Monday, February 28, 2011

CNY Steamboat gathering with 'cousins'!

I promise this is gonna be the last CNY post of this year!!! I swear i'm one of the last to finish blogging about CNY (FML!) Anyway, like any other year my blogger friends (affectionately known as the 'Cousins') will meet up at Ying zi's place for steamboat! I think i blogged about it last year right? :D

I was looking at this photo above and i went to search for the last year's post and i realised there's not much difference!!!! You can view the pic HERE (clickable!) Maybe only quality different, LOLOLOOL

Had a hard time taking this shot of Yingzi's dog! Had to use a crab stick to 'tempt' it, LOL

Was testing the self timer which leads to this shot! I think the background damn funny!

Group photo before starting the steamboat! DON SI BEI ACT CUTEEEE *vomits*

-kindly insert caption yourself- Shag cannot think.

Cut the rope on my iPad while waiting for more people to arrive! It's super exciting!!!!
By the way, anyone notice how cute that frog is?!

Every year i would buy Sakae Sushi Yu sheng down to Yz's house but this year too late!!!
Have to queue like an hour, so i went to the nearby coffee shop to buy it instead :(

Doesn't look as nice as Sakae's but we shall make do with what we have ;)

All getting ready to Lou hei!!!!!!

HUAT AHHHHHHHHHH! /say all the 'ji li' phrase

One word- Horrendous. 1/4 of the yu sheng is either on our hands or on the floor.

2 more group photos taken with my EX1! I think each year, the group gets bigger, LOL

Ban luck session with Josh being the banker! I won quite alot! AHAHHAHAHAHA

50 cents per bet only.