Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thank you for all the #22nd birthday wishes!

In a blink of an eye, one year passed. I still remember celebrating my 21st birthday at Mcdonalds last year. Turning 22 doesn't seem much significant to me, it just meant that another year had passed! Met up with BFFs for dinner on the actual day (Nurul and i were flying off to Phuket the next day!)

It's been quite awhile since i last saw the both of them!

You know there are 2 types of friendship? One where by you meet up often to maintain the relationship (I'm not saying if you don't meet up often, you will lose contact duh!) The other would be, even though you don't meet up often, you still care for each other and when you meet up, you will have countless things to talk about! Well, i can proudly say my BFFs and i are the 2nd type (:

Anyway, they got me this HUGE ASS balloon on that day. (It's still floating around my house.)

I had to carry it wherever i go in the shopping mall and into the restaurant! Not only that, even on the crowded train! I was contemplating whether to take a cab home to avoid the crowd. LOL

We had Sushi Tei! I swear their ramen is damn good!

Another shot of us! The gyoza sucks anyway, we "returned" it. Shall not elaborate further :|

Individual shots with Yah see and Nurul!

No plans that night (I secretly think we might go Kbox, like a Routine! LOL) because Nurul and i had to go home to pack my luggage for our Phuket trip the next day and my parents sms-ed me that they bought a birthday cake for me, so die die have to reach home by 12 midnight to cut the cake!

Super duper ultra chocolate-ty cake that my parents got from 4leaves!

Oh ya! Thanks to those who wished me over sms, twitter and Facebook! Sorry i couldn't reply because i was packing my luggage! For those who wished me on FB, try to spot yourself below! (Sorry if i miss some people out!) I was too lazy to print screen and compile the birthday tweets :/

Anyway, that's not all for my 22nd birthday post! How bout "Running ball" at Mind Cafe? ;)