Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Ok, in case i didn't reach home on time because i decided to countdown outside instead of staying at home to finish my advert and do a proper end-of-year blog post. Just wanna wish you guys...

HAPPY 2010!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Review: LG GW620

This could be my last and final post about my LG GW620! After using the phone for almost 3 weeks, here is my final HONEST verdict of this marvelous phone!

You can totally see what i think from the smile on my face! AHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Ok, serious business now. I'm going to act like some geeky gadget blogger from the US! MUAHAHA! Okok. SERIOUS. (I wonder if you guys take me seriously lor!)

Actually i got a lot of things to say about this phone and it can go on and on and you guys will get bored reading it. Why don't i just...


Ta-dah! The LG GW620 gets a 5 out of 5 Super Mario stars from me! The end.

AHHAHAHAHAHA! Ok, i should seriously stop playing. Here's what i really got to say about the phone :D I will start with the design.

I'm going to be totally bias about the design because I really love phones with slide out Qwerty keypad. This makes typing smses SO MUCH easier and faster.

Being a blogger, I'm used to spending half my time infront of the laptop and typing non-stop. Having a qwerty keypad on my phone makes me feel comfortable typing. Especially a 5 liner keypad which this LG GW620 has. It's just like my actual laptop.

Of course, if you are used to using a touch screen phone, there is a touch screen keypad too. But what's the use of getting a phone with a physical qwerty keypad when all you want is to touch the screen? Kinda defeats the purpose right? -__-

At the top of the phone, other than the on-off/ lock button, you will see a 3.5mm jack that enables you to plug in your own earpiece. I really appreciate phones that allows you to use your own earpiece instead of their default bulky handsfree.

Next up would be the interface. If having one main screen is not enough for you, this LG GW620 has 3. I repeat, 3 main screens for you to put your icons. All you have to do is scroll the main screen left or right to access the other screen.

So instead of going to the menu, you just just place your favourite icon on either one of the 3 main screen for easy access. Talking about menu...

This LG GW620 has 2 different type of menu interface. If you are a LG user or would like something simple and your icons to be sorted out nicely, the LG home menu would be more suitable. But if you are more comfortable with the android menu...

You can choose the Android menu too. Once again, it's all about customization.

Remember how you always have to delete your sms to make space for more OR how you have to look through the whole list just to find what your friend has replied you in the morning? This phone has threaded sms which saves all your sms like a chat log, sorted by name. Isn't it so much neater and convenient?

This phone boast a 5 Megapixel auto focus camera which is amazingly clear compared to other similar phones in the market. There is also a LED flash (which you don't really need because photos still look good even in the dark!) Other features include geo tagging, Face detection, Image stabilizer, beauty shot etc.

Even if the photo turns out to be abit off-colour, there is this AMAZING photo editing function. (Note the word - Amazing) It's like having a mini photoshop on your phone! The AUTO function is more than enough to make your photo "shine" :D

See the difference! The photo on the left is taken from the camera raw, and the one on the right is after using the "auto" editing function! Doesn't the mango dessert look more appetizing? I always use this function to enhance my photos!

The LG GW620 has it's own integrated Social Network Service (SNS) It means you don't have to install twitter or facebook as it's already inside! In fact, you can go to your friend's profile through their phone contact! The updates are REAL TIME! :D

Another unique feature would be the Face tagging. It's just like facebook where you can tag a person's face and it will link to their profile. (In this case, contacts!) All you have to do is just tag a person once, and it can identify the same face in other photos! If you want to call someone, just press on his face in the photo :D

The browser loads exactly like what you see on your computer. The Android OS and Google browser provide one of the fastest web connections. You can also upload pictures and videos in seconds, and stream movies without lag!

This phone is LG's first android phone. There is this android market which holds thousands of applications for you to download and customize your phone. A simple analogy would be this phone is an empty pail, and you fill it with what you need. It's just like the iPhone application store. For me, I install MSN, twitter and games!

Android is acquired by Google, so there is like Google apps such as Youtube where you can view youtube videos on the go! (Plus you can plug in your own earpiece!)

Other Google app would be the Google Map! It's REALLY useful when you need to find the location of a place! However there are limitations to it. You need to be connected through data usage or WIFI for it to work, other than that. It's perfect.

Battery life is consider good. Claire's LG can last her for 2 and a half days with normal usage and frequent use of WIFI and data. However mine last for only 1 day due to my constant usage of my data plan to watch videos and go online.

Watch this cute introduction video of the LG GW620! (Damn cute can!)

Having said so much about the phone. Here's my final verdict.
Disclaimer: I'm not raving about the phone because I'm paid to advertise for this phone, but i'm saying this because this phone is one of the best phone that i have ever use. I bet the other 5 bloggers would agree with me.
My verdict: This phone is practical, and user friendly. Love the combination of a touch screen and Qwerty keypad. It has everything for someone like me. Perfect with a data plan. Battery life may seem abit short, but at least it last for a day.

If I have to rate it out of 5 stars,

I would still give it 5 out of 5 Super Mario stars :D

Friday, December 25, 2009

4 task to complete with LG GW620!

Ok, if you are a loyal readers of mine, you should know that I followed Clicknetwork for the filming of an episode of Chick Vs Dick. (Note the keyword - followed) We didn't exactly appear in the episode, it was more of "Behind the scenes" -__-

Nevertheless, it was quite an experience. So as mentioned in my post (Click HERE to read it!), I have set 4 task to complete that day! So here's a short vlog i did before heading out of the house! (Did alot of takes!) Enjoy! :D

Ya, i know. It's abit retarded. But whatever~ So basically I have 4 task to accomplish, so here's how i use my phone, which is the LG GW620 to help me!

