Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Chinese Niu Year!

Feeling bored, I decided to bloghop, right clicking on every blog link I have on my sidebar and I realized everyone is blogging about their Chinese New Year!

AND I realised I did not take a lot of photos during CNY! So maybe I will just share a few photos with you all...

As usual, I went to Chinatown (You can read about last year's CNY post HERE) Honestly, I don't get the CNY 'feel' this year, I wasn't looking forward to it like any other years. I just don't know why... Maybe it's too early?

Back to the Chinatown topic, So went chinatown to walk around, look at what they have there, but you know what is the thing they have most at chinatown?

Humans. It was so freakin' crowded. Everyone was like squeezing lor!!! Everywhere you go, there will be a crowd! But I guess it's common. So no complains... So at night, Counted down to the New Year...

Then, the next day, it's time to go visiting and collect Ang pows!

My mum and I was like wearing matching Tees. This year she wore Purple contacts! How cool can my mum get?! Red is the colour of CNY, Black is my lucky colour of the year, So HUAT ar! Indeed I won a bit at Blackjack. Enough to cover my next day expenses, Haha!

Next day, Instead of going visiting (all my relatives were at my house), I decided to go out with Huixin to catch Wedding Game!

I would say it was quite a nice show, although it has a typical storyline whereby 2 celebrities get together to fake a relationship to boost their popularity to earn more $$, after being exposed, they go on separate ways but in the end still end up together. Full-stop. Typical?

But overall, it's still a nice show to catch (:

That's all for my CNY post! Checkout my Background, Wahaha! I gonna change it back soon lah! Don't complain!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Niu Year Mood

So what did you do yesterday/ today?

Collected a lot of Ang pows? Won a lot of money?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese Niu Year!

Everyone is going visiting, I wonder who is at home reading blogs today, But nevertheless...

ANdyStorm wishes you a Happy Chinese Niu Year!

Get lots of Ang pow! Win in BlackJack! Huat ar!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Love Matters Gala premiere

Special Thanks to, I got myself 2 tickets to the Gala Premiere of Jack Neo's Latest Movie, Love matters! It was held at Vivocity, and it was a Red carpet event, we get to meet the cast, director and celebrities in person! *Expecting lots of celebrities!*

Rinn and I took the train all the way to Vivo after school. And collected our tickets at the Omy booth at about 7.50pm. There was quite a lot of people there already!

The event starts at 8pm, so we mingle around to try spot familiar bloggers/ celebrities but only managed to spot one of Mediacorp artiste, Huang Biren. Soon everyone crowd around the red carpet, waiting patiently for the celebrities to arrive.

Those who did not manage to get a good spot beside the Red carpet opt to crowd infront of the stage, where the celebrities who arrive will be interviewed by the MC (I and Rinn managed to get nice spot beside the Red carpet!) Just see the photo below!

YUE NIANG! Although she is not acting in the movie, she got the loudest cheer when she walk down the red carpet. She is so pretty in real life!! Other celebrities were Laozharbor,Jack Neo ++

When the last celebrity(s) arrived, the whole cast gathered on the stage, Everyone whipped out their camera, be it their HP camera, or DSLR or in my case, DigiCam, Everyone was snapping away trying to get a good shot. *Blinded by the flash(s)*

One last photo of the cast before entering the Cinema.

After which, everyone queued up to enter the cinema. It was free seating. Then the main cast of the movie went theatre after theatre to send their early Chinese New year greetings :)

"Love Matters" is a movie revolving around three main protagonists - 52-year-old Tan Bo Seng, his 17-year-old teenage son Benny and... (No point, copying and pasting the whole chunk here, so you might want to read it HERE !)

Review: I would say the movie is quite nice, and the jokes & Conversation are really funny. But there are some serious parts, like facing the consequences of something that you have done. Btw, the Movie is rated NC16, so expect some dirty jokes! Haha!

This Movie get 4 out of 5 Popcorn!

