Thursday, July 31, 2008

*Sneak preview*

I realised i haven't been blogging this few days...

As you all know, there is a something going on my blog for the past few days, i won't say i am not affected by it, but i getting used to this type of comments already. Thanks for those supporting me!

Sometimes we can't just please everyone, we can just hope that the majority will agree to what you are doing.

~ I just saw a supporter's blog which address the issue. I am so happy! I won't put the link here in case those hater decide to attack her blog, but if u are my friend, you can ask me over msn for the bloglink to read the post =)

Just an update of what's going on in my life, School's boring... Semester is ending soon, and i did not go to school today =X

Today is BFF's day out! Photos will be edited and presented soon(hopefully!!!), today me, Nurul and Yah see skipped school, went to have Seoul garden, den KTV @ PartyWorld. I'm so freakin' tired already.

So i will just keep this post short and sweet.

So what's up for my next post? Here is a sneak preview!
Alright, that's all for today.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I copied typicalben style of blogging?!

Alright here we go...

*Breathe in deeply*


I was slacking in the lovely afternoon, recuperating from my wisdom tooth surgery, den i receive an sms - "Personal attack on your tagboard".

I was like,"Nah, i am used to it..." Must be some kind of "you suck, you are disgusting" type of tags by those childish people. All i need to do is just delete it.

Then at night, i decided to checkout my blog. and i saw this "pigu: coincidence? well, u use java script to post and with tat geeky specs? err.. doubt so..=.=" and, i don tink u look nice in the geeky specs. typicalben looks nicer. argh. =/"

Before i go on, hey Mr/ms pigu, don't u have a better nick name? You are making a fool out of yourself with that nick, see those tags? Time to change your name =)

Back to the topic, seems like a typical typicalben FAN decided to drop by my blog, and saw my command prompt post and my display pic and was shocked to see the similarity between my post and her idol post.

What i wan to tell ASS(the english translation of his/her nick) is that "If you don't like my blog, you can get lost, there are still others who are willingly to read it and if you think i am copying typicalben style of blogging, go tell him. Ask him to personally tell me to remove it" (although i won't)

I use the command prompt because i find it relevant to the topic that i am writing. Typical ben msn post was random. And about that geek glasses, hey ASS, go bloghop, and go take a stroll at orchard, it's the trend now. Pls update yourself. It's my display pic, not yours.

Why are u still coming back if you don't like my blog? So that you can come back and read those tags about your nick? Aww...time to change isn't it?

*I wonder if ASS is reading this...* Why don't you leave your bloglink so that i can share with my readers? or why don't u create a "ANdyStorm HATE site", i don't mind linking it =)

If you want to reply to my post, you can tag (Opps, i forgot i banned your IP), you can comment at the bottom of this post.

Last note. Special thanks to Ching Na,lov-ethsex,s6uidnh, Ran. And the anonymous Reader for your quote. I find it super true!

"If you're famous, you should get used to people's criticism. Cos only fame, can bring you all that criticism, nothing else."

Although i am not famous.

*Breathe out* ~ Arr...

P.S: I think i should delete this post after awhile. Why should i dedicate this post to such a loser =(

Now i see the reason why more and more people are using haloscan instead of Cbox as tagboard, because of such losers.

Monday, July 28, 2008

What type of posts are the most popular in

Just my little 2 cents about

There are a lot of people visiting for the latest blog post BUT not all of them are members. That explains why you can have 100 people reading your post, but 60 over people reading your post, but only like 10 pongs?'

Because of all the members, only 10 read your post, the other 90 are just visitors. The more members read your post, the higher the chance to get into the top 10 most popular post in the last 24 hours.

From what i see... What type of posts are the most popular in

1) SEX post. Well, sex sells. Like "Sex In The Blogosphere: Wanna Know Who Kenny Sia Slept With? " When you have the word "SEX" + a famous blogger name, your post might be able to hit the top 10...(389 views,74 pongs)

2)Latest news."Dawn Yang in today's newpaper!" News post always pop out in And they are quite popular. Of cos, blogosphere news are even more popular. (208 views, 45 pongs)

3) A post with a good/catchy title."Never ever date a Blogger" You will go like "why?!" and u go on to read the post...(200 views, 58 pongs)

Well,that's all i can think of. Oh if this post manage into get into top 10 popular post, it shows that 4) related post "What type of posts are the most popular in" is quite popular too =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Suddenly, i just feel like blogging like this...

part 1
part 2

Ya, screaming like Calvin in the picture. I think no one will understand how i feel...

