Sunday, August 30, 2009

Typical day of Andy, not ANdyStorm (Part 2)

Continued from after exams...
Met SimplyShawn after his exams! Supposed to head to Bugis but he wanted to go home to put down his bag first, and that day was the first time I hopped onto a motorbike! Was super scared but excited at the same time! Weeee! *Vrooom*
Sneak peek of his Chio bike! It was super fun riding a bike! The feeling of having the wind blow across your face is damn shuang! (The helmet didn't ruin my hair!)
4.40pm: Time to head down to Bugis! Walked to Marsiling Mrt to take the train all the way to Bugis, super crowded. Hate crowded trains man! No seats somemore!
6.30pm: Bought tickets to watch Jack Neo's latest movie: Where got ghost? Bought tickets for 7.15pm! Dinner first! *Hungry* What shall we have for dinner..
6.45pm: After deciding between KFC and some other food outlets, finally settled on Pastamania! Ordered Chicken Bolognaise. Their pasta? Average and expensive.
9.00pm: Finish watching the movie. Thought it was a horror flick, but turns out to be quite a comedy! (Ps: I hate horror flicks!) Contact lens was giving me problems, so i switched to Specs while watching the movie halfway!
With my new HTC magic, I'm able to access my twitter through the twitroid application! (Of cos there must be WIFI) The typical day of ANdy is almost over!
11.00pm: Kinda late le, time to head home, but group photos first! Btw, we walked from all the way from Bugis to City hall to spend more time together! Our Clique!

Is the typical day over? Or is there more?
Stay tuned.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Typical day of Andy, not ANdyStorm (Part 1)

I haven't been posting anything personal on my blog, which kinda defeats the purpose of why I started this blog in the first place. So i twitter-ed:
And I got one reply from a follower which got me thinking...
Make me sound as if i got split personality liddat! But it also prompt me to come up with this post! It's so much more personal now! Refer to this POST. (clickable!)

Let me present...  *Drum Roll*
(Btw, this day has too many photos so it'll be split into 3 posts!)
9:30am: The day starts when i officially wake up! Normally I will wake up at noon when there is no school on that day, BUT THEN, that Wednesday was the day before the Chinese lunar 7th month and my mum say that 7th month cannot cut hair, so no choice but to wake up early and cut hair before heading to school!
I was already late when I woke up! So I have to chiong out of my house!
9.45am: It took me a merely 15mins to prepare myself! *flick hair* It includes the washing up, changing AND setting up of self timer camera to capture all the shots!
10.20am: ANdyStorm goes to Far east to cut hair, Andy goes to HDB salon! There is no time to head to Orchard to get my hair cut, so i decided to go over to the block opposite my house to get a cheap $6 haircut! Not bad ok! Save $$! :D
10.50am: Cut hair like never cut like that. Nevermind. Headed home to wash my hair. Since my exams is in the afternoon, decided to go online to update myself!
11.45am: Time to head to school! Going to movies after my exam, so must at least wear nice nice :D Choose clothes, Wear contact lens, style hair blah blah blah...
12.18pm: It took me just 30 mins to prepare! That's half of my usual timing :D Going Woodlands from Pasir Ris is like super far. But after 2 years +, I'm kinda used to it le... As least for that day it's not so crowded and there were still seats (:
1.10pm: Yes, you realised it took one whole hour to get to woodlands? I still have to switch to Bus 169 to get to school! (I'm lazy to walk that long stretch of road plus I have concession pass!) Everyone's heading to school for exams! *Scared*
1.30pm: Was super hungry so I grabbed a bite before heading to class! W36E!
2.00pm: Examination in Progress. That day was Human Resource System exam!

