Monday, September 29, 2008

Win Air tickets through blogging!


Ever thought of...
Going to Bangkok for a Shopping Spree?
Chilling at the beaches of Phuket?
Checkout the astounding history of Ho Chi Minh City?

Now is the chance to WIN a free return ticket for 2 to ANY DESTINATIONS that Tiger Airways fly to! is running a
"Share Your Holiday" blogging contest for Tiger airways. All you have to do is write a blog entry about your most memorable holiday at your own blog and ping

Your holiday can be a real experience, or it can be fictional, it's up to you. It can be a text blog, an audio blog or vlog, it's up to you.

Tiger Airways is currently celebrating its 4th anniversary by having a special birthday fares starting from S$0.04 to various destinations.

Tiger Airways is Asia Pacific's true low fare airline. It offers passengers not only one of the lowest possible airfares in the market, but safe, reliable and convenient point-to-point air travel as well. Tiger Airways now flies to more than 27 destinations across 9 countries in Asia-Pacific on a fleet of brand new Airbus A320 aircraft.

So what are u waiting for? Start thinking of what to blog and submit you entries soon!!! No blog? Well,Create one! OR

Checkout the Tiger Airways website for fantastic rates!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

We have a winner!

I announce... I WON AN SAMSUNG OMNIA PHONE!!! I am one of the 3 winners who won the Samsung Omnia Blog Contest, and another winner is my Best Blogger Buddy, Simply-Shawn!
Some of you or should i say MOST of you already know that i won the phone, cos i have been dropping little hints here and there... On my MSN nick, my plurk etc...

So this post is mainly my trip to collect the Samsung Omnia that cost a whooping 1043 Bucks! My most expensive prize won through blogging so far =)
Decided to take photos while waiting for the person to attend to us...That's me & my BBB(Best.Blogger.Buddy/Bestie or whatever) on the 10th floor of the International Building waiting!!!
We have to sign this form to sell ourself to Samsung, opps! I mean to verify that "I am ANdyStorm" and "He is Simply-shawn", and to accept the prize. Something like that...

The person was like joking to us...

"This phone is worth a thousand dollars, if you don't want, can give me *Smile brightly*"

I was like giving him the "FAT HOPE" look =) Nah, i am not that mean =X
At last, the moment have arrived! Time to checkout our new phones! We broke the seal and check the "insides" of the box, revealing the sleek Omnia phone.
Of course i must be grateful to Samsung for choosing me/my post as one of the winners, so the above photos is dedicated to Samsung!

If you haven't read my OMNIA post before, you should really check it out HERE, i spent a lot of effort coming up with the post!

Lastly, presenting you the OMNIA bloggers.

Pls stop asking me why Shawn is always appearing on my blog!!! I got readers PM-ing asking, people saying. All i can say that he is my BEST Blogger Buddy! The best buddy a blogger can have =)

Hey Shawn, feeling touched? LOL!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nuffnang Babylon A.D movie event!

I seriously should blog about the Nuffnang Babylon A.D movie event. It has been like 2 weeks? I realised almost all my post are delayed! BAM! I still have like 4 "planned" post + Advertorials to do!

The event was actually held on the...(wait, i check the tickets) 9th of september, on a school day. So i actually meetup Rinn, shawn and Ryan after school, so that we can go orchard together =)

We reached Orchard quite early, so we decided to have dinner @ Taka. Eat, chat, Shawn and Me was checking out our new phones (some of you might know which model), until bout ____ pm den we headed to Shaw Lido.
A snapshot of the tickets and My 2nd I Love Nuffnang badge! All thanks to Nuffnang, i always get to catch the latest movies before anyone else!!! The tickets are all premiere tickets, like 1 or 2 weeks before the movie is actually screened islandwide!?
A group photo before we entered the Cinema =) Said hello to all the Nuffies at the Counter where Ming introduced to me and shawn the latest Nuffie , Raine =)
Actually the movie is not that bad like said in those reviews that i read online. The storyline is quite ok, it's action-packed. But the ending is... I also dunno how to say, but you might have a lot of questions after watching the show.

If i were to rate the movie...I would rate it...
3 out of 5 Popcorns.
To end the event, we took a Nuffnanger Group photo! Are u in the photo? This photo is clickable, so you can right click open and save it to keep =)
Lastly a typical shot with Ming and my Best Blogger Buddy, SimplyShawn! I'm looking forward to the next Nuffnang event =)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Guess what?!

~ Yes, i promised to blog about the Babylon Nuffnang event, but i would help myself from sharing something with you all! I PROMISED i will blog about it tomorrow! I PROMISE!

I was carrying these 3 big bags around today...
One contain the Hoodies i collected from my supplier, one contain newspaper and my favourite, Coke light...The HUGE blue one contain...


Slowly guess... I will reveal it soon =) Or perhaps someone might just guessed it. I am currently learning how to play Avril Lavigne - "When you're gone" on PIANO!!!

From a scratch.
I have never learn how to play, luckily there is people like Ryan and Rinn to teach me. I hope i can master it!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm alright...


Yup, the whole post is gone. I never even save a copy. I just deleted the whole thing. If you did not manage to read the post, too bad.

I've got to say, Wow! That's really a lot of tags! I have to scroll down and go to older messages to read all your tags. Be it, you are my friend/reader/passerby/anonymous, i would like to say Thank you,from the bottom of my heart.

I realised that there are also others out there who feels the same as me. Well, what can we do?
We can hope for a better tomorrow.