I'm always late, so this time i shall try to be on time! Meeting time is 2.45pm at Orchard Emerald, so I have to estimate what time i should leave the house...

This phone is LG's first android phone, and there is the android market with thousands of different application for you to download! One of the most useful application would be SG buses which allows you to check when your bus is coming!

Surprisingly, it's VERY accurate. I wonder how they do it. So, i have 16 mins to prepare before the bus comes! and YES! I was not late! In fact, i was early!!!!

Meeting place is at Orchard Emerald, which I don't really know where it is. I heard of Orchard Ion, Orchard cineleisure, Orchard Central but Orchard Emerald???

Android is acquired by Google so there are google applications such as Google mail, Google talk, Youtube etc. But what's really useful is the Google Map! All i have to do is type in the name of the place, and the phone will use it's GPS to locate it :D

Meeting place last minute-ly changed to Somerset 313! Task 2 complete!

One of the main reason we are there during the filming would be to live tweet so that our followers and Clicknetwork followers will get a "live" broadcast of what's happening! I can either use the phone's SNS or Twidriod to tweet and twitpic!

For this episode of Chick VS Dick, Paul and Kaykay have to use the LG GW620 phone to help them to solve their clue to find places in Orchard Road! So while taking pictures of them, I twitpic-ed them too! Here's what i tweet:

Task 3 completed!

This is considered quite an easy task as i think Kaykay wouldn't be that unfriendly to reject a person's request right! (I asked her once at Supperclub before!) :D

Tadah! Task 4 completed. Using my phone's 5 megapixel, the photo is super clear!

*throw confetti*

What is this all about?!

Okay, you guys should know that this LG post is gonna come sooner or later right? If you are feeling lost after reading the previous sentence. Kindly click HERE, HERE or HERE (The links are the same btw) to read what is this LG thing is all about!

Well, I find that a "technical" review would be too boring, and I'm not a gadget-y blogger, so it's gonna sound weird if i go like, "This phone has a TFT resistive touchscreen, 3G HSDPA 7.2mbps blah blah blah" It all sound like alien language.

So how bout doing it my way? I'm sure it's gonna be oh so entertaining (:


ANdyStorm always wanted a sidekick phone. (If you don't know what's a sidekick phone, kindly google-image it -__-) Continue. As science lessons was super duper ultra boring, he decided to search on the Sidekicks available in Singapore (:

To his surprise, there are quite a no. of sidekick phones in singapore! There is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, The Google G1, The LG Prada and many more! Well, he was quite tired and since the lesson was damn boring, he soon fall asleep...

Suddenly, something pop out of his laptop screen and nudge him awake!

After the constant nudging from the weird looking character, ANdyStorm finally woke up and couldn't believe his eyes. How can something pop out of his screen?!
"Hi, My name is QWERTY. Looking for a Sidekick phone? I'm the 5-line qwerty keypad that gives you the freedom and comfort just like your PC keyboard. Try it out, it's gonna be so much easier than any other QWERTY keypad!"
Then suddenly, a butterfly literally flew out from his screen. (Kena shock again!)

Hi, I'm known as the Social Butterfly aka SNS manager! I allow you to go straight to your friends' social networking profiles from your contact list. Real time SNS updates ensure that you stay connected even on the move.
This time, ANdy is smart enough to look at his screen to see something pop out of his screen. But instead, another character pop out from behind his laptop. FML

I'm the Auto face tagging bird! Tag a friend's photo and I'll automatically recognizes their face. The Face to action means you can call, SMS, MMS, or join your friend's social networking site simply by touching their face in a picture!
Wow. ANdy was quite surprised with what his 3 new "friends" has to offer. It all seems too good to be true. What is their main motive of telling him all these?

More "friends" will be appearing soon! Stay tuned! (:

They say they have more friends to introduce to me -__- When is this gonna ever end. (Anyway he's used to things popping out from his screen le) So one by one, they started introducing themselves...

First up, we have one super enthu wierd looking one-eyed "thing"!

Hi, I'm the 5 Megapixel auto focus camera with LED flash! Hold it there, I can detect your face with my face detection! Should i use the beauty shot on you?

I'm the browser! The Android OS and Google browser provide one of the fastest web connections. You can also upload pictures and videos in seconds, and stream movies without lag! May i know what are you looking for?

I'm in a rush! There is lots of document to be viewed! Oh, pardon me. Let me introduce myself, I'm the Document viewer! I can read Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF! Which one do you want to view?

Need to go somewhere? Need help to find a place? I'm GPS aka Global Positioning System. Just tell me where you wanna go, and I will search out the place for you, in fact, i can lead you to your destination!

*Pant Pant* I'm the Real time push mail! You don't need to visit your mail box every time to check whether you got mail or not. Real-time push email alerts you instantly of new mail delivery. *Wipe sweat*
ANdyStorm: "Wow. Each and everyone of you have a special function which is exactly what people need in a phone! So what's your main motive of coming?"

Wait! Wait! Wait! Where have all of them disappeared to?!

What's that irritating knocking sound?

The facilitator found out that ANdy has fallen asleep!

ANdy realised he has been dreaming about the whole "character-popping-out-of-screen" thing all the while. What a weird dream... Hmmm... Wait, what if there is really such a LG GW620 phone? (Btw did you spot something?)

There is really such a phone!
It will be out in Singapore in early Jan 2010! But thanks to LG...

I'm one of the 6 lucky person that is using it in Singapore!


Alright, that's all! Hope you enjoyed the 3-part lame story that I created. At least it let you have an overview of what this phone is all about right? (: