Thursday, November 25, 2010

#21st Birthday: Presents, presents and more presents!

You have seen the 21 presents that my BFF got for me, Now here's the presents from the rest! Just wanna thank them and show you guys what they got for me for my 21st!!! Feel so loved, LOL ♥♥♥

Photo Puzzle by Jing long! (with 21 pieces removed when he gave me)

Handmade photo frame by Jiaqi meow (gan dong!) and tumblr by Kaixin

Stitch stuffs by Jiaqi, Jiayi and Alton!

More stitch items by Rinn, Manda and hui xin! The stitch projector is damn amazing

Topman tee and cap from Serene and Rachel

Hand made scrapbook by Joyce (appreciate it!)

Black sling bag from Ying zi

NUM Bagpack that i always wanted from Ash

HUGE Personalised card by Mel Swiszy

Sony Headphone by Shawn and Ryan!

Pink pouch, Pink torch light and the latest iPOD NANO by Clarence and Kelvin!!!!

Instax camera by Don!

Identical caps by Qianyi, Weijie and Li mei!!! Super coincidental!

Ikea Quilt and cover by Claire

Once again, 21 presents from BFF Nurul and Yah see!