Friday, February 27, 2009

My Negative Review of XinWang HK cafe.

I have never wrote a bad food review on my blog because there seem to be no point sharing something that is not good. If you read all my reviews, you will realise it's something good, it's either cheap or something new or simply not the norm.

But this time, I'm getting evil. (Too much Left4dead?!)

That day was a Informal Nuffnang peeps gathering, So since I was attending the HTC Dream event nearby at orchard, I decided to drop by Plaza Sing Starbucks to say Hi to the bloggers.

After which, We decided to head to Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe.

I have always been a Huge fan of HK cafe, due to it's "Hong Kong" concept, typical luncheon meat meal with egg and veg with either rice or noodle,Ice milo served in tin mug etc.

Something that can be done at home easily (and at a much cheaper price), but I just love dining there :)

However, I am quite disappointed with the food and also the service at the PS outlet. We ordered quite a lot of food, and in terms of taste or apperance, there is a difference.

As usual, I ordered the typical luncheon meat rice. When it came, the most obvious difference was the thickness of the luncheon meat. Really! You go Cineleisure and try theirs! Thick and nice! For these, it was like... argh, forget it.

Btw, I ordered a Ice milo, and it was really bland, perhaps that's why they have a Milo dinosaur, if you know what i meant.

Yingzi ordered a Char siew noodle or something. The apperance is rather bland, and I tasted the meat, and it was not really nice. She also ordered a Mango ice, which was not blended properly!

There was still chunks of ice in it!
We all know how frustrating it is to drink an ice blended drink which is not "well blend".

YL ordered a Black Pepper chicken chop, Appearance wise, it was good. But the appearance and the taste is 2 different things. She stopped eating after the first bite because it was too salty.

We thought she was exaggerating until we tried it ourselves. The whole dish is salty! We complained to the manager and he waived the dish for us, which is what other place would do.

I'm a huge fan of Dim sum, and we thought it would be good if we order a few varieties of Dim sum and shared it among ourselves. I was super disappointed with the Har Gao.

When I picked it up, the "skin" broke and I was flicking water out from it! If i were to exaggerate, it was AS IF it was Xiao long bao.

Basically, the Dim sum was all soggy. Like it's left there for quite a while until it condensed. Out of the 5 gyoza in the photo, 4 was left untouched.

Enough about the food, now to the service. We told the manager about the food, and the manager was not even paying attention to what we were saying, which was quite rude.

After which we still paid the bill of $80+ and left the restaurant, we were discussing about doing a review since we were bloggers, when we saw a flash coming from the store.

They were obviously taking a photo of us! So we took a photo of the signboard intending to put in our post, then one of the manager came out to stop us, and demanded that we delete the photo. We refused, and they threatened to call the police. We agreed, but in the end the police was not called in.

I never had any problems with any restaurant not allowing us to take photos except for this HK cafe (perhaps they know that we gonna put it on our blog?)

I think I will never step into PS Hong Kong cafe ever again, but I will still patronize the outlet at Cineleisure because their food and service is excellent :)

P.s: Before you say the food look appetizing, and it's making you drool, let me tell u, with a Good camera, and Photoshop, you can make anything bad looks good.

Anyone has any good or bad experience at any cafe/restaurants? Wanna share?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mailed my Namecards!

Yes, this is the last stage of the whole namecard frenzy. Let me see, I'm left with like one-and-a-half box of namecards left due to attending events and meeting up new people.

Finally being Soooooo busy, I bought envelopes and stamps, and sat down to compile all the 10 addresses. And finally mailed them out! Here is the whole process! (and it took me half a day.)

Firstly, I need to get ready all the ingredients, I mean things that I need. Basically summarized in the picture above :) I think it would be quite boring if I just put a namecard in every envelope and just mail it, it would take me less than an hour.

So, I decided to hand-make my own little notes to thank the people who commented! *Sweet right...*

They are the lucky 10 who have been chosen out of 101 comments! So after writing the same thing for 10 times, using a highlighter to write over the words again(another 10 times).

I had to put each note and one namecard into each envelope!

And after sealing it with my saliva (Joking lah!), see the "Peel & Seal", now the envelopes is not like the ancient times one hor...

Then pasting the stamp!

And then going through each and every email to write down the address on the front of the envelope...

And finally...

The letters are ready to be mailed!!!

So I headed down to the nearest mailbox, with photo proof ok!

And begin putting each and every letter into the mailbox :)

(Note that I only put in the letter 10 times!)

And that's all!

I wanted to write more about each photo but I realised that the photos are quite explanatory, So basically I just took down the whole process, which was super fun!

