Thursday, July 30, 2009

Your Passport to Health, Wellness & Beauty!

Creating a membership card is one of the best way to reward your customers for their loyalty. You can offer them discounts or rebates, so that they will continue patronizing you.
This is one thing I learn from my marketing module and Watsons is one of the latest to join the Membership card bandwagon! Let's take a look at the card!
Your Passport to Health, Wellness & Beauty. This Watsons card can be purchased at any Watsons store for only 5 bucks, and you get a LIFETIME membership! No renewal, no expiration, nothing. It's a lifetime for only 5bucks! How good can it be!
If you sign up now, you will receive more than $150 worth of vouchers + 20 bonus points if you activate your card online! Let's see what the card do...

- Every $5 spent = 1 point.
- Every $50 per transaction = 10 BONUS points!
- Enjoy 2X points on Watsons house brand!
- Enjoy 5X BONUS points on your birthday month every year!
(limited to first time usage each year only)
- Monthly Member-only promotion!
- Exclusive invites to sales, events and workshops!

Every 20 points = $1! Every point counts! The more you buy, the more points you can accumulate and use it to redeem your facourite products at Watsons!

Remember to activate your card online to get the bonus 20 points!

Log on to Fill in the form on the left on the website. Your card no. and password can be found at the back of your card :D

After keying in the detail, you will receive a SMS code to complete the activation! Presto! You just earned 20 BONUS points! (which means the card only cost 4 bucks now! YAY!) That's all! Off to get my hair products and earn points! :D

Monday, July 27, 2009

ANdyStorm: From baby till now.

As promised, I have managed to dig up all my old photos, including the ones without braces! I painstakingly literally "scanned" the image using my camera, and edited the photo using photoshop so there would be clearer and better contrast.

So here goes...
I have no idea why parents like to take nude photos of their baby when they are young! Oh ya, the above is me when I was a baby! I cannot even recognise myself! I have to verify with my mum whether it's me, or my other cousins :/
This is another photo that I really like! It should be taken around the same year as the Chinese New Year photo above, the face is like the same can! I look like I'm going for some class/excursion with my little bagpack and cap.

I wonder what was I thinking when looking at the camera. Why is my hand like that? Perhaps it's just candid. :D (Psst: I did not attend Nursery!)
I had bangs since young! (I didn't know that until I saw my old photos!) That's me and my sister. I got no idea why am i so tanned compared to my sister! and I look super chubby and fat. Sian. I think i got vague memory of my childhood.
Fast forward abit, here I'm at my next stage of life, Primary school! This photo was taken when I was... Primary 2! I was the 2nd shortest in class. I was really really short last time! But at least I'm not the shortest! I did not really take any photo when I was in primary school :( Camera was still the film film kind!
*Poof* After 6 years of primary school, I advanced to secondary! This is when my teeth start look weird. There was no buck teeth, except that there is this - Chinese calls it the "tiger tooth" But i always think it looks ok.Until when I was sec 5, my parents decided to sponsor me braces... So i wore it from sec 5 onwards...
With my braces, my teeth started to shift back nicely, and I looked totally different. When ex-classmates saw me, they would wonder if I'm andy and they would go on ranting on how different i look, and how straight my teeth is blah blah blah.

By the way, the above photo is taken when I was in Poly Year 1. Super short with the beckham-like hairstyle. This is considered ok, if you look at my admission photo... Ok, just look out in the video later! Let's just continue...
At poly year 2, I decided to go Bangs again! I always kept a fringe, so it was a difficult decision to make!I always wondered how I would look like with bangs, so one day, I told my mum to snip off my fringe and cut it straight. I was quite satisfied with the end result, so from that day onwards, it's Bangs all the way!
This photo was taken recently during a photoshoot at haji lane by Kaizhi.I think I have grown alot, but I think that I don't look like 19!