Lucky there is this place where i can rant all i want. Which is here. Haix, i could do with some console and encouragement.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Xiaxue hit headlines again!

As usual, every Sunday i will read the Sunday Times and update myself with the latest news. This article really caught my attention. Well, i guess it would catch any blogger's attention. Smack right in the cover page. We have Xiaxue VS Dawn yang.

Guess this is the not the first time Xiaxue hit the headline! This 'cyber war' between Xiaxue and Dawn Yang got to the local headlines! Read the Article HERE.
The Sunday Times calls it the 'Virtual Catfight', Dawn yang wants xiaxue to apologize for defaming her, others see the spat as 'entertainment'. I thought this 'issue' was over after xiaxue removed the article and apologize?
Other bloggers mentioned in the article are Ice angel, Mr Miyagi and the online citizen, Well, the main point of the article is... "remind other bloggers to be careful about any personal accusations they wish to make" and "more bloggers will be more focused on issues and less on people and personality"

Did you manage to read the article?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Won AN IPOD...nano?

I was checking my Hotmail on last Saturday and Sunday, because Nuffnang announced that...

"Winners will be notified by the end of this week!
If you are one of the lucky 3 winners, you will receive an email notification! So do keep a lookout for new emails sent by us

I was hoping that i could win the Ipod touch...But then... Saturday passed...with no email from Nuffnang, Sunday passed...with no email from Nuffnang too. This is when i pat myself on the back and said, "at least i tried..." No regrets.

But then, i was wondering who are the 3 winners of the Ipod touch, their post must be superb interesting and creative.

But then, on Monday afternoon, i received an email, from Apple, titled "Congratulations!", my heart was beating super fast, i was ready to burst. (Yes, i know i am exaggerating, but you want to read on right?) Once again...I was ready to burst,heart still pounding, i clicked on the email...

No lah, Joking. I scanned through the email, reading it over and over again. It was from Nuffnang!!!

I realised i won an Ipod Nano!!! Hey..Wait...Ipod Nano? I thought the prize is suppose to be an Ipod Touch?

Only then, i realised i did not win the ipod touch =( I won the "consolation" prize, an ipod Nano!!! Who0ts!!! At least I won something in return for that few hours spent just to create that post!!! The editting, storyline, putting them altogether.

So now...I am wondering who won the ipod touch...anyway...

p/s: I just found out the other winner of the ipodNano, Jessica!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's happening to today's blogosphere?

The blogosphere used to be a "peaceful" place. and INNIT used to just a forum to share our articles/blog post so that we can get more exposure.

But now, today's blogosphere is not what it used to be. What's with all the Cyber War?

In,we have the "Daphne VS DK".

In Innit, we have bloggers flaming each other, hate post of another blogger, bloggers trying to get their 1 minute of fame by flaming other more-famous bloggers.I have seen a lot of version of xiaxue's famous "top7 most disgusting bloggers", but so far, no one seem to succeed.

Even in random bloghop, we can still see bloggers posting about how much they hate another blogger, dedicating the whole post to the blogger! What's with all this hatred going on...

I even got involved in one of them! Saintiara(don't bother searching, she deleted her blog) blogging a whole long post about me of using a misleading title to attract traffic. Some people just don't understand the post...In the past, if we used a title like this
post, all we could have get a perhaps, a "nice one..." comment.

Not forgetting the MOST famous cyber war recently, which is the Xiaxue VS Dawn yang conflict.

Well, i am not blaming anyone because perhaps one of the main reason is that bloggers are trying to get famous through blogging. There are a lot of people out there like this, i don't deny i am one of them, but you know what famous really means? Well,you should read this

Hopefully things will get better in the future, and not worsen.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cosfest @ DowntownEast

FlashBack...I was working on 5th of July, just like any saturday.Actually i never realise it was Cosfest that day, normally those HUGE event at downtown east are those oldies concerts or family day event.

Until these cosplayers walked past my store, i was like staring at them, WTF!They are so DAMN cool! Although i don't know what anime character they are cosplaying, their costume is really damn nice!

