Saturday, August 6, 2011

Night at Timbre, Substation!

I remember few months ago, i tweeted and asked my twitter followers to introduce good places to chill at night, with good food, good environment (having a live band would be a bonus!) I remember getting quite a number of replies, and timbre was the most popular answer. I wanted to visit the place for the longest time but i have TOTALLY no idea how to get there. Ok, excuses. LOL

Always thought that there's only 1 timbre outlet in Singapore but there's 3! One at Substation, one at Old school and one at the Arts house. Finally visited the one at Substation, not very accessible!

Love the environment there! Reached there at about 7 plus (which is consider quite early) By the way, do you know that reservation for Timbre can only be made through their website? Not by phone call or email, and reservation must be made before 3pm. Live band only starts at around 10.30pm though. So you can imagine us nua-ing all the way from 7pm+ to 10pm+ just for the live band :(

Timbre drinks menu. From what i heard, the Pizzas are the MUST TRYs!

Me and Jing Long deciding what pizza to have. They have the option of dividing one pizza into two at 20 bucks! We get to choose 2 flavours! We chose the the famous duck pizza and Hawaiian pizza (:

We ordered a Virgin Sakura ($12), Shirley temple ($10), Baileys Irish ($12) and Cinderella ($10)!

Serena and Jiaqi!

Me and Jing long!

Ordered a few sides because we know the pizza will take quite awhile to prepare...

Potato Wedges! ($8) Taste quite average, just like any wedges out there.

Timbre Chicken Wings! ($9) Tasty and delicious! Finger lickin' good

Louisiana Fries! ($7) Love thick fries but i don't really like those brown toppings. What's that?

Our Half and Half pizza! ($20) Roasted duck and Hawaiian pizza!

Everyone wants a piece of the thin crust pizza! The roasted duck pizza is really unique and it taste... Chinese with the sweet sauce! We wanted to order another pizza while waiting for the live band but was told we had to wait quite long for it! Wanted to try their buffalo chicken & sunny side up pizza!

Camwhore with my ex1 while waiting for the live band.

Difficult to take good photos in the night, so have to use flash. The flash like too strong!

Group photo! By the way, i ordered another drink - Redbull punch ($12) SUPER NICEEEE!

During the live band segment, we get to dedicate song by sms-ing to a number that's flashed on their TV screen and the live band might just decide to play the song! I immediately sent the sms! :D

Total damage for the day.

The drinks might be a little overpriced. The price of 2 drinks can get you a pizza, so do think about it. By the way, we ordered 2 rounds of drinks that day, 4 cups each (which makes up $90 of the total bill!) It would be wiser to order food with that amount of money instead. Timbre might just be my next favourite place to hang out at night. So who wants to go Timbre with me?