Here's the thing, If you actually look at the no. of envelopes, you will realised that there is only 8 letters, another one would be to Malaysia and One of my readers did not reply to my email, (which I dunno why for what-so-ever reason)

So the first person who can comment below the answer to this question, will get the last letter. The question is "Why is my nick - ANdyStorm?" The answer is actually quite easy, it can be found somewhere...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

LG Prada Asian Launch

Was invited by Sabrina to the LG Prada Asian Launch held at St.Regis Hotel, managed to get an invitation for Claire also :)

Met Claire before heading to the hotel, using my Omnia GPS, I figure out that Regis Hotel should be somewhere around walking distance from Orchard station.

After walking like halfway, the hotel seem so-near-yet-so-far, I decided to walk out to the road to take a cab instead :X

It was held at St. Regis, Jacob 1. The place/setting was exactly right for a brand like Prada. (I heard St.Regis is a 6 Star hotel!)

Mainstream media as well as Bloggers from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong was invited to this event where we get to know more this newly launched LG Prada Phone.

As we were quite early, We mingled around the showcase(s) to checkout the phone first..

There were models at the side of each showcase showing you and explaining to you the latest functions of the Prada phone, letting you try it out. Before this launch, there is actually a previous version of the Prada phone.

This time, they added new things like QWERTY keyboard and the Prada Link. (Which are the 2 things which I love most! ♥ ♥ ♥ )

This Prada link is something that I am interested in, because although it looks like a normal watch, it has the ability to link up with the Prada phone using Bluetooth technology.

With the Prada Link, You can read your sms-es, reject calls etc. Which is a good thing as you don't have to keep taking out your phone from your pocket or bag. (However, if you wanna reply/pick up a call, you will have to take the phone out.)

Another thing is that, the Prada Link can only link with the LG Prada :(

What I really love about this Prada phone is the QWERTY keyboard, As you know, I'm using a Samsung Omnia now, but the typing of sms is actually quite a hassle as there is no 'physical' button to press :(

Other than the keyboard, the design and interface is in fact, better than the Omnia. After talking so much about the phone, here is the part where most people would be concern about...

The pricing! The LG-Prada phone retails at SGD 1288 (without contract) and the Prada link retails at SGD 688.So the whole set sets you back at almost 2000 bucks. Well, it's targetted at the high end fashionista...

I actually gave my 2 cents about this phone in a RazorTV interview, but I'm not going to post the video here cos it's super unglam! The camera zoom until can see the pores of my face lor! Go search for it if you want...

After the event, it's socializing time, whereby namecard are put into good use. Chat around with bloggers from Hong Kong (I felt proud to be a Cantonese *beam*) and the usual bloggers from Singapore, Peggy and Esther. There should be more, i think...

A group photo with the Giant LG Prada wallpaper :) Can you spot who are the bloggers in the photo? There is Kennysia & Cheesie from M'sia :)

That's all, hopefully I get to review the phone soon :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Zombie! Run!!!

I haven't been blogging for 1 whole week! I think this is the longest hiatus I ever had! This is the reason why I haven't been blogging for the past... erm... 7 days.

Yes, throughout these 7 days, I have been right infront of a computer, but I just didn't have the time to blog, because I'm on a secret mission. (P.s: I'm only telling you this! No one else!)

I've been killing Hundreds, No, Thousands, No, Millions of zombies for the past 7 days!!! So dangerous right!

For the past 7 days, You can either find me @ Cineleisure, 9th floor, or The Cathay, 4th floor - what is the similarity between these 2 levels of each shopping center? There is a E2max, the one stop e-gaming entertainment. (also known as LAN shop lah, but it's the higher end one okay!)

The mission is called "Left 4 Dead" and because of this mission, I lost my voice. If you don't know what is this game, you should update your RAM, I mean your collection of games knowledge. Don't just stick to your Super Mario or Donkey Kong.

In this game, You play on of the 4 survivors (erm, wait ar, I check Wikipedia...) , ya, one of the 4 survivors in the, erm... How should I say it... Ai ya, you all just click this link and read for yourself lah! Anyway, It's just super addictive lah!

The graphics is super nice, the zombie is super real, the thrill of killing (Shit! I'm becoming more violent!), and it's not a normal shooting game, you got to try it! then you'll know.

The zombie chiong to you like nobody business!

Best played with friends!(Multiplayer) Team work is important in this game. The zombies like the tank is super scary lah! The evil bitch, I mean Witch also!