What happened after the exams?
Stay tuned.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Actually I'm supposed to be super motivated to blog, but then hor... Looking at the number of photos i need to edit is making me damn sian... I already edit 1/4 of it le, I could do with some motivation from you people! * hint hint *
I'm like super motivated to blog now can! After I publish this post i will be editing photos for my upcoming post! People always complain that my blog is not longer personal, it's all about events, advertorials and random things, and not so much of my life. ACTUALLY i feel that way too! It prompt me to come up with my next post:
It will just be all about Andy, I'm bringing you all one step closer to my life. This is what happen on that typical day, I had to snap EVERY single thing that happened that day, be it what food i eat, where did i go throughout the whole 24 hours!

I even get curious/ weird stares from others. I bet people are thinking, why is he taking photo of his food? Why is he taking photos of the bus stop? What is he trying doing?   It's not easy ok! But I was detemined to do it! *aura around me*

Are you all like excited about it? I took more than 100 photos, but i will be filtering out and editing and try to present it in a fun way! I'm like super motivated now can!
Oh ya, you heard of the Nuffnang Asia pacific blog awards? It's gonna be such a GLAM blogger event! If you want to know more the awards, you can read it HERE. If you like my blog, Do nominate me for the awards at THIS LINK! (clickable!)

Alright, i'm off to do my "typical day with ANdy" post, there is like so much photos that i might just  spilt them into a few post and update for 4 days straight! Happy anot? Get to read 4 days of updates leh! I want to read others also don't have :(

Friday, August 21, 2009 turns Two! will turn 2 on 25 september 2009!

Ever since was launched, we bloggers are the ones that stand to gain!
Personally i have attended several FREE movie screenings, attended events, Joined their blog contests, Celebrated Halloween at the Night Safari, Went for outings such as to the Singapore Discovery Centre, Try out Canon's latest camera and printer, and recently even won one of their lucky draw!
So i would like to take this chance to say a BIG BIG thank you!
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to OMY...
Happy Birthday to you!
I'm looking forward to attending more events and win more prizes!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blog = Online diary?

This is just my ranting post. But at least there is something for you all to read right!

People have been coming to me telling me that my blog is interesting, every post is like well planned, BUT there are also people that ask me how come I don't blog about my personal life on my blog.

Come to think of it, after reading my previous few posts, it led me to twitter:
Would you rather I blog about my own life?

I think i have a rather mundane life. Honestly, without my blog, I'm just a normal average Andy. A normal poly student, the only online social tools might only be facebook. BUT with my blog, I'm ANdyStorm, it's a whole new thing.

Here is one of the replies I get for my tweet:
Sometimes, what the above mentioned is quite true. Just look at those famous bloggers, (I'm not mentioning names here) With their blog traffic, they get to advertise for products or what we call advertorials and it takes up most of the blog, and therefore, "No space to blog abt personal" which is quite true.

But then, there is an argument:
Ok, I shall just end this post here. I dunno how to continue. BUT i have already decided on something. I shall blog about my life soon!

I bet it's gonna make you all ROLL EYES, maybe some of you would protest and even ask me to stop blogging about my life! The thought of it is damn funny!

I shall end the post with these wise words from ANdyStorm:

" Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam malesuada est eu mi vulputate ullamcorper. Etiam nec est quam, in hendrerit nulla. Duis elementum orci nulla, a gravida justo. Morbi tristique cursus erat, eget tempus nisl volutpat a "


P.s: As usual, I'm going to delete ranting post, so IF you really really want to comment, you can click the blinking "Click here to Tag/Comment" at the sidebar!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Trip to Nuffnang Office II

Since i have every Wednesday to myself now, Shawn & I decided to return the Canon Camera and printer to their head office located at Keppel Bay Tower and after that head down to Nuffnang to collect the HTC magic that I won :D

Like any typical Nuffnang-er who blog about going to the office, they will take a photo of the map at Farrer park MRT to show where the office is located:

Nuffnang is located at 33 Kinta Road, which is a 5 mins walk from Farrer park MRT station, Get out from Exit E and cross the road, walk a little, then you will see:

Yup, you will see the Kinta Road sign. By the way, I've been there before, this is just for those googling - "How to get to Nuffnang Office" :D

Photo credit to

I forgot to take photo of the office/with the people! Remember i returned my Canon camera? Now i'm left with one 5 megapixel Sony camera :(

My new HTC magic! I realised it doesn't come with a user manual!