Till today, when I try to enter club, I still have to show my EZ link (and sometimes ez link won't even work! Refer to this POST) and I look super young in my IC too. A lot of people say I don't look like 19, even worse! 20 THIS YEAR!
This is the MOST recent photo of me! Taken a few days ago :D Regarding my bangs... One month ago, I went to cut hair at Artica (Far east), and I told the hairdresser not to touch my bangs. Meaning not to layer it because I like it thick AND she really totally did not touch it, and my Bangs was still covering my eye -.-

Now i sweep my Bangs to the side and I have people telling me they like my new hairstyle =____= So... I'm wondering, should I go back to Bangs or leave a fringe? and I don't intend to take out my braces till end of this year...

Without further ado, here's the video I created painstakingly with Windows Movie Maker. (It took me the whole day!) More photos are added in the video! Hope you enjoy it as much as my classmates enjoyed it :D

Nice right... Do comment at the end of the post :D

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Up Up and away!

Before I go on talking about the movie, Watch the Cute trailer first!
Don't the trailer makes you feel like catching the movie?

UP is a movie about a cranky old man and an overeager Wilderness Explorer who fly to South America in a floating house suspended from helium balloons.
Yup, that's Russell and Carl!
When I first saw these 2 characters in the trailer, I was laughing my head off! Carl is like a grumpy old man who refuses anyone's help. All his life, he has been thinking of embarking an adventure, and finally he embarks on one in his house! Carried away by helim balloons!

As for Russell, he is super duper cute! Especially the part where he flings his marvel GPS out of the window! All he could say after that was - Opps. Super funny! He accompanies Carl in order to earn his "assisting the elderly" badge: the only one he doesn't have and both of them embarks on this incredible adventure!

The 4 main characters in the show :D

I really want to catch this movie!
UP in Singapore Cinemas opening 7th August 2009


I'm blogging from my phone and i really find it stupid. but oh wells, what can i do when my laptop crashed 2 days ago!


Why must it crash when i was just about to publish my post!
Why must it crash when my fyp presentation is coming soon!

Oh wells, i swear i will update my blog tomorrow!
By hook or by crook :/

Someone please revive my laptop :(

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Teaser post: Are you ready to ANdyStorm transform?

Remember I said that I would dig up all my old photos and blog about them?


I spent the whole of yesterday doing up the Video! The end result is quite alright (I can't edit video for nuts!)

I only know how to use Windows Movie Maker, so you can expect some simple editing only...

But I think it's really nice! I have shown it to a few of my classmates, and they think it's nice too!

Ok, I'm like writing nonsense in this entry. iojfdjfqwjer@#$34

Alright, hold on for my "transformation" post!

Psst: I'm down with a fever, 38.7 DEGREES leh! :(

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nokia 8250 VS HTC Magic!

[Nuffnang Contest Entry]

Remember the times whereby mobile phones are still Monochrome, Ring tone are still Midi or Polyphonic, No Mp3, No radio, No Facebook, No Msn, No Wifi?

What's your 1st ever mobile phone?

Mine is the... *Drum Roll*

Nokia 8250! *Applause*

Ok, maybe it's not that great compared to the phones today, BUT still, it's like one of the best phone around that time! It's the sleekest, lighter, chio-est phone!

Still remember this old school Nokia interface?

Remember downloading these operator logos or Polyphonic tones?

Let's compare the ancient Nokia 8250 to one of the latest phone in the market!

The HTC Magic! *Ding Ding Ding*

Pss. It's quite obvious who will win, but just let me compare k? *Clear throat* The HTC magic is one of the best phone in the market now, compared to the Nokia 8250...Eh, you really want me to name the difference?
The HTC Magic has a 3.2 inch touch screen! Nokia 8250? No.
The HTC Magic has a 3.15 megapixel camera! Nokia 8250? No.
The HTC Magic has Bluetooth, Wifi and 3G! Nokia 8250? No.

What's cool about the HTC Magic is that, it runs on Android OS!

As HTC Magic is a Android phone, you can use it to view up-to-date list of the thousands of titles that are available on the Android market :D and HTC has it!

There is like thousands of different application on the Android market, I went through them and selected some really useful ones to share with you all!

Meebo IM! Twidgit! FBabble!

