Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Selling my Minimo-X Digi Lomo Camera!

Just as the title suggests, i've decided to sell my Minimo-x digital lomo camera which i got about 1 month ago. Condition is perfect and it comes with a 4GB memory card. As much as i always wanted it, i realised i don't really have the time to play with it. I think i used it 2 times ever since i got it. Zzz

Some photos of how it looks like. Basically 3.2 Mega pixel. There's an LCD screen behind. Charge through USB, there's even double exposure (which i haven't figure out how to use that function -.-)

Sample photos which i found online. But honestly, it isn't that vibrant i think.

Selling for $70. Will throw in FREE Registered mail after confirmation and payment or self collect at Pasir Ris! Interested do email me at or drop me a comment below with your email and i will get back to you shortly (: