Saturday, April 11, 2009

ANdyStorm goes to Malaysia!

It has been almost 1 month since I came back from Malaysia!!! As I promised, I will blog about the whole trip which lasted 5 days and 4 nights! So if I compiled all the Malaysia trip posts together, it's considered a Travelogue!

Anyway this post is a Prelude, it means "A Prelude ("before play") is something that serves as a preceding event or introduces what follows after it."

So what I'm gonna blog in this post is the day before the BIG day to Malacca! The day before the BIG day was actually the last day of the IT show, being the LAST day, people are chionging there for the best last-minute-deals!

Here's an idea of the crowd at Suntec -_______-

I had to get a cheap memory card for my new camera so Rinn & I have to squeeze among the crowd just to get in. The most memorable quote overheard from a passerby telling his girlfriend, "If you don't chiong, you will stay here forever."

Well, after all the squeezing at Suntec, we went back to the east to do some last minute shopping, we were thinking of getting cup noodles, snack etc. (AS IF it's not available in M'sia ) So the best place to shop for all these junk is...

NTUC, It's a store and more! Is that the Ntuc tagline, or is it 7eleven's? ARgh, forget it. So we took a trolley and start rampaging through the shelves!

You will most likely find me in the sweets and chocolates section :X

Sweets, chocolates, cup noodles, cereals etc...

I wanted to get Motion sickness pills but all the pharmacy at watsons, guardians or what-so-ever pharmacy is all closed! What luck. Perhaps it's time to get over this psychology barrier. Oh ya, we went to Popular to get stationery and notebook too!

I was thinking, Since I made up my mind to blog about the trip, I would need to record down the things that I did in Malacca so i decided to get a notebook (It's not that I don't have a notebook but I just wanted a new one :D ) So while blogging about the trip, I would be referring to the notebook every now and then!

At night, I was packing my bag. I always pack last minute for my holidays :X So I did a "to-bring" list, and I start packing. There are somethings that only last minute you must remember like your wallet, Slipper etc... Agree?

Till then, I had a few hours of sleep and...

I'm ready to fly I mean, Coach to Malacca!!!

~ To be continued...