Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My handphone Die-ed.

Ok, Just as the title Says - My Handphone Just die-ed.
So i am thinking of getting a New phone cos Repairing that W810i is about 70+ bucks?!
So i might as well get a new phone.
There are so many Phones out there! Which one to choose?

What i want in the Phone:
#1:Super Clear Camera with Auto Focus. (Bloggin' Purpose)
#2:Must look good.
#3:It must be as good as my W810i (or better)
#4:Either Nokia OR Sony Ericsson

I am thinking of getting this phone...Is this phone good? Is there other recommendations?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Secret Recipe

After the movie...
We walked around Cineleisure, Rinn ate her PastaMania. Den suddenly i got the "feel" to eat Secret Recipe. So we walked all the way from Orchard to Plaza Sing. (Actually it's not that far...)
The photo i took from the menu isn't that nice so i edit it abit and added the line on top. Secret Recipe has Superb nice Cakes and food. Guess what i ate?
It's called the ~Chicken Cordon Bleu. I also dunno how to pronounce. The chicken is not like the chicken chop. It's in an EGG shape. It cost $11.90. It is super Delicious. Show u wat i meant.
When u open the "Egg" up, Smoke will rise from the insides. Inside is Chicken, Ham and cheese. *Drool* Now i feel like eating it again... It comes with Fries and Garden Salad. It's absolutely worth the price!
I rate it 5/5 Stars!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


OMg, OMg. After searching everywhere for it. I finally found it.
i will let u take a peek...
Can you guess what it is?

Friday, February 22, 2008


I haven't been updating for a long long time.
So now...
Continued from the last post...
I stopped at Sakae? Oh ya, Sakae.
That's me and Hui Xin posing with ouR Food.
Looking at my Chawanmushi.
Our Junk @ the end of the Day Lunch =)
Do you like to Eat @ Sakae? I love to eat there. You can just order like 6 plates of sushi/ fried Items + Rice + one Drink and you will be Full =) Although it's abit costly, is like 15 Bucks per Person. You can opt for the Buffet also...
It's time for the Movie!!!

Review: Jumper

For Generations after Generations, we teleporter aka as "Jumper" have Roamed the world. Finally now, a film has been made on us. Feb14 is the day where everyone will know about us - Jumpers.

Why spend so much $$ on special Effects when u can get the real jumper? By writing this, my life is at risk. Paladins are looking for us. When they find us, they will kill us.
We got the tickets at Cathay Cineleisure.
3 Tickets to secretly watch this Movie. in case Paladins are watching it too.
I Don't recognise this Jumper. He looks like the guy in Star Wars!? How can he be a Jumper at the same time? This is when i conclude - he's fake. Everything is special Effects.
This Movie is somehow nice and not nice at the same time. I love the special effects, the way they teleport is so cool. But when they teleport to their destination, they tend to "destroy" the surroundings. Which is like - leaving evidence? The story is abit Draggy, it could be better.
Nevertheless, It's worth the ticket. The ability to jump is super cool and super useful too. Especially in the future.
When the MRT lines becomes complicated.
Have you watch Jumper?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Day after Valentine's Day.

Bad Luck. Sprained my hand before Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day =(
Went to eat Pizza Hut with my mum and Dad.
I can't find my photos of the pizza, there is like only 1 pathetic photo left...Which is this:
Just to show u how Chessy the Pizza is =)
I simply just love Hawalian Pizzas!!!
Day after Valentine's Day =)
I was thinking of spending the whole day out there cos i have been working for the past weeks without proper resting.And there is a new movie out there called "Jumper".
So 15th of Feb is the Best time!!!
Cathay Cineleisure shall be where we watch Jumper!
Did u know?
OMg, it's like only 6 Bucks to watch a Movie on Weekdays! So it's like only 18 Bucks to catch CJ7, Kung fu Dunk and Ah long Pte ltd!!! and of course, Jumper! *Yay-ness*
I realised i forgot to say who am i watching movie with...
They are Rinn and Hui Xin. We got the tickets for the 4.30 show. We are super hungry lor...So we "jump-ed" to...
To be continued...