Check this out! I have even gotten myself a little star tattoo done on my wrist to remind myself to stay happy everyday! The meaning is... Tomorrow will be a better/Brighter day =)

What u all readers can look forward now, is lots and lots of blog posts! I have so many delayed post! Once again, Thanks for being there when i need u all most.

P/s: I was joking about the star. I drew it on with a marker.
(Although i really thought of getting a REAL one.)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Avril Lavigne: Best Damn Tour

*Sings* ~ Hey Hey, you you, I don't like your girlfriend, No way No way, I think you need a new one...

Yes! I went to Avril Lavigne Best Damn Tour Concert!

All thanks to ClaireChing who got an extra ticket and decided to invite me to go catch this superb concert! I have never been a concert at the S'pore Indoor stadium! It's my first time there!

Let me tell you...The atmosphere is super high lah!

The concert stated that it starts at 8pm. We arrived at Kallang MRT station at about 7.45pm, wait for the Stupid Bus 11 but it never came, and we decided to cab down to the indoor stadium.

Upon reaching, we were guided to our seats.Our seats was re-located, and I feel that our seats is the best place in the whole indoor stadium lah! We were facing the stage.

It's was 8pm, and the concert is still not starting... So we decided to take photos!!! Yup, that's me and Claire in the photo above. Since the show is like not starting, we roam around and took photos... GIANT HEADPHONES!!!

In our "Goodie bag packet" was a lightstick and a lanyard (first photo), so we started lighting up our lightstick..

Mine was Red!!! Actually different sections of the stadium was given different colour lightstick. To create the "effect", Since the lightstick comes with a string.

Everyone like the guy is front of me was...

Spinning the lightstick, creating a "fan effect", i wonder what if the lightstick break off the string and hit the person beside /infront /behind you...Hmm...

Finally @ 9pm, the concert officially starts! ( I did not type wrongly, it really starts at 9 instead of the stated 8pm...)

Everyone was high! Swaying their lightsticks from right to left when Avril lavigne was...

~ "Hey Hey, You You, I don't like your Girlfriend, No way, No way, i think you need a new one!" *Electric guitar jamming* and she continue singing... She can dance, she can do somersaults, she can play the piano!

Everyone was super high throughout the whole concert! Singing along... I love it when she played the piano to the song ~When you're gone... It was so nice!!!

However, everything was over in 90 mins. One and a half hour =( I haven't enjoy myself enough...and everything was over...

Outside the stadium, there are people selling laminated Avril Lavigne: Best damn tour postcard with a lanyard. The "unofficial" one, another meaning? Hand-made.

One cost 5 bucks, But we manage to get 2 for $5, how? I diverted the uncle's attention, and Claire took one, i took one and we left!


Monday, September 8, 2008

Newly opened blogshop!

Nope, this is not an advertorial!
This is my Newly opened blogshop! Currently selling Cartoon Hoodies! Do support me!!! Visit the site NOW!

Checkout the website for more designs!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Trip to Nuffnang Office!

As some of you might have know from this POST,I have won an Ipod Nano thru the Nuffnang Apple contest! So finally after so long, i went to collect it at the Nuffnang Office with SimplyShawn.

Nuffnang is located at 33 Kinta Road. Somewhere near the Farrer Park station. As we have no idea where Nuffnang is located, we have to depend on the Map.
Well, the office does not really look like what we expected but Boss Ming explained that that's the temporary office and they will be moving to the new building opposite =)

When we Reached, We were told the prize is in Ming's Car, and he was not driving his car today! He was driving his Gf's card!


He drove us to his house where the prize is. When we reached, we were like "OMg!" Why that reaction? It's because... Opps! He says "No blogging about my house ar..." Okay...Haha, only me and Shawn shall know why =)

After which, he drove us to Holland Village for Lunch.

That's the photo we took outside the restaurant. He treated us to lunch. The bowl of noodles cost like average 10 Bucks each?! From now on, i shall call him "Generous Ming", LOL =)

That's Happy us with our prizes =) Shawn won the Ipod touch!!! and i got myself a Silver Ipod Nano =)

And to end this post...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Babylon A.D

Nope, i am not doing a review on the movie
I might do it if i manage to catch the movie!
It's the Babylon A.D!
Before i go on, you should watch the trailer...

So what do you think about the movie? To me, this Thriller/Action is one show you must catch this season!
After reading the synopsis, i just got to say, what a "package" =X Vin Diesel is the star of this movie, if you like his previous movies such as XXX, you should like this movie.

To find out more than this movie
, visit their official website HERE. How can i miss such an exciting movie!

So Nuffnang, can i have the tickets pls...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Xiaxue impersonate DawnYang! LOL!

Yes... I know i haven't been updating a lot, school's reopening in 2 days time, from Thursday onwards, i will be facing the laptop 8 hours a day, you get what i mean?...and

Yes, i saw the tags on my tagboard.

I got nothing to say to them,I got no idea why they are coming back even though they dun like me/my blog... and perhaps they are the reason why more and more people are using haloscan as their tagboard instead of Cbox.

Just wanna share this 2 videos with you all. Saw it from ClaireChing's blog and i tot of sharing it with you all. It's freakin' funny! I watched Dawnyang's once, and Xiaxue's one over and over again! It's freakin' hilarious!

Dawn yang Original version.

So now are you all ready for Xiaxue's version?

The way Xiaxue act chio is freakin' funny lah! See her flaunt her hair! and look at her eyes!!! LOL!!!

I got a lot of things to update! I went for an Ice cream Buffet today! Can't wait to post it!