I tried to use it for 10 mins, and I realised the Android Operating System is quite different from the other phones, so i switched back to my Omnia and twittered:

Ha! Shawn you cannot run le! I got evidence!

After collecting, we went to the "other" office to eat, and chat for almost 1 hour then we left, before leaving, Shawn wanted to see the acclaimed Rooftop pool!

There is really a pool on the rooftop! Did you spot something?

The Water guns lying at the stairs of the pool! We took one each to play for fun, but it started to get more violent! We started filling the gun with the pool water!

ANdyStorm VS SimplyShawn!

" As ANdyStorm was posing for the camera to get the ultimate Chio shot, SimplyShawn took a careful aim at ANdyStorm, and pressed the trigger! "

" ANdyStorm wanted revenge and decided to trick SimplyShawn to take a photo so he can twit-pic it. SimplyShawn fell for the trick and kena shot! "

" SimplyShawn couldn't believe he got tricked and snatched ANdyStorm's gun when he was distracted! Now see who's the winner! Die ANdy Die~ "

" SimplyShawn then threw ANdyStorm's Water gun into the pool! Referee blew the whistle, and shouted "Foul!" and made SimplyShawn climbed over to retrieve the gun! One penalty point awarded to ANdyStorm! "

"After about 30 mins of close fight, Both SimplyShawn and ANdyStorm was super soaked from head to toe! (Can see from the photo rgt!) The referee was finding it difficult to decide the winner, so who is the ultimate winner? "

ANdyStorm: " I shall act modest and not reveal the winner.
I shall just let the above photo speaks for itself" :D *beam*

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What you can do with Soft toys when you are bored.

I was like going through my photo folders on my laptop and I found this really really old folder titled "Cats", I was wondering what it is, so I opened it up and realised it's all photos of the 3 Cat soft toys that I caught at the arcade one year ago! Being super bored at that time, I "created" scenario of the cats doing different things!

I bet less than half of you all know what I'm talking about. Oh wells.Nevermind, you shall now understand after reading this post!

So one fine day... No. Not fine. One stormy night... I was awoken by this irritating scratching sound coming from my main door, Feeling super irritated, I decided to drag myself out of bed to find the source of the sound...

I opened the door, and I found 3 cats outside. (Ok, this is super lame! I cannot take it anymore!!! I wonder how did I come up with this idea in the first place! Nevermind, continue!) Oh yes, I found 3 cats outside and then...

Being Super kind as usual (wahaha!), and since it's a stormy night and they have got no where to go, i decided to let them into the house... BUT FIRST!

They are too dirty! (As you know, stray cats...) I decided to give them a bath, and the fastest way would be to pop them into the washing machine! *Evil grin*

After 15 mins, they are clean! But then they were dripping wet, so I have to dry them... Drying them this way is not animal abuse lor! (Must i remind you they are soft toys?!) I won't do this to a REAL cat can -.- Ok, Let's continue with the story.

Soon they were hungry, and obviously I have no cat food at home, I offered them Koko crunch :D (Suddenly I feel stupid typing this story.) Oh wells.

They may look pitiful and cute but you haven't see the other side of them. *Plays evil music* Once they replenish their energy... hiak hiak hiak...

They start rampaging through the kitchen!

Bullying my Stitches!

Taking my ipod! (btw, that's my Sis's china ipod :/ )

See what I meant! Crazy cats. (Ok, I think I'm the one going crazy, coming up with such a lame story, but you all are enjoying it right!) I can't stand it anymore!

Seeing that I'm real ANGRY, they finally stopped what they are doing.

And i threw them out of the house the next day :D (I meant my sister's room!)

The end! Wah, I don't know how I managed to type out the whole story without spasm-ing and foaming from my mouth. I'm seriously Highly imaginative hor?