Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day at The Cathay ♥

As everyone knows, this year valentines' day falls on the same day as Chinese new year. I'm thinking, "To spend the day visiting with my family OR to spend it with my girlfriend?" Hmm... Best solution would be to bring your girlfriend to go visiting with you, then combine all the Ang pow $$ go eat Valentine's dinner! So clever right!

This year, i decided to spend a early Valentines day with Claire, and the venue? The Cathay! Supposed to meet her at 2pm, but as you know...

I always have a problem with my time management. Rule #1: Must NOT be late for a date! Reached Dhoby Ghaut station at 1.55pm, which means i only have 5 mins to get to The Cathay. Anyone know what's the shortest route to get there???

(Wait for GIF to load!)

Yupp, if you have long legs like mine, you would be able to reach The Cathay from the MRT station in 5 mins! Psst, exit Dhoby Ghaut station from Exit A, it's faster!

Phew. Just in time! Every girl wants to receive roses on Valentine's day, but guess what i got for Claire? A Ferrero Rocher bouquet! It's really pretty PLUS she can keep it for as long as she wants! :D (at the most, the chocolates will just melt =/)

Both of us felt like eating something before starting our day at The Cathay, we wanted something cheap yet not so filling so First stop: Ya Kun Kaya Toast! :D

For less than 5 bucks, we get a set meal which consist of 2 pieces of toast, coffee/ tea and 2 soft boil eggs! I ordered my favourite butter sugar toast set with iced milo while Claire ordered her butter kaya toast set with iced homemade barley!

Now that we are full, we are ready to kill some zombies! Headed to E2max, located at #04-18. The ideal haven for e-gaming enthusiasts! Die Zombie Die! MUAHAHA

It would be more fun if we had more friends to join us in this zombie killing spree!

Time to go shopping after gaming! There's actually a lot of stores in The Cathay, so where should we start from? How about Xsquad, which is located on #03-11?

XSQUAD offers its customer a choice of exclusive labels such as SAINT OF ROCK, WALUX, DESTROYLAND, OUNO and KHILOSOPHY. Why don't we try some clothes?

Asked claire to pick something that suit me and she picked a grey hoodie!

Did you realise that the colour of the cap is actually the same as our tee? :D

Feeling abit tired after all the gaming and shopping, we decided to rest our legs, so we headed to Ben and Jerry's located at #02-12 for ice cream desserts! Woohoo!

So many varieties of sundaes to choose from! Shall let claire choose :D

In the end, we ordered the Double Belgium Waffle with 2 scoops of Chocolate Fudge brownie (my fav! ) and Cookie dough sprinkled with M&Ms toppings! :D

Now that we have rest enough and had sinful desserts, it's time to continue shopping! This shop looks interesting! "Totally HOT stuff" located at #02-13!

Wow, this store really has everything and that includes fashions spanning from sleek gadgets to modish wardrobe from multi-faceted labels. Let's check it out!

"Hey claire, here's a necklace that spells L.O.V.E"

Couple rings and Musical box. Things that girls like. No idea why.

Even female apparels! "Claire, I think you will look good in this dress" :D

There's this Vintage corner in the store that has all the old school stuff such as telephones, Polaroids, toys, clocks and many more! Super duper interesting!

There is this shop "WhatHEwants" located at #01-06! As the shop name suggest, this store is catered to guys! We always see ALOT of shops catering to girls, finally there's one for guys! Yippeee! Now let's see what this store has to offer :D

They have everything from shaving cream, hair product, facial moisturiser or fragrance, definitely a good place to get what you want for a guy! Unique

Meanwhile, girls can entertain themselves at the pushcarts located on the ground level! They have everything ranging from bags, watches, accessories, toys etc!

You never know you might find hidden gems at affordable prices!

Oh, it's almost 8pm, which means it's time for dinner! There is 14 food and beverages stores at The Cathay, since both of us love Japanese food, we shall have dinner at Nihon Mura which is located B1-04! Wow. Look at the queue...

Nihon Mura offers the cheapest sushi at only 99 cents per plate! :D

Look at the amount of food we ordered! We have the Ebi fried prawn, Chicken katsu, Fried tofu, Salmon teriyaki, Shitake mushroom! So much for 2 person =/

We Japanese food! :D

By the time we finish our dinner, it was time to leave The Cathay, but before that...

"Claire, I have something for you, it's a diamond necklace. Let me put it on for you"

And they live happily ever after! *throws confetti* Overall, we had a great time at The Cathay, what i've got to say is, The Cathay is more than just a cinema,it's a shopping mall with other forms of entertainment too! Happy ending for me and Claire!

Shall end this post with a short video of a super quick tour at the Cathay! The speed of the video is increased by 2 times! (3 times even at some parts!) :D

Pardon all the shaking!
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