Then these 4 ninja/warrior walked into the store, I was stunned. Looking at my stunned face, they said "ya, we are eating in these", i was like "okay, table for 4?" so i led them to a BIG table, they were like saying how hot it was, so they start ripping off their "claws", wig etc.

Curiosity kills the cat, while taking their orders, i started asking them questions, "erm, is your hair real?", "Is the costume expensive?" blah blah we made friends.

Ya! That's them in the photo,i think they are the "D-grayman" characters. I kinda regret sitting down(they asked me to...), i should have just ask:

"Can i borrow one of your sword so that i can pose like one of you guys?"
, dammit, i will have to wait another year for the next cosfest =(

i sneaked out from work to look for them just to take this photo. Shh...That is the only photo i have for 5th of July...

Reader: What?! That's all for the cosplay post? I've been waiting like...
ANdyStorm: Opps. No lah...There is still 6th of July...

6th of July
, I extended my working time from 5 hours to 9 hours just to get a 1 hour break so that i can go to the cosfest! Big Sacrifice! I could have go home at 5 to sleep, but i chose to stay till 9...Worth it!
That's me, tiara and ______ in the picture! I had to keep pester tiara to accompany me to the cosfest, well, i need a photographer...Anyway, she was excited to come along though. That character is cool isn't it? I think tiara is spoiling the photo...
Nah! This is SO SO SO much better...I AM SERIOUSLY JOKING, tiara! Pls don't kill me at work! I just wanted a shot with the character alone...
Ok, that last photo i have...With the dunno-what-characters also...They look cool anyway, perhaps i should describe them to you? The one on my right is ____, holding the mighty Crooked staff, i think he is super hot in the custome...On my left is a Witch! beside the witch is a...erm...forget it! I dunno how to describe them =(

Actually i got other photos but they are only cosplayers in the photo, NO me, NO tiara, only them, guess u are not interested? But if u really are...You can actually...
There are a lot of blogs/website with full coverage of the event, you may even spot the MIGHTY gundam, Superhero IRONMAN or the blogger, ANdyStorm in the photos!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Spot the difference!

As for today's post...Let's play a game! Let's play a little "Spot the difference"!

Ready? 3... 2...1 Start!

Original Photo.

Spot the difference!

Perhaps the photo is abit too difficult as different monitors will have different lighting...

Try this instead!
Now u should be able to spot the difference right? Yes, it's my eyes! Didn't realise? Scroll up again... I was exploring with Photoshop CS3, and i was wondering what will i look like with colour contacts. So presto! Photoshop does all everything =)

Btw, I was having my test yesterday,and halfway through the test, my eye was itchy so i rub abit, suddenly one side of my eye blur-ed. I was like, "What the hell?!", so i felt for my eye and realise my contacts wasn't there, it dropped =(

So I placed it nicely on my keyboard and continued with the test with one clear eye -______-

P/s: Thanks more the many comments for the last post =)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Monkey Emoticons!

Alright, off schedule again...

ANdyStorm, ANdyStorm, when are u going to post the cosfest photos...

I swear upon the life of my monkey emoticons that i will post the cosfest photos tomorrow, or else they will all die!!!

Monkey emoticons?! Yup, do u see all these monkey emoticons roaming around in the MSN world? Always wanted to keep the whole collection of them. Well, i wanted, so i googled...
All thanks to Nurul, i managed to find out the name of the monkey, and Presto! Result came this website! There is a whole lot of them!
Really, a whole lot of them! Checkout the website =)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Xiaxue's nightmare!

I wanted to blog about something else today, but i got to show u all this video of Steven lim and Xiaxue!!! I was practically laughing out loud!!! Luckily there's no one at home...

Xiaxue's Nightmare Date!!! LOL! It's so freaking funny!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Blogging as usual...

Hi peeps, I'm currently blogging on my new ACER desktop! Who0ts! a 19 inch LCD screen with a teeny weeny CPU (compared to my previous one) and high speed 8mbps internet! Actually i kinda hate my screen cos it's so huge that it's straining my eyes, the key board is so long that i keep typing the wrong thing =(

Decided to skip school tomorrow cos it's JAVA class! (with my mum's permission) cos me and my mum are going shopping. Wanted to cut hair @ Tony & guy but when i called to book an appointment, the earliest time slot avaliable is like next week?! So postpone to next week lor...

Thanks for many nice and not-so-nice comments on my Apple post.I see that a lot of people are expecting more from me...But with that little time...and Yes, there is major photoshopping done on those photos. Wanna know a little small teeny weeny secret about the post?...dun tell anyone else ok? The ipod nano on the second photo is FAKE! Did u realise?
Photobucket Photobucket
The apple in Picture 1 is real, the ipod in Picture 2 is fake. Posing 2 same shot with different things in hand is higher level, so i decided to photoshop it. For this post, i risk the life of my ipod earpiece by poking it into the apple! So shhh...dun tell anyone that the ipod is fake...(The ipod in the rest of the photos are real though...) Pray for me that i win the ipod touch =)

Well, guess what's IN for my next post? Here is a sneak preview:
That's all i have for today!

P.S: I am "crowned" hottest blogger of the taqinah's Princess blog awards! LOL!

Friday, July 4, 2008

I Love My Apple!

Nuffnang: I Love My Apple Contest!

Friend: Hey ANdyStorm! Nuffnang is organizing this "I Love My Apple" contest! All you need to do is blog about your favourite apple and you got a chance to win a Ipod Touch!!!

Really?! I must join!!!


Why i love my apple? Like the proverb says, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" Compared to other fruits and vegetables, apples contain relatively low amounts of Vitamin C as well as a several of other antioxidant compounds..

The fiber content, while less than in most other fruits, helps regulate bowel movements and may thus reduce the risk of colon cancer.

They may also help with heart disease, weight loss and controlling cholesterol as they do not have any cholesterol, have fiber, which reduces cholesterol by preventing reabsorption, and are bulky for their caloric content like most fruits and vegetables blah blah blah...

Friend: Oi, Wrong apple lah!!! Supposed to blog about your favourite Apple product...Like Ipod, Macbook etc...

: Har?! Ai yo...Restart!


Before i go on saying why i love my Ipod Nano. Just wanna ask you all a few questions. Don't you just hate it when at the last minute, your friend sms u "Sorry, i will be late =( " ? Which leaves you nothing to do but wait, wait and WAIT ?


AND do you feel bored when u are in a SUPER long queue waiting for the bus/ MRT / Taxi to come?


Well, my answer for both questions is YES! Well, here comes the saviour! My most realiable MP3 player till date...

*DrumRoll Pls*


My Reliable Ipod Nano First Gen! *Applause* And why do i love it? Here are some GOOD reasons:


The thing that attract me into buying this Apple product is not the Amazing sound quality, not the 6.9mm super ultra thin frame, but... It's the amazing touch scroll wheel!!!

Can you find me another MP3 player that has a touch scroll wheel? Dun mention Creative players cos their's is scroll up and down, not round and round like this:


Cool isn't it? All ipod user will say the same thing =) Last but not least, I would say that My Ipod Nano is NOT only a music player BUT a fashion accesory too!

I even use the Reflective back for a mirror to check my hairstyle!


After saying so much, Don't all Ipod user love their ipods more? Don't those non-ipod user tempted to buy their very first ipod?

Well, i think it's time to upgrade my ipod nano for something cooler (like the ipod touch?) Well, checkout the online store,
ishop for the latest Apple Products.

Lastly, i just got something to say...


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dawn VS Xiaxue.


Did not get to read Xiaxue's post on Dawn Yang?
What to know what she wrote that caused this "Cyber War" between 2 famous blogger?

Well, someone actually create a blog with Print-screen of the whole post Xiaxue wrote. So if you wanna read the post, you can checkout

Anyone realised that i removed Dawn Yang's Link from my blog ages ago? I link the blogs that i read so that i have quick access to it, i used to link Dawn Yang's blog, but after awhile, i feel that her website/blog or should i call it photo album is not even a proper BLOG.

Lots and lots of photos and little words. The words is just like "captions" for the photos. I admit that those end products of the photoshoots/camwhore is really nice, but it defeats the purpose of a blog where we write about our life, and things happening around us...

I did not bring this up as i feel that no one would be interested, but now Xiaxue brought it up, it's time to share my thoughts as well.

The truth is that Xiaxue does not like Dawnyang. Doesn't look like right? Read her latest