Saturday, September 25, 2010

I ♥ my mum!


During the recent YOG, Procter & Gamble hosted mothers of the youth athletes. On the 25th of Aug, P&G launched its “Thank You Mums” advertising campaign in S'pore in conjunction with the inaugural YOG to recognise the sacrifice that mums make to help children achieve their sporting dreams.

This advertising campaign is led by a 30 second TVC, “Nurture”. The TV commercial acknowledges that the journey to becoming a Youth Olympian begins with the mother of these young athletes. She is the one who first sees that spark in her child; that potential for greatness.

"Nurture" is a TV spot that captures that sentiment, and celebrates mums not only for what they see, but also for what they do, supporting their children every step of the way; that behind every Olympic Champion is a mum. Although it's just a simple 30 sec video, it reminds me of how much my mum sacrifice for me...

Since young, my mum dotes on me the most. My parents always try their best to give me what i wanted. There are times where i throw my temper at them for the smallest thing and i don't really appreciate what they did for me, that was when i was immature.

When i was young, i had this - Chinese call it the 三分钟热度 or "3 mins hotness" problem. Especially with sports! You can find lots and lots of sports items in my store room. There's badminton rackets, table tennis bats, basketball, soccer ball, volleyball etc. You name it, most likely you will find it...

Reason being, i was interested in that particular sport during different period of time BUT i never stick to one sport. Even though my mum always complain about my "3 mins hotness", she will still support me by getting me the equipments because she knows i enjoy doing that sport. That's something i'm very thankful of. (even though it's quite a waste of money because i will end up losing interest. Zzz)

If i were to start a FB page on my mum, i bet she will get more "likes" than this:

Especially now when i'm in the Army, NS has made me appreciate my loved ones more. Every week without fail, my mum will wait for me to book out, wash my dirty clothes, ask how am i doing, pack my room, cook dinner for me and many many other stuff.

In order not to let her worry, I would...

so as not to let her worry...

My officers always tell me, "Even though you might be suffering in here. At the end of the day when you call home, would you want to tell your parents how much you have suffer and let them worry, or tell them your achievements and the things you enjoyed?" Everyone should know the answer (:

I bet the youth athletes appreciates what P&G is doing for them and their mums (: