Monday, March 31, 2008

Make me the featured blogger,pls...

I have sent an email to Nuffnang to make me their APRIL's Featured Blogger!
Made that email as interesting as possible.
Will publish it and let u all read soon...
Wish me luck people =)
I hope to hear good news from them soon.
And Sorry for not attending the Aids awareness forum!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My current woes..

I feel so wierd going alone =(
Haix, Maybe next time ba...When nuffnang organize another event...

Why must it happen now?! Just 1 week before school reopen...
Must reformat again... I think i will be going all the way to school just to reformat my laptop...

#3: Cannot log on to LEO.
Everyone can check their new classes for Year 2 le... How come i cannot...I wonder if i am in the same class as someone i know...

#4: School starts at 8.30AM instead of 9.30AM?!
OMg, what time should i wae up then? 7AM?

#5: ARgh, that's enough problem already =(

Saturday, March 29, 2008

New hair colouR!

Checkout my new Hair!
Opps, i mean hair ColouR...
This is the before Photo...
Just PLAIN normal black hair with a bit of golden at the fringe...My mum brought me to her friend's home salon.I thought the service there cannot be compared to those salon out there...I had to cut my hair first, so Sally(the hairdresser) asked me what hairstyle i want. I almost wanted to say Bangs but chicken-ed out at the last minute cos i'm afraid the after effect would be like...So i just trim it shorter...
The colours that were available...I wanted Blue, but no Blue, i wanted Ash Grey, but no Grey, so i chose Gold -___- Perhaps this is the ONLY disadvantage in a home salon...
I was hesitating whether to photo on my blog or not, cos this photo is SUPER -____-, i had to wear this cap-like thing so that little strands of hair can be put out for highlight-ing...
After colouring, waiting for the dye to dry den finally had to wash my hair, i was imagining this place to be a salon with a nice environment...*laughing to myself*
The final step is to Dry my hair, finally my hands are free! So i took out my phone to capture this shot.
After professional styling by sally...
My final hair colour! Who0ts. Cool Right?
Comments pls...

Friday, March 28, 2008

How? how? how?

I got Chosen to attend the Nuffnang Youth Aids blogger Forum...
Is anyone of you going too?
I'll feel so damn bored if i go alone =(

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Reader Exchange Program.

Readers Exchange Program.
Bloggers often use INNIT or PING to get more traffic, but unless your content is super good, den people will visit your blog, otherwise...Maybe 3 or 4 people only...
However, this Program i thought of is BETTER!
Example: Xiaxue has 25000 Readers a day. All she need to do is link you in her post and perhaps not all 25000 will click it, but only 20000 readers click it. And in this 20000 readers, if only just 10% likes your blog, which means 2000 people, your blog will get another 2000 readers.
I have tried this reader exchange thing with a blogger, Marie Zhang and it works, My views increased.
If you're interested, comment me through Haloscan and i will get back to you if i wish to exchange readers with you.

Reader Exchange Program.

Would you like more traffic? More blog Exposure? Maybe you should try this method that i have thought of...
Reader Exchange Program:
Marie Zhang
I've got a few emails from people wanting to exchange readers...I was reading through those blogs, i think i should recommend this blog to you all. Marie Zhang - Leavers 08' say Exuvalia! Are u looking for a typical girl blog that writes about her life?Well, She makes her post as interesting as she could. (I was so impressed by her review of my blog!Check it out on her blog!) And those photos accompanying her post is super nice! I wonder where she gets them...

I know u all can't bear to leave my blog so just open her link tabs =)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Just an outing...

Alright,finally i am going to update about this outing...
Which was like AGES ago...
BUT before that, i shall share with you all my horoscope readings for that day...
In case u can't read properly, it says:
Toss your organizer or scheduler in the trash-or at least in the drawer-for the time being.Today brings so many interruptions and distractions that you might not be able to get to anything you had planned.

Let me me tell you, it's SUPER true! That day was like........
Went to the food fair (which one of you saw me and tag my board) with Keith to meet Manda and her BF. Ate lunch there. Den we decided to go to Marina Square. We stepped in Marina Square, cannot decide where to go, we went to Bugis instead. Decided to go play pool, but guess where we end up?
Lasalle. Since we were there, Manda & her BF enjoying their BeanCurd, Keith and i decided to explore the NEW lasalle campus. The place is super ARTISTIC! after exploring, we went to play Pool...
For Dinner, we went to...
The food there is nice and affordable! Do you know where is it? Well, we had a hard time finding it... The address is at : No.5, Purvis Road, #01-04. It's beside the National Library...We wanted to try the chocolate fondue but there was not enough chocolate =( Next time bah.
We then went to Bugis...Went to the intercontinental hotel to "borrow" their toilet...Guess what? With Mirrors everywhere, nice deco...It's time to...
Take photos!!! One is enough....Den we went to look for desserts, we went to check out which is the most affordable yet delicious, and enough to share among 5 people.I ended up with a Macflurry -_____-
A group photo to end this post =)
When are we going out again people?