Yup, those are the names of the applications! Meebo IM is used for Msn-ing, Twidgit is for twitter and FBabble for Facebook! These 3 applications is like the most important tools for me on my Omnia!

Some of you may ask me...
Excuse me. The iphone or Omnia also has these applications what, what so special for the HTC magic? I think iphone/Omnia is better...
So here are some really cool applications that I found in the Android market!

#1: Imeem Mobile
It's like having the whole imeem website in your mobile phone :D

#2: Lyrics search 2.2
Need lyrics for this particular song URGENTLY? This is the perfect app :D

#3: CompareEverywhere/ SG SavvyShopper
CompareEverywhere and SG SavvyShopper allows you to scan the product barcode and compare it with other places! It really works! I saw a live demo during the HTC event before! They found the price of the product at Sheng Siong!

Last but not least... Remember the Classic Nokia snake game?
It's available on the Android Market too! :D

There are many many other cool applications on the Android market too! *Ding Ding Ding* So ladies and gentleman, we have a clear winner! It's the...
Discover Magic with HTC Magic.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Less than 2 more hours to vote!

Voting is over! Thanks for voting!
You read the title! There is LESS THAN 2 HOURS for the Canon Selphy Blog Contest to end, and here I am doing some last minute rallying!

If you haven't vote for me, Do so now @

I'm Contestant #5: Andy kwan! *Flick hair* Do vote for me!

By voting, you stand to win yourself 1 set of Canon Selphy CP780 photo printer and a Canon Ixus 95 IS camera! The lucky winner could be YOU, YOU, YOU! :D

Thanks a a million, a billion, a zillion! Off to prepare for my next few posts!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The old ANdyStorm.

Eh, I search my whole laptop for all my photo and finally filtered down to 67 photos! But then hor... How should I blog it? Paste all 67 photos meh? OR should I put it into a video... Give me ideas ley...
Around 1 or 2 weeks ago, I uploaded an old photo of myself onto twitter, and I went to check the site just now ( and I saw 500 views! Normally my twitpic only get around 160+ views, this old photo of mine has 500!

Ya, this photo. Taken at the NDP dunno at which year (:

Ya, that's me before I put on my braces, before I wore contacts, before I had bangs, before I know anything about fashion (ok, maybe I know abit at that time!)

Here are some @replies on the photo:

Seems like quite a no. of people are interested in my old photos!

So last Saturday I was really bored at home, so I went to search for all my old photos, from baby till now, and use my camera to "scan" it.

I almost wouldn't recognize myself in some of the photos!

I bet you all will laugh lor! Every blogger should do a post like that, It should be quite enjoyable for you to blog, and for your readers to read too (:

Meanwhile, Let me go prepare the post...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Let's talk about what you want now!

This is gonna be an interesting topic!!! *excited*
At every point of your life, there is definitely something that you really want.

Something that you have been aiming for, but just don't have that spare cash to buy it. You will think of the million and one ways to get it...

Some people may want that Authentic Gucci Tote bag, or a whole wardrobe full of Fred Perry, or that LV belt so you wear and show off, or that Burberry wallet to show off when making payment, or even more ambitious, a chio Lexus car!

I share with you all the things i want to have now, you share yours k? Promise?

#1: Slip on Loafers!

Since dunno-when, I have been wanting one of these. It's not that I cannot afford it, but i just can't find the time to go get it. I've been procrastinating like forever. Btw, I hate tying shoelaces. (NOT that i don't know how!) It's like wasting 20 secs every you wear your shoe! I'm definitely getting one (or two!) of these shoes (:

#2: Fred Perry Tee

Every since I saw the Fred Perry Laurel tee, I wanted one of it. But do you know how much it cost? 90+ Bucks! Just for one tee. The material isn't the best, it's just like any normal tee EXCEPT for the Fred Perry logo printed on it.

90 bucks can get you like 4 tees from Bugis Street (with money to spare!) but this tee is simply attractive (at least to me!) I hope I can get one of these tees :D

#3: Khakis/ Berms/ Shorts or whatever you call them.