I went with my cousins, each time losing my voice at the end of each session. We just keep shouting for help, and screaming! Super Kan-chiong! Yesterday I went with Rinn and Huixin, then we were screaming until someone shouted "SHUT UP!"!

Literally "Glued" to the screen :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sponsored Advertorials

Chinese New Year over doesn't mean we don't need to get NEW clothes right?

I love to blogshop just like MOST of you, but I always complain that there is too little blogshop that caters to guys. What guys can buy are like SO limited! GEO lens, Bag packs blah blah blah.

Finally, there is a blogshop that is catered ONLY FOR GUYS! Introducing, Royale treatment! This blogshop is an online fashion for guys, their apparels are specially handpicked from overseas and brought back to Singapore, and selling at Fantastic price!
Not only the price is reasonable, the quality and design is good!

The tops in the above photos are sponsored by:

There is a HUGE range of Guy's apparels ranging from Polo tees to shirt, all at reasonable prices, Girls, Valentines day is coming! Why not get one or two for your boyfriend? Items are instock.

Meanwhile, pamper yourself by heading to Room18! Room 18 has the latest fashion apparels for girls! There is definitely something you will like in the store! Do check it out!

P/s: Royale treatment is an affiliate of Room18.

My mum is so into contact lens now! She just bought 2 pairs from freshkon before CNY and it cost 36 bucks (and it only last of 1 month each), Since she is so into contact lens, I intro her GEO lens from online blogshop.

I was looking through those advertisement tagboard, trying to find the BEST deal, simply CHEAP and AUTHENTIC Geo lens. And I found this blog - Brokenrecorder

They are selling their lens at only 10 bucks per pair! YES! Only 10 Bucks, which is like the cheapest in the market.

And these lens are AUTHENTIC, I have been wearing my Grey pair for almost 6months and I still feel comfortable in them!

So forget about your conventional "Whatsoever famous" brand lens and get these GEO lens, which can last you for up to 1 year!

Do drop by to get your lens :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I got my Blogger Namecards!

Yay! Finally! Finally printed out 200pcs of my Namecard! Thank you guys for the 60+ comments, it really helped a lot!

After reading the comments, I kinda realised a few things, Like the wings is supposed to come out from the back, rather than from the side. The position of the wordings etc. Thank you those who even email-ed me your whole chunk of suggestions and even self-edit it to show what you meant. I really appreciate it.

Anyway, about the back view part, it's not 'directly' mirror image. It's photoshop-ed. Which means it's another photo. I edit the shoes, the colour of the shirt, the Hands ++ Did not managed to fool u guys, haha!

So, after final editing before I finalized it and send for printing... Did I mentioned that I did not really use any of the designs?!

Honestly, I loved design #1 more than design #2, as some of you have noticed if you read my replies to the comments. So I decided to go with design #1, front. As for the back, I decided to design another one. So after playing around with photoshop, I decided to submit the design above.

So after finalizing it, Headed to Tommy print at Funan IT mall to get it printed! *Super excited as I recap* LOL!

Only $22 for 200pcs! Have to wait 4 to 5 working days for it to get printed. Printing a namecard is not that easy, there is like a few requirements, like the black must be ALL black, something like that. So lucky I brought my laptop along that day...

Finally after waiting patiently for 5 days, The namecard was ready for collection! Honestly, I was worried sick that my name card will not turn out like what I wanted. I was like complaining to Claire, "what if this... what if that..." (She was super calm, I don't know why)

When I received the namecard, I quickly opened it up and took one piece to examine it. I heaved a sign of relief (is the expression like this?), it's like a burden lifted off my mind. It was exactly how I wanted it to be!

And I am a proud blogger with namecards! *Beaming*

So who are the lucky 5 whom I have chosen to mail my namecard to? Are you feeling anxious? Excited? Thinking "Izzit me?!"

They are:
1) Hann's Mummy
2) Curryegg
3) Joyce Stella
4) Eileen Ong
5) jElly

Congrats to the 5 of you! It was really hard to choose from over 60+ comments, because everyone gave constructive comments! I will be contacting you soon via email, so do check your inbox! (I have to get stamps first!)

For those who did not get it, Here's another chance!

I don't know what to do with the extra stamps, because it comes in a set of 10. So I'll be giving out 5 more namecards to 5 lucky commentors! So all you have to do is comment, answering this question: "What do you think of my final namecard design?"

It can be good, it can be bad. So get going! Final design can be seen HERE. Everyone stand a chance!

If you are not any of the 10, you can still get the namecard from me personally. When you see me in school, or at event, or even on the streets, as long as I have an extra namecard with me, I will be most willing to give you one :)