Friday, February 15, 2008

My CNY =)

Oh ya, by now u all should know that i won the Viwawa blogging competition! Who0ts. So happy! Gonna blog about it when i go collect the Ipod Shuffle. There will be photo taking as well! CoOl! *Excited*

I sprained my Hand yesterday during work, today cannot work cos it's pain =(

Alright, i am bloggin' about My Chinese New Year! Which everyone has blogged about theirs. I am so SLOW.

Chinese New year eve.

Went to Chinatown to experience the CNY atmosphere.Photobucket
There is a lot of people there. It's "human mountain human sea"! (in chinese) "ren shan ren hai" =)

All the New Year Decorations on Sale...

Saw this sign at one of the stall. So interesting!Photobucket

You know there are a lot of these Sweets stall in ChinaTown? It's like one big bag for only 3 Bucks. Decided to squeeze with everyone to grab the sweets! Trying to stuff as many sweets as possible into the bag.
Chinese New Year Day 1
Of course this day is where u go Visiting and collect Ang pows!!!Forgot to take photos with my Cousins =(

Gambling is like a MUST during chinese New year. Good way to earn an extra buck (provided your luck is good...) I only won 6 Bucks lor... My auntie got 2 Aces! So freakin' lucky! She betted 4 bucks, and she got back 16 Bucks!Photobucket

Had Dinner @ MOS burger @ Bugis...It's the first time Bugis is so Empty, because all shops are closed =.=
Chinese New year Day 2
Went Ah liang mdm's house to bai nian. Every year all the Saint john people will gather at her house for lunch and to gamble! (Of course to collect Ang Pow)
My good friends from Saint John!
Camwhoring at the Balcony =)
My luck isn't that good this year, cos i never had a "BlackJack" =( but i won an Ipod Shuffle, Who0ts. (Consoling myself...)
Da pao-ed Yu sheng from Sakae Sushi =)
It comes with Salmon too! Although i dun eat salmon...
While "Mixing" all the ingredients we must say those "Good" words, like "Grow taller!!! Win 4D!!! Win more $$$!!! GPA get 3 and above!!! of course i won't forgot to say - "More readers for my blog and may all my readers have good luck throughout the year!!!" LOL
I still remember last few years we eat Yu sheng at my auntie's bunglow, den everyone(about 10+) will mix the Yu sheng, den everyone will fling the yu sheng up high and it will land on someone's head and stuck in the hair! Once it even drop into the cleavage of my aunt's! LOL =)
Alright, that's all =)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Opps. It supposed to be W35F. It's because i was Holding down the SHIFT key when typing. W#%F sounds like some kind of vulgarities. But nevermind.
I have finally finish editting some of the Photos.
Finally i am bloggin them!
P.s: If u are not from W35F, u still can enter and see how happpening W35F is =)

CJ7 - to watch or not to watch?

On Sunday, Mummy suggested going to Catch Stephen Chow's latest Movie - CJ7. So i booked the Tickets online before heading Down to Bugis Shaw Theatre.
10th Feb.Sunday. CJ7. 2.05PM. *Excited*
"CJ7" is a comedy about a poor labourer (Stephen Chow) and his young son in mainland China. When a fascinating and strange new pet enters their lives, they learn a lesson about the true nature of family and the things that money can't buy.
At some parts of the movie, it will remind you of stephen's previous movie such as Kung fu and Shaolin Soccer. There are some parts that are freakin' hilarious (Spoiler: Especially that part when Dicky(his son) trying to refrain from screaming) everyone in the Cinema was Laughing out loud!
Of course, the MAIN LEAD is the CJ7. This 4 legged cute creature. It's so freakin' cute. You can't help liking it."Anyone who dislike it slap yourself, pls" However, the part when stephen dies, was SAD. My sis was Sobbin' beside me. However the day is saved by CJ7 which eventually leads to...OMg, i think i said too much.
Go watch the Movie yourself!
I rate the Movie....*DrumRoll*
4 CJ7s!!! *Claps* The show could be longer though.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I will be updating Real soon.
Really lagging behind.
There's like a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot of Photos to be published.
Meanwhile, everyone's asking to see my hair...
Here's the latest me.
You won't see much from this photo =)
You will be much more shocked when u see me :x

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ang Pows from Nuffnang!