I'm more of a "Shorts" person rather than long pants person. I feel that Berms are more comfortable (: and they are easy to match with clothings! One can never have too many berms! No reason, but I just want more! more! MORE!

#4: New phone (P.s: Maybe the iphone!)

Yes, I always say my Omnia is the best phone ever, I will never change phone ever again BUT then I cannot use my Omnia forever ma! My criteria next phone is very simple. It must be better than my Omnia! but then hor... iphone camera is not as good as my Omnia leh. Aiya, dunno how la, meanwhile, shall stick with my Omnia (:

#5: Acer Aspire One netbook!

Yup, I already got a laptop, but I want one of these Chio small little netbook that I can bring out and won't feel the strain on my shoulder! I can bring it out everything and use it outside! My mum is forever complaining that I'm using my laptop at home, and how much it's gonna use. *Roll eyes*

#6: Havaianas

If you have been following me on twitter, You would have read a recent tweet about my havaianas being stolen, tortured brutally and left to die. My mum came back from the market and found it beside the dustbin on the first floor :( It was ripped apart. I hope lightning strikes the one who stole it! !@#$@*

#7: New Specs!

I have been wearing contact lens for the past... Eh... for the past 5 years! There are times when my eyes feel tired, and I had to wear my specs out, and my current specs is SUPER unglam. I want a new one! Wait! O.O Is that a Gucci frame? Omg.

#8: Highlight my hair GREY!

Not dye the whole hair Grey. It's highlight (: I always wanted to do that but I don't know what's stopping me. I wonder how the end result will look like. Maybe I should go for a few strands of grey extension before trying out the real thing...

#9: Hair Wax

Everytime I cut my hair, the stylist would style my hair for me, and I'm always pleased with the end result. BUT the thing is, I'm never able to create the same hairstyle again! and after so long, i figured out what's the problem! The problem is... I need a lasting wax! One that can make the hair firm and last long hours!

#10: Lots of colourful clothes!

" I want my wardrobe to be filled with colourful clothes! "
Like all sorts of different shades and I will arrange them accordingly like in the photo above. My wardrobe used to be mainly black and white, but now, I want more colours! I bet when arranged nicely, it will look super nicer, different day will be different colours! I will wear according to my mood! Yellow for cheerful (:

I will also have a Walk in wardrobe! Then when I walk in, the colourful clothes will be hanged there chio-ly for me to choose! "Hmm, Orange or Green today..."

Opps, I realised a Walk in wardrobe is too much of a Want for this stage of my life :/ Ok, I should stop myself from going on or else I would start listing the house, the car, the maid(?!) that i want! Meanwhile, it's just these 10 item(s) :D

I have listed out the things I want, Now is YOUR TURN!
Don't like this ley.. Share with me...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Super Chio phone!

I met Hui xin yesterday for dinner, her LG secret was in "hospital", so her friend lent her a phone and it was a LG KS360! I never even see the phone before!

First thing/word that came to my mind was - CHIO.

Nice leh! Totally didn't expect the slide out QWERTY keyboard on a normal phone! It's really NORMAL. No Wifi. No 3G. 2 Megapixel Camera. No touch screen (actually got, but only for dialing -.-) but it's super chio can! I want to get one!

P.s: Obviously I won't get the Pink one,there are other colours la!

But the thing is, Can i survive with Wifi/ touchscreen on my phone.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vote for ANdyStorm!

Remember I was chosen to experience the Canon Ixus 95 IS camera and the Selphy CP780 this previous time?

No? Read the post HERE.

It's time for voting! Out of the 6 bloggers, 1 will win the Popular choice Award (which is determined by voting), another one will win the Canon Choice Award (Determined by canon). So now, I need YOUR help to win the camera + printer!

How to vote?

I painstaken-ly created this GIF leh, can see my effort anot?

You should vote for me because...
#1: You think I deserved the camera!
#2: You think my post is good (:
#3: You are my loyal reader/fan!
#4: You like the way I blog :D
#5: You stand a chance to win a set of the camera & the printer!

I could have just pasted the link and do a mundane post to ask you all to vote, but I edited photos and create GIF, so if you appreciate my effort...