Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weekend Genting Getaway Part 2!

Continued from Part 1 (Click HERE to read if you haven't!) After spending the morning at the theme park, we checked into our hotel rooms at around 3pm+, freshen up and went for lunch!

This resturant has been here for the longest time! They used to have the chicken cordon bleu :(

Coke float for drinks! *slurp*

Some of our dishes! Mine is the honey BBQ chicken rice which was surprising not bad!

Tried to grab a group photo before we start on our food!

About 1 week before my Genting trip, i was reading QiuQiu's blog and she blogged about going to some strawberry farm at Genting so i thought i would definitely go visit it this time since i'm already there. I'm even prepared to go there myself just to take a look at the place! Strawberry farm leh!

In the end, everyone decided to go! Took the cable car down from Genting. Only 5 bucks SGD per pax for a 2 way trip! So freakin' cheap! Imagine taking the cable car in Singapore, which easily cost 6 times more than Genting! I think the Genting cable car ride is way higher than Singapore too!!!!

Me, Matthew and Jeffery in one cabin, while the rest in the other! (various reasons :|)

The cable car ride takes around 15 mins to reach the bottom. The scenery was breath taking!

There's supposed to be a shuttle bus that bring us to the Strawberry farm (from what i read on QiuQiu's blog) but we can't seem to find it. In the end we decided to take a cab and the cab driver suggested to bring us to the chocolate "farm" then the Strawberry farm... Patronize him lor.

Notice the sign behind Matthew? No photo taking allowed. Secretly took this photo :|

FINALLY, THE much anticipated STRAWBERRY FARM!!!!

Because we came from cab, they pasted these stickers on us like we are in a tour group -__-

Managed to spot little little strawberries!

LOOK AT ALL THE CUTE STRAWBERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, now for the hard truth, move your mouse over the image to see the real photo -__-

The truth is... It's hard to even spot a fully ripe chio strawberry. Don't know we are suay or what, there's almost nothing to look at in the farm. Nothing to pluck. It was almost a futile trip until...

We spotted a photo taking booth with parrots and snakes. LOL

I THIS PHOTO!!! Very colourful and vibrant!

We spent the next 30 mins taking photos with birds and snakes, which i thought was quite cool since i have never done it before. No strawberries never mind, at least got cute photos to take, LOLOL

Parrots i still ok, but snakes abit... Errr...

"Wah, it's smooth one leh..."

My buddy very happy to take photos with birds and reptiles. AHAHHAHAHA

End result! Not bad right! RM15 for each photo, quite worth it lah!

Photo #1: Dennis and Wei Feng! Photo #2: Buddies - Oddball and Chris!

Photo of me feeding the bird! /act one innocent

I think parrots are damn cute! Just look at this one, can give the smiling face!

One of the local stores at the area selling tid-bits and candies!

Mountains of prunes, sweets and all sorts of tid bits! Best of all, everything got sample! MUAHAHA

Bought a bag of gummies and some other goodies back for my mum (:

After shopping around, it's time to take the cable car up to Genting again!

It's the 3 of us again!

Love this photo! (Stupid shadow of my camera blocking the lower half of my face though)

Jeffery either camwhoring with his iPhone or taking photos of outside. Matthew dunno doing what.

Late dinner back in Genting! We decided to go to the food court instead of restaurants...

Quite amazed by their night bowling! (After 6pm) Everything just glows in the dark!

Decided to go clubbing after dinner at Safari! Much cheaper compared to SG.

Celebrated Ben's birthday in the club too! While the rest are drinking and enjoying...

A few of us decided to go to the casino to try our luck!

It was my first time stepping into the casino (As usual, i always kena aim to check passport just to prove that i'm above 21. Singapore like that, Malaysia also like that -.-) It was a brand new experience stepping into the casino, looking at the different games, jackpots etc, trying my luck at simple ones, the excitement while playing and also in the end losing 200 bucks inside. It's ok! LOL

In the end went back to the hotel at around 4am (?!) Immediately jumped onto the bed to sleep because we were supposed to wake up at 7.30am and meet at 8 for breakfast (Which is quite impossible lor!) In the end we woke up at around 9am. Everyone half dead from last night's activities!

Packed our barang barangs and checked out of the hotel!

No idea how to bring my teddy bear back so i decided to stuff the body into my bag! Cute right!

All zombified and half dead. Wait. Is Jeffery carrying a tissue box from the hotel room?!

Photo with Jeffery (and my bear) using his iPhone!

DMcdonalds for breakfast! Their porridge is one of the best! Why SG don't have! :(

I think i was still half awake and told the cashier i wanted Sausage Mc Muffin with egg. By the time i realised i ordered wrongly, i was too pai seh to change my order -__-

Wanted to try the SKY VENTURE the day before but couldn't find a time slot that suit our plan!

Left Genting at around 11.30am, took 2 motion sickness pills after my Mcdonalds meal and it really works wonders! No wonder it's a controlled drug, or else people confirm abuse it to make themselves sleep better. I slept all the way until the same stop that they brought us before...

Bought Bubble gums back! I this watermelon flavoured gum!

Arrived in Singapore at about 6pm. Took a cab back home and prepared to book in 4 hours later! Overall it was an AWESOME experience even though it was a simple 2 days 1 night trip. (Technically 3D2N if we include that night on the bus, LOL) That's all for my Genting trip!