Monday, August 23, 2010

DBS Visa Prepaid Cards YOG Mascot Edition!

I've got something to share!!!!!! Ever since the YOG Visa card was released in conjunction with the Youth Olympic Game i always wanted one (or both the designs!) because the mascots is super cute!

So recently i went to tweet this:


The PRs from The Right Spin caught my tweet and decided to send me one of the cards! Damn surprised when i saw the email! I had a hard time choosing between Lyo and Meryl lor, Meryl ftw! :D

Basically this DBS Visa Prepaid Cards has dual functionality! It's a Visa card and it's also a Ez link card, so you can use the card for your payment as well as for transport :D Here's what i used the card for:

#1: Booked Movie tickets online and paid using Visa :D

#2: Topped up the card and used it for my transport :D

#3: Paid for a pair of shoes using Visa :D

Honestly, I really like the idea of a "Prepaid Visa card". There's no age requirement so anyone can own this card, be it an adult, kids or youth. Parents can buy this card and top it up with some money for their kids to let them have an idea of how a credit card works (esp. the signing part, the feeling~ AHAHAHA) Not only that, they are able to track their expenditure online too! Quite safe for kids right!

Own a piece of history, get a DBS Visa Prepaid Cards YOG card :D