Thursday, December 22, 2011

4 Day 3 Nights Phuket getaway: Day 2!

Before i begin, just in case you did not read the Day 1 post for whatever reason, here's the LINK (clickable) to it! The previous day was mainly getting around Phuket after arriving, checking out their night life, (especially Bangla street, LOL) Now it's Day 2, that's when the real phuket action begins!

You know how we always see photos or movies that has beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and people swimming with the fishes then you secretly ask yourself, "Will i ever see this scene in real life?" I never thought i would one day be able to see it which is why i've decided to come to Phuket!

In case you forgot, we booked the Phi Phi island tour when we arrived in Phuket the day before.

Bought like 5 of these singlets in the above photo the night before at only $5 each after bargaining! Should have just brought an empty luggage over to Phuket since everything is available there lor!

Phuket is one of the places where you can wear singlet everywhere without feeling awkward!

The view from our room, low houses and mountains. So peaceful~

Always wanted a straw hat since the Batam trip and i finally bought it in Phuket! With my newly bought straw hat (250 Baht), I Phuket singlet and new slippers, i totally look like a tourist! The Phi Phi tour package includes transport to the pier to take the ferry (8am!) and the trip took 30 mins!

Got our boarding passes to Phi Phi island which include an hour of snorkeling! *excited*

Grab a photo with BFF in front of the ferry before boarding!

After the ferry was full, we moved off and little did we know that it's gonna around 2 hours before we reach our destination! Nevertheless, the view was great and since we had nothing to do, photos!

Past by many of these little islands, or should i say HUGE rocks in the middle of nowhere!

Group photo of the 4 of us! The wind was super strong as you can see from the above photo.

Took the above photo using a film camera, which i will talk about later! Quite clear right!

Photo with Chris with the random islands as backdrop! (:

Just in case we go hungry during the journey, there's FREE cakes and drinks available onboard!

Everytime i feel like traveling, the first person i would think of would be Nurul

Chris taking a photo of the girls as the boats slows down...

Breath taking rock formation but wait, look down, THE WATER IS CLEAR!!!! ZOMG.

They shortly announced over the boat's PA system and told us that we have reached our snorkeling destination and everyone is to collect their life vest and goggles! I was so damn excited and scared at the same time. Seriously jump off the boat into the water? We have totally no idea how deep it is!

Collected our gears and instead of going straight for the waters...


Before we go on, let me share more about my underwater film camera! Ever since i confirmed that i'm going to Phuket, the first thing on my mind was to get one of those underwater film camera that i saw before so i can have photos of myself snorkeling (which is obviously main highlight of this trip!)

I went to a few places, visited blogshops, finally bought it plus the 35mm films and waited for this day. While everyone was swimming, i was busy snapping photos, winding the films, taking one photo after another. After that, all i did was to pray (really really) hard that the photos will turn out well...

GUESS WHAT?! THEY DID TURN OUT PERFECTLY WELL! The next 9 to 10 photos below are taken using the film camera and the images came out quite nice, especially those taken under water! OMG.

#1: Took this shot of everyone snorkeling before i jumped into the water!

#2: Ok, this is obviously taken using my digital camera. I ran all the back to grab my camera!

#3: Million dollar smile. I'm floating in the sea in the super clear water baby!

#4: Nurul with her peace (Y) sign! I think i was the only one with a camera in the waters!

#5: Chris and Su Ping! Can you see how clear the water is?

#5: Underwater shots! So happy the underwater photo turned out clear!!! People onboard the boat was throwing pieces of bread into the water and the fishes rushed towards the food! Look at the bottom right hand photo, SO MANY FISHES! Like hundreds of them right infront of me!!! So happy!

#6: Photo of me underwater with 2 lonely fishes! this photo!

#7: Last but not least, some on the surface photos (:

It doesn't even feel like an hour and we were told to slowly make our way up :(

The focus of this photo is on ME not some random girl in bikini behind me -__-

Overall it was quite an experience! The water is SUPER SALTY, i had a few sip of it. It would literally cause me a sore throat. The goggles was quite uncomfortable, especially the biting part. I gave up after awhile and just held my breath while enjoying the gorgeous view underwater. But still fun fun!

The wet 4 of us happy that we had such an experience!

Returned our gears and headed to the deck to dry ourselves.

That's when i realised a bunch of Indian aunties was pointing and glancing at me. I was wondering why until... one of them asked me, "We noticed you brought a camera down into the water, did you take any photos? Can we see?" I explained to them that it was a film camera, need to develop, LOL

The easiest way to dry ourselves would be to sit outside and just let the sun shine on us!

THANK GOD the staffs brought our fruits like watermelon and pineapples for us to quench our thirst because my throat was so dry from the salt water! I guess they know how we are feeling afterall.

Apparently, this is known as the "Viking cave" Gosh, look at the clear waters!!!

After another 30 mins or so, we slowly arrived on Phi Phi island...

Had to pay an "entrance" fee for the maintenance of the island. Cheat tourist money lor!

Everyone from different ferries alighted and literally swarmed the whole island.

Took a photo for the couple against the beautiful backdrop...

Here's the photo i took for them! Like a nice! (:

Doesn't this photo look like it's taken from a post card! #awardwinningphoto tyvm.

Apparently we were too engrossed with taking photos that we lost the entire tour group so we had to search the whole island for familiar faces so that we could have our buffet lunch (which is part of the Phi Phi island package!) Managed to locate them after asking for directions. Phew, heng ah...

Simple "buffet" lunch. Did not really expect much, still quite okay.

Explored the island quite abit and got home made ice cream and donuts!

Saw this fish spa store offering 150 Baht per person! which is around 6 bucks! CHEAP!!!

Little did we expect that they will wash our feet before allowing us to dip our feet into the pool!

Waited for Chris so the 3 of us took photos around the shop, haha! While we were "feeding" the fishes, the kind shopkeeper offered to help take photos for us. She literally took shots of us from different angles. From the side, from the front, from the top etc, why so professional one. LOL

#Front view: Chris and Suping enjoying themselves feeding the fishes!

#Side view: Nurul and i enjoying in the chio blue pool which i chose, LOL

Took this shot myself. Just look at the amount of fishes on my feet! So delicious meh! HAHA

Another #awardwinningphoto! Can print and use as post card already! MUAHAHA

Last few shots before boarding the ferry back to Phuket!

"If i ever go Phuket again, i will definitely go snorkeling and visit Phi Phi island again"

Upon alighting from the ferry, there's a lot of plates with our photos on it!


Anyway, we still bought the souvenior (100 Baht/ $5) and headed back to the hotel...

Just nice there was a mobile store selling roasted corn just below our hotel, yum yum (:

It looks really delicious and cost only $2? (Keyword - "looks") LOL

Went back to our hotel to refreshed up and head out for dinner! This place near our hotel serves all day breakfast so we ordered sandwiches, American breakfast, scrambled eggs etc. While waiting for the food, i realised i was feeling cold, literally shivering hard, stomachache and feeling nausea (?!)

It was like the ultimate combo. I couldn't take it and went back to the hotel alone, vomited the food that i had earlier in the day, had diarrhoea for a couple of times, and eventually led to fever. Based on my Saint John experience, i knew i had food poisoning. I was feeling terrible. Seriously FML tyvm.

Not wanting to waste any time. I still went for thai massage. LOL

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