Ways to get more traffic...

ANdyStorm presents...
How to get more traffic to your blog
There are several ways that i found out but not all are useful, Just continue reading...
#1: Join a blogger community.
Here are 2 blogger community that i am currently in.
Nuffnang. This is like the most popular blogger community so far. You get to earn money by getting advertisements, Nuffnang also has INNIT, which is a tool to help increase through submitting articles.So far, i find that Nuffnang is the best analytical tool for blog.
SGfriends. This is another blogger community that I'm in. SGfriends is a blogger community portal for those interested in joining a blog ranking. There are several categories to join and people/readers will vote for you. Meanwhile as your link is in the ranking, people can view your blog. One top blogger(used to be) that is from SGfriends is Ice Angel. Maybe SGfriends is one of the reason why she is famous? I get quite a no. of people coming from SGfriends everyday...
#2: Join a "traffic-inducing engine"
For example:
This type of "engine" helps to generate more people to go to your blog. I have tried it personally to see how well it works. It does generate a few people BUT first, ask yourself this question, "What do you blog for? to generate traffic or it's your interest to blog?" Cos in this type of "traffic inducing engine",very few user are genuine readers, Users normally just leave your page in tabs and do their own stuff,earning credits for themselves, which the credits is converted to "readers"...
#3:Ping your post
Photobucket is a Community Meta Blog for Singapore Bloggers. Everything you do a post, you ping it through this website. Ping-ers which is on the Webpage will read the first paragraph of your post, if they are interested, they will click the link, which leads to your blog.So it depends on YOUR content. So it's up to your "blogging Skills whether you get traffic or not.
#4: Exchange Readers.
I thought of this myself.Readers that comment you, den u reply den you add them on MSN, u link them, and become friends. This people are your blogger friends, they too blog, they too get a certain amount of readers. What if everyone share readers? How does this work? You create a post which directs your readers to your blogger friend, they do the same for you. So u share your readers, HOWEVER, it depends on how interesting your blog is to make "their" readers stay to your blog. Understand? So anyone wants to exchange readers?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

ANdyStorm's Guide to PhotoShop.

Pls take note: It's not Xiaxue's guide. It's mine.
I finally got my Photoshop CS3 Back!
*through unorthodox means*

Wahaha, Pls dun tell anyone. *Shhh...*
Life without Photoshop is like this -> -____-
I have tried GIMP, Picasa, those available on
BUT none work as POWERFUL as Photoshop CS3.
Before my skills turn RUSTY, i decided to edit those photos which i took last Tuesday....
ANdyStoRm's Guide to Photoshop
I've got 2 photos:
The one of the left is (1), on the right is (2)
I think Keith looks better in (1) than in (2), cos in (2),he looks like he is advertising for some toothpaste or toothbrush (-___-) and i obviously look better in (2). Using the most powerful tool (Nope, it's not Xiaxue's Liquify), it's ANdyStorm's Quick selection tool, you select me from (2) EASILY and bring it to (1). Scale to the correct size and adjust the colour and Contrast so that it fits with the original photo. As simple as that. 3...2...1...*DrumRoll*
Ta-dah! The final product! A round of applause pls...Thx =)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Which catergory are you in?

Checkout this Website to find out which catergory u belong to!
This Technorati widget computes your bloglebrity status based on four influential groupings:
-The Low Authority Group [D-List Bloggers] 3-9 linkings
-The Middle Authority Group [C-List Bloggers] 10-99 linkings
-The High Authority Group [B-List Bloggers] 100-499 linkings
-The Very High Authority Group [A-List Bloggers] 500+ linkings
Here are some A-list bloglebrity in today's blogosphere:
-Ice Angel with 2635 links in the last 180 days.
-Xiaxue with 3512 links in the last 180 days.
-KennySia with 2653 links in the last 180 days.
So which Catergory do u belong to?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Photo a Day, keeps my readers awake...

Don't feel like updating today...
So i will just post a photo and let u all guess where this is.
To make it more fun, One lucky person who guess it correct and comment on my blog will get my last Viwawa Card!
*It's Worth 5 Bucks* = 500Cash value in the game*
If your comment is SUPER creative, you get a higher chance of winning! So start cracking your brains...

