Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meeting my readers in real life!

On 14th of February, i did a Valentine's day Giveaway Special blog post whereby i will be meeting one lucky female reader and get her a box of Royce chocolates on the spot! All they have to do is to comment "Happy Valentine's Day ANdyStorm" and they stand a chance to win the chocolates!

After looking through all the comments, i decided to choose 2 MORE readers and give them a box of Kinder Surprise each! (NOT the current Kinder Joy, it's the old school kinder surprise!) 3 readers in total! I announced the results on the following Sunday and email-ed the 3 lucky girls! *excited*

#1: Catherine! I was supposed to meet her at 12pm, but i was late. Then i have to go over to Scape to get the chocolates also! Pai seh. But nevertheless, i'm happy to see her and oh ya! She even got me a Stitch cup in return! I was super surprised and gan dong!!! Hope to see you again Catherine ;)

#2: Priscilla! (I think her twitter nick damn random - P_ringabell, LOL) She's the winner of the Royce Chocolates! Brought her to the Royce outlet at Orchard ion. (Actually is she bring me cos i kinda forgot the way. FML) Apparently it's her first time at Royce and she wanted to try something sweet so i got her a box of my favourite Nama Au Lait chocolates, the blue box! Congrats and nice to meet you pris!

#3: Tan si!
Did not managed to meet her yet.

Congrats to the 3 of you!!!
(I wonder what's their impression of me, LOL)

#Random: Yingzi got me this algae/ moss thing that i always wanted!!!

After going through this "giveaway" process, i realised i don't mind meeting more readers in the future! I shall try my best to organise more giveaways (and for guys too! Cos apparently some guys are complaining why the V'day giveaway is only for girls -__-) Do look forward to future giveaways! :D

P.s: If you would like to sponsor items for me to giveaway to my readers in exchange for a short mention on my blog (blogshop, products, service etc), do contact me at im.andystorm@gmail.com (: