Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Taxi Uncle, why use credit card you not happy ah?"

This post was meant to be a ranting post but then after someone explained to me the reason why taxi drivers are not really happy about getting credit cards or Nets for payment, i decided to stop myself and reveal the reason! So wei da! MUAHAHA

Recently i took a cab from town because i was rushing to attend a event and the fare totaled to $11.4o for a short trip. Because i didn't have enough cash on hand, i used my visa to pay. Guess how the driver react? He said rudely, "No cash ah?" *mumbling under his breath* THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME ALREADY LOR. Hmpf

It's like, Hello? We queue up so long just to get a cab, now that we are paying still have to see your black face! It's not like we are not paying right? What's wrong???

You openly stated that you ACCEPT credit cards and Nets leh.

I also paid more than usual what. Without all those unnecessary charges like city area surcharge, 35% peak hour, admin charge, i should be paying only $5.40 lor! Now i'm like paying double leh! I'm willing to pay, you still complain for what? :(

Until someone enlighten me...

See this chart above? It's taken from their official website.

What we DO NOT know is that, whenever we pay by nets or credit card, the drivers DO NOT get the cash. I repeat, DO NOT. According to reliable sources, whenever someone pay by nets or credit card, the amount will go straight to the company, which will be used to offset their car rental! So they don't get the cash.

So that's the reason.

P.s: Actually so what if they don't get the cash ah? At the end of the day, offset the car rental, it's still the same what right? I still find those grumpy uncles irritating.