Are u a member of Nuffnang?
Now it's chinese new year and Nuffnang is giving out ang pows!!!

Nuffnang Ang Pow PacketsNuffnang has printed out Ang Pow Packets for our valued partners.
This includes you! Our Nuffnangers. 100 packets of 10, have been reserved specially for you.

Do drop us a helpdesk blogger enquiry, titled “Nuffnang Ang Pow Packets”, and we will try to post iton to you on Monday or so.

As a souvenir, for weddings or for the rest of the 15 days of CNY, these red packets are acollectable for all!
End quote.

So to get your Ang pows...
Drop by the "Contact US" on Nuffnang.
Create a "Blogger Enquire" Ticket
The Cubject would be " Nuffnang Ang Pow Packets"
Dun forget to wish them Happy Chinese New Year too!
Get your ang pows NOW!!! before they are gone!


Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Alright, i am almost done in Editting my Photos. But haven't really compile them and upload them into PhotoBucket.I am Rushing to Work now. So Meanwhile, Just feast on this PHoto Montage that i created =) Enjoy but pls dun cry.I miss W35F.
Enjoy your Chinese New Year!
P.S: I won't be bloggin' for the Next 3 days...Maybe i will...See how first, but if i win that Ipod Shuffle tomorrow...
YOU will be the first to know!!!


I was quite sick the last few days, first it begin from Sore throat, then flu then it adds up to Fever. But because of my Strong immune System, i recovered within a short while =)
(Reader: If your immune system strong, u won't even get fever in the first place lor...)
I guess i had too much chocolate. I even felt like vomitting after eating the chocolate cake yesterday.
Anywae, i was thinking of cutting my hair shorter cos Chinese New Year is coming soon. But Never did i expect the hairdresser to CUT IT SO FREAKIN' SHORT!!! Die le lah...I freakin' can't give instructions for them to cut my "desired" hairstyle...I guess i will have to search for my Superman Cap and wear it for this Chinese New Year =( If i know the end result would be like this, i won't even cut my hair. BooBoo...
With Cap
Photos are taken with Cap...
I guess that's the only way =(

Monday, February 4, 2008

Viwawa - Why play alone?

Viwawa Best Of Blog Competition Entry:

Are you still playing maplestory? OR Audition?
It's time to Viwawa!
My Friend intro-ed me to this Online portal where i can pit my skills with other players online. There are like 5 Games to try!Which do u like most?
Guess What is my personal Favourite? It's WahJong!!!
Which is also Known as Mahjong.
It's so much fun playing online, you get to meet new friends too!Wahjong!!!
Why is it "Wa" instead of "Ma"jong? I think it's because of the avatar, which's called Wawa.
Play more and Earn more!!!
You Earn Experience points and Gold in very game that you play and with the EXP, u level up, with the Gold, u can dress up your wawa the way u want!
Does it look like me?
I am Saving Gold just to create my "ideal" Wawa.
Does it look like me?
(I know that i dun have such big eyes =.=)
Oh ya, i am eyeing at the ipod touch in the Lucky Draw
Win, Win, Win!!!
Every game played to entitle me to 1 chance to win my Ipod Touch.I am playing Viwawa everyday!!! which means i am nearer to winning it! *Dreamin'*
Meanwhile i might win an Ipod shuffle by joining this Blog competition!DO NOT DISTURB
Alright, i am Off to Viwawa.
Can you guess what game am i playing now?
I am level 4 at WahJong. You can add me as friend.
My Username is Andystorm.
~ Bye!