Ending this post with me and my partner for the day,

Rinn and Me :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Have you got your CNY clothes?

By now, I am quite used to writing Advert. But writing advertorial for a all-girls-apparels-blogshop is one Challenging task!

Chinese New Year is coming! Have you got your clothings yet?

I will be introducing a few blogshops where you can get your apparels! (Not only for Chinese new year!)

First up would be KittyStar! Before I actually accept advertorials, I actually look through the blogshop to see the things they are selling, whether it would appeal to people. And KittyStar has a range of cool apparels for girls! (Pss..The model is the shop owner herself! okay, that's random :X)

Do checkout their latest collection! All items are instock, and the price comes with FREE normal postage. Registered Mail is only additional $2 flat rate. You should be able to get your item within 3 working days (Just in time for Chinese New Year!)

So what are you waiting for?

With your pretty Apparels, You will need pretty accessories! Kittystar is also selling bracelet, their sales for bracelet is so good that they are taking orders for Batch 14! Which means it's really popular! I think the bracelet below is really nice.

Compared to other blogshops, Kittystar are selling it cheaper! Their own thick single link double wrap bracelet is really nice. Classy and Unique. Black and Gold really match.

Alright, Guys should be bored by now, So meanwhile Checkout their Vintage Cameras! They have a HUGE range of Vintage Cameras to choose from! It's really unique!

Ranging from 2 lens Camera to Unique Fish eyed lens to Mini Baby cameras! We are spoilt for choice, isn't it?! If I have the money, I would definitely buy one for myself...

Alright, do drop by Kittystar to checkout their item! There is bound to be sometime that appeal to you!

~ More blogshops coming up soon!

If you would like me to advertise for your blogshop, email me at for rates and enquiries :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

A piece of ANdy's Room

Here's a little intro of myself! My name is ANdy, better known as ANdyStorm in the Blogosphere! I blog at! I'm more of a lifestyle blogger as i blog about anything under the sun :D

*Searching for a HUGE photo of myself*

Yup, that's me in the photo above!

This is gonna be my 1st attempt at blogging fashion, so pardon me if i say anything wrong. (Nah, i don't really care what you think actually =P)

Being a blogger, people go to your blog not only to read what you have to write, but also to look at your photos. This is when they notice what you are wearing. Just like when you are on the street, some people notice what you wear.

I wrote a winning fashion entry on "Do Singaporean dress badly?", you might want to read it HERE. It's one of my best post so don't miss it *wink*

Alright, shall end my introduction post here. Really excited to be part of the SauceInk team! Get ready to read what i've to say about Fashion :D

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I like because....

I like because it's my one stop entertainment center, i mean website for the latest entertainment news!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just Acia @ Downtown East

I went to print my namecard today! I finally managed to finalize my design after so long. I will be revealing the design soon, and the 5 lucky readers who got chosen! It takes about 4 to 5 days for the cards to be ready.

So meanwhile, share with you all this place :)

Felt like blogging but dunno what to blog, so I looked through my photobucket account to see if I have any delayed photos that I did not blog about... And I found these photos! Supposed to be blogged like last year?!

Rinn, Hui Xin and I wanted to have dinner but can't decide where to eat, so I suggested the newly opened (not so newly opened now) Just Acia @ Downtown East. I was mainly attracted by it's Set meals with FREE flow of drink and FREE flow of Ice cream!

Ordering style is like Cafe cartel whereby we self-order by filling up a form, after which we were given an empty cup and bowl. For us to get our drinks and ice cream!

That's Rinn and Me with our set meals.

All 3 of us ordered the Chicken Set, I forgot how much it cost but it's quite worth it because we only pay one price for a set meal, which comes with the main dish, a bowl of rice, miso soup and some kimchi, not forgetting the FREE flow of drinks and Ice cream! (Always emphasizing the FREE flow =X)

Since it's FREE flow of drinks and ice cream, the first thing I thought of was Coke float! Just like everytime when I go to Seoul Garden! Do you do the same?

