkey-ing in the lift.
Share a few photos with you all.
What's your first impression when you see this photo?
Guy with his blonde hair girl at the park?
Think otherwise.
Guy with his dog =.=
Just for Laughs: Caught in the Act, LOL :D
Want to see more? I posted the series of photos here.
to end this post :D
That's all Folks :)