Sunday, September 25, 2011

LoBlography Challenge Singapore!

If you have been following me on my twitter actively, you would have know that i recently acquired the La Sardina camera from Lomography as part of the LoBlography Blogger Challenge Singapore! 20 lucky bloggers from Singapore are chosen to try out the Super wide angle Sardine can camera!

Went over to Red dot museum for the briefing and also to collect the La Sardina!

My very first lomography camera!

Whenever i want the "lomo" effect on my photos, i can only do 2 things - Either #1: edit it using photoshop or #2: directly take the photos using apps like instagram. I have never used a real lomo cam, take photos with it and developed it out at shops. So this is gonna be a brand new experience!

Every blogger was given different types of films to try out and i got the 100 elite chrome!

The very first day i got the camera, i unbox-ed it! Quite impressed by how they packaged it!

Presenting the La Sardina! Super Wide Angle Sardine Can Camera! Cute right

Love taking shots through the wide angle viewfinder! It gives a different feel~

Being super noob-ish, i had to read the instructions CAREFULLY on how to load the film.

DONE! (I seriously hope i did it correctly.)

I was thinking of places to take photos using the La Sardina and Haji lane was one of my options!

The fun part about taking photos using a film camera is definitely the taking and winding part!

The La Sardina has a 22mm Wide Angel Plastic Lens, A MX switch (for cool multiple exposures), 2 focusing settings and Bulb settings for long exposures! I just finished the 36 shots yesterday and will be bringing it to the shop to develop it! Can't wait to see the end results!

Do lookout for my next few post on the La Sardina! To know more about the La Sardina, you can checkout