Clue: Don't know where this place is? Ask Jayden.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Can this be compared to Nuffnang Pajama Party?

Didn't intend to blog today,
but just wanna share these photos with you all...
During the afternoon, i was at Whitesands, den guess what?
Look at the no. of people there! Being a blogger, i whipped out my Camera Phone and start snapping shots from every angle, capturing the phenomenon.
The ground floor was like SUPER packed! Why?
Everyone was looking at some kind of performance by those Kids Central Stars, which includes Shawn Tok. However can this be compared to Nuffnang Payama Party? It's for you to find out.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just a quick one...

Alright, Quick one because i won't have time to blog today,as i will be OUT the whole day!!!

Just wanna thank those 25 Comments, and a few tags. That was quite a lot, i didn't expect that much, i tot once it reached 10 comments (those that wanted the Viwawa Card), it would stop, but never did i dreamed of 25 comments, LOL. Alright, there are 21 people wanting the card...So how..I dun have 21 cards to give out...So pray u will be one of the lucky 10 people that i will e-mail =)

Alright, now i would like to take this opportunity to thank those people that voted for me @ SGfriends. If u all have paid attention to my sidebar, you would have realised some changes,(i am not talking about the profile pic), i am talking about these...
Photobucket Photobucket
Thank you everyone for Voting!!!
(P.S: I dun mind having more comments)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I won the Viwawa Blogging Competition!

I waited for so long...The photos have turned Dusty in my laptop.
Finally, they officially announced...
I won the Viwawa Blogging Competition!!!
I knew the results like quite long ago, i went to collect my prize like 1 month ago, and i wanted to wait for their "official" result before i blog about it...It was like...Finally...

Well, i would like to thank Nurul for accompanying me to Chai Chee to collect my prize and for being Photographer for the day.
I had to sign this declaration form to prove that i am that ANdyStorm on Viwawa...
My prize: A stack of Viwawa Card and an Ipod Shuffle!
Photo-taking by their staff...I did not really like how the photo turn out, so i asked my photographer, which is Nurul to take a photo of me with my prize.
The final Photo which i email-ed Viwawa and asked them to used this instead...Yup, they used it!
And of course, to thank Nurul for accompanying me to collect my prize and also to be my photographer, i gave her 6 of those Viwawa Cards,a total of 3000 Cash Value in Viwawa, it's worth like 25Bucks in Real life!!! She can now decorate her wawa to be the Chio-est Wawa in the game!
Alright, i have got 10 of this Viwawa Cards to give out to my Readers. Each card is Worth 500 Cash value in the Game. All you need to do is comment on my blog using Haloscan (below), Ending your comment with this Code - [Happy Viwawa-ing!] Alright, it's kind of lame but just do it for the sake of that 500 CASH pts!
(P.S: Remember to leave your E-mail as i will be email-ing you the pin to top up your Cash!)

Thanks, Viwawa!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tampines Mall

Today's my off day. Instead of spending my day out with my friends...i went out with my mum...
Went to Tampines Mall...
Got a lot of "Harvest" in Chinese, it's called "shou huo"
Well,for Lunch, we had Jack's place.I ate Student Meal=)
Wat?! there is student meal @ jack's place?!
Well,if u and your friends are looking for a fine dining restaurant to have your lunch, and want to spend less than 10 Bucks...
For $6.50, You get a Coke/Sprite + Main Course + IceCream!
That me and My chicken Culet =)
What i got for myself (Expenses fully subsidized by my mum...)
1 X Long sleeve T shirt
1 X Bermuda
1 X Wallet
3 cheers for my mum =) Thanks =)

*Off to sleep*

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My trip to Vivo.

Alright, after so long, i am finally going to blog about my Vivo Trip!
Did u wait very long?

Well, there are other things to entertain you all ma...Got Disgusting Steven Lim's Video, XiaXue's guide to Photoshop, Got a Fairytale on The Stitch-es, and then got Jayden's Top 10 Dumb things in Blogosphere...Now it's my turn!

ANdyStorm's Trip to Vivo!
Alright, there is really special about this trip. We had Sakae Sushi, AGAIN.
We had to bear the hunger and wait till 3pm for the Buffet! Buffet is quite Worth it. It's like $13.90++ per person. P.S: After GST is about 16 Bucks. You get to eat all you can. All the Colour Plates, EXCEPT for...
Red plates! cos it's like $5.88 per plate...
Hui Xin & Rinn deciding what to eat...
(ANdy: Oi, Stop acting lah, it's buffet leh, take from the belt lah!)
HuiXin with her Cha Soba ME. Her Typical Pose.
Remember the last sakae trip?
We had too much to eat until we had to Say NO!
Alright, Alright, Enough of food...
After shopping around vivo to digest all that food, we decided to go to the Roof to slack.(P.S: Not only to Slack, but to Camwhore too!)
You have seen this photo(above), but i am going to show this again cos i really like this photo! It's now my current HP wallpaper =)
A Portrait for each.Rinn, me and Hui Xin
Hanging our legs out.
Say Cheese =) This is a Self timer Shot.
Alright, Now to the highlight of this Post...
Photographer: Mostly Hui Xin.
We had a mini Photoshot. Trying to Act Cool. The photos will take up a lot of space. So i have put them in another blog. Check them out HERE
Just another one. The photos are Slightly Photoshop-ed. Like the ColouR, the haiR. If i know we would be taking photos like that, i would have dress up better =(
Nevermind, we can go again next time!
Lastly, we ended ouR trip @ Daiso!
It's time to say...
Good bye. Opps, i mean i'll be back with my next post =)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Top 10 dumbest things in blogosphere

I was browsing Jayden's Archive and i found this interesting post of his, i should share it with u all.Presenting...

Top 10 dumb things in blogosphere
in no particular order,

#1. password protected postsin this era, blogging is not your regular cutesy diary with a small lock attached.. you want people to view your oh-so-nice blog, and yet you block posts after posts with passwords..if it's only meant for someone in particular, then msn him/her.. don't expect your blogders to keep asking for your password..

#2. long-nonsensical-blog-address.blogspot.commyblogaddress-is-so-unique-and-iamsocool.blogspot.. personally, i find them VERY lame.. why not type a whole essay for your blog address?

#3. rojak blog interface youtube videos, song list, youtube videos, flickr badge, and MORE youtube videos.. do you even know that all that embedding lags your blog?and seriously, if i want to watch videos, i know how to go

#4. dear bloggie....." i ate 25 grains of rice, drank 2 cups of water and watched tv for 2 hours..."your life very boring lor.. please write something more interesting; dun waste the space in the world wide web with boring stuff you do everyday..

#5. "thank you my loyal readers"your loyal readers includes you yourself in the morning, in the afternoon and at night..stop thinking that alot of people is reading your blog if it's not really like that.. xiaxue addresses to 20,000 eyes daily, yours collect 20,000kg of dust daily..

#6. oxford thesaurus blog"bonjour! yours truly is filled with bliss & gratification to indite yet another sublime entry about thee oh-so woebegone.."(okay seriously i have no idea what i am writting about, but..) MY POINT IS, please lah we all know that rainbow of volcabulary isn't from you.. so stop trying so hard to fill up your blog with words that you don't even know the meaning of..

#7. oh i'm so lousy don't you hate people who keep complaining about themselves? come on! embrace yourself! stop humiliating yourself in your blog to gain some pity votes..

#8. oh i'm so great then again, stop be so arrogant! if you really THAT good, prove it please.. don't keep saying it on your blog but nothing comes out of it..


#10. sorry i've moved haven't been to you friend's blog for a week, and you finally get to the current blog after 10 gazillion pages of "Sorry! I've move to! Please update!"

[End quote]

Opps, I realise i am in Catergory #2 : Long blog address :/ Are you in any catergory?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

They lived happily on my desk...

For eons,I've been feeding these money eating machines, paying for a hope. A hope to catch something - But i never did.

Now that my workplace moved to Downtown East, beside my store is X-scoop. It's something like an arcade, but instead of feeding $ into the machine to play those "action" games, you feed the machine for a chance to grab a soft toy. Sometimes, i would "fake" a toilet trip and head to X scoop, to walk around looking at those soft toys.

For weeks, i have been trying to catch one of these...
The Stitch Grabbing Machine!!! but i never did catch it, spending like 2 bucks a day...Guess i simply had neither the luck oR skill.

Then one day,When i walked into the lockeR room @ work,
Guess what?
On top of the locker was this very stitch that i wanted! I rushed out to the Counter to ask whose was it. Then this new Colleague said she caught it for me. I was so touched.THANKS,SARAH!!! After work. I went to walked around X scoop with my manager and Colleagues, decided to spent my last dollar to try catch a pink stitch.Well, for the first time in my life...
I caught it with my last dollaR.
Now they sit happily on my desk...
The end.