Some "Artistic" shots with the food and us :)

The food is really not bad, as you can see from the photo above :) I swear I finished EVERYTHING except for the kimchi (cos I don't take spicy) and the miso soup (I don't like the taste of Miso soup). Alright, not EVERYTHING afterall.

Here comes the BEST part! The FREE flow of Ice Cream! Aren't you irritated by the "FREE flow" thing by now? =X

There were 6 flavors for us to choose from! Look at our happy faces! We were so damn full after eating the Ice cream. For less than 10 bucks(depending on which set meal you order), we get a main course, a drink and dessert, I think it's super worth it!

Other than downtown east, there is another outlet at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station :)

Chinese New Year is coming! I have been pampering myself recently! Yesterday bought a pair of Slippers, today bought 2 bagpacks, got a new hair colour (I swear I look like some Ah beng now!), sent my namecard for printing ++ Have you bought your New year stuff yet?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Guess what came in the mail?

Sponsored Advertorial

It's not everyday I get to receive mail, I mean Snail Mail, not Email (I receive tons of emails everyday!). So when I got this mail, I was really excited.

It was addressed to ANdyStorm, which means it was for me!

You know nowadays blogshops out there basically sells mostly apparels, but this blogshop is selling handmade stuffs! In the letter is 2 of these Handmade Wire names.

Isn't it uniquely done? These things makes perfect gifts!

I got the letter quite a while ago, but didn't have time to do an advertorial for it. Ever since I got one of these wire names, I have been hanging it with my OMNIA, which is like a perfect accessory for it!

It caught people's attention, people were asking where I got it...

So basically, It's from a blogshop called "Handicrafti", everything in the blogshop is handmade. But the focus would be on the Wire name, there is a huge range of vibrant colours to choose from!

Honestly, if I were to choose another colour, I wouldn't know which to choose because every colour look so nice!

Do you agree?
And the price is quite reasonable and the quality is also good.

Their latest items are these cute little keychains and clips with a wire name included:

There'll be FREE normal postage, and you will get it quite fast, like 3 days? So to checkout more abt the blogshop, Click HERE or Click on the banner :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I wanna make Blogger namecard!

Out of a sudden, I felt like having a Blogger namecard. Although I don't really need it, but i feel like having one. Perhaps it's something I want to accomplish in 2009?

And it's also quite cheap, it's like 30bucks for 200 pieces. So while the adults are giving out Ang pows this Chinese New Year, I might be giving out namecards, haha!

When people ask me for my blog address, I have to pause for 2 seconds, thinking should i just say OR But in the end, i will still say the longer one. BUT imagine if I had a namecard...

One of my friends was trying to remember my blog address, so she type tried different address in her browser like hethinkicarewhatyousay, youthinkicarewhathesay blah blah...

Get what I meant?

So after brainstorming and designing, I have come up with 2 designs! Although I already had in mind which will be my final design, I would like to hear what you all have to say!

So... After looking at the 2 designs, which one do YOU think is nicer. Even if you might not like anyone of the design, at least choose the one you prefer (: Pls include why you like that design better and perhaps how can i improve.

I should be printing them by Chinese New Year! To make things more interesting, I will be mailing out 5 of these namecards to 5 lucky readers! So if you want to get one of my namecard, all you have to do is comment at the end of this post.

Remember to include your email!

P.s: The more you write, the higher chance of me choosing you!
(but No essays pls!)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Should have done this yesterday! But did not get the time to do so... By the time i reached home, it was like 12am plus going to one. But nevertheless...

The background images isn't taken off the internet! It was taken live from Downtown East Countdown Party by me!!

It's Year 2009. Time really flies...Maybe I should look back into my archives and list down the things that i accomplished in Yr 2008!

I wish everyone a Happy 2009, and may everything goes well!!