Wednesday, January 27, 2010

LG Korea travelogue!

Nope, this is not the start of the travelogue yet. This is just a short summary of this korea trip! I'm going to do this travelogue in a different way this time.

There is a total of 2470 photos from my camera, Beatrice's DSLR, Shawn's camera and the official LG camera! 2470 leh! Even if i filter to the max, I think each day will have like maybe 50 photos? Imagine i have to edit 50 photos, then think of what to write, the whole process for 1 post will take like 2 weeks?

Let's do some Maths here:
1 day = 50 photos
4 days = 50 x 4 = 200 photos

1 post = 2 weeks to do
5 post including prelude = 2 weeks x 5 = >1 month
Can you wait more than 1 month to read my Korea post? It will be long overdue!

Thus the perfect solution would be TO BLOG EVERYDAY! Yes, that's what i'm going to do! (Did i hear someone cheer?) I was thinking instead of 1 time edit all the photos (Damn tiring!), i shall edit a few photos a day and blog about it! Sooner or later, i will finish the whole travelogue. All i have to do is compile it!

All hail the genius! MUAHAHA

Alright, give me some time to look through all 2470 photos, and i will start blogging about exciting Korea soon! Meanwhile, here's 10 facts about this trip :D

14th January 2010 is the day we depart from SG to Korea!

2 is the no. of times i took the plane in this trip. This is also my first time flying. First time fly to Korea le! Woohoo! Snowing somemore leh! AHAHAHA

3 am is average time i sleep everyday in Korea. Technically it's 2am in Singapore time. Korea timing is 1 hour ahead of us!

400 is the amount of Sing dollars i changed to Korean Won. It's equivalent to 320000 Won. (Sounds alot but it's not -__-)

5 is the average no. of hours i sleep everyday in Korea.

6 is the no. of days i skipped school for this trip.

7 is the no. of countries that participated in this LG korea workshop

816 is the no. of photos i took for this Korea trip.

9 pm is the time we arrive back in SG on the last day.

10 out of 10 is my level of happiness to be able to go Korea!

Realised the facts are from 1 to 10? I have to crack my brain just to think of things that is related to the numbers leh! Lastly...

Special thanks to LG for making this trip possible! The LG GW 620 (also known as LG Eve) will be out in Singapore on the 30th of January! Do keep a lookout for it!
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