Wednesday, December 28, 2011

4 Day 3 Nights Phuket getaway: Day 3!

After a day outdoor with the sun and the sea on Day 2, it's finally Day 3 of my Phuket travelogue! Here's the LINK to the previous day's post just in case you missed it. Are you ready for more?

Well, i ended the previous day's post saying i had food poisoning but still went for Thai massage. The massage was literally bone cracking. It was quite pain at first but it slowly became comfortable (except for some parts where they shifted your body position to some yoga style!) My masseur ended up asking if i'm feeling unwell because she felt that my body temperature was quite hottt :(

That night was terrible. I was having fever + had to wake up frequently due to diarrhea and nausea.

Couldn't sleep well that night, had a few panadols and still went on with Day 3 activities!

In Phuket, it's common to see motorbikes for rental. You can just rent them even if you don't have a license. I heard it's really cheap, maybe less than 30 bucks for a day with a full tank and refills are available everywhere. But i still think it's quite dangerous PLUS what if it get stolen then how?! GG.

For the first 2 days in Phuket, we were asking ourselves, they funny thing is "How come we are staying at Patong Beach but we have never thought of going to the beach?" So on the third day, we headed to the Patong beach first thing in the morning before we start our day activities!

HUGE ASS PHOTO OF ME (in my new Starbucks singlet) AND NURUL!

The view at the beach was super nice. Other than the clear waters, we get to see mountains and rocks. People having fun jet skiing, para-sailing, banana boat etc. Activities were quite expensive so we didn't try. Not forgetting we also saw a girl sun bathing topless totally in her own world, LOL

Jet skiing was around 750 Baht i think, which is about 30 dollars for 15 mins. Not worth it i guess.

Typical thing to do at the beach. Grab a stick, write some words on the sand and take photo, LOL

Chris, Nurul and Me under the sun! Love the view behind

They offer a chair with a umbrella shelter at 100 Baht ($4) for the whole day, best for those who intend to sun tan or read a book at the beach. We rented one to put our belongings and took turns to take a rest while we explore. Damn relaxing, can easily fall asleep. This kind of life is damn shiokk.

Spotted a HUGE jellyfish that got washed up shore! Quite amazed by it, LOL

There is this woman walking around with a box of fruits under the sun so i thought why not just buy something from her, so i bought a slice of watermelon which was HUGE and i think it cost only 50 Baht! Sweet and refreshing, definitely one of the best fruits to have in this kind of weather (:

From the beach, we took the catered mini van for our day activity (which we purchased the package from the nice lady on Day 1 if you can remember!) The package consist of Snake show, Monkey show and also 30 mins of elephant trekking! The journey to the place took around 20 mins...

The place is called "Phuket Safari" The package cost 600 Baht ($25)

First up would be the Snake show where they show us different type of poisonous snake like the king cobra, pythons and they do various stunts like agitate the snake, kiss the snake etc. Zzz

The trainer showing us the teeth of the snake! He even use a metal spoon to extract out the venom!

Next up would be the Monkey show! Honestly, i thought it was rather cruel to train the monkeys to do its trainers' bidding (i think i watch too much Planet of the Apes) The show was quite nice...

They made the monkeys untie ropes, throw basketballs, do push ups and back flips etc.

Doing the photo taking session, the monkey will auto climb to your head and sit down, LOL

A ang mo tourist letting the monkey drink water through a straw. Quite a cute scene, haha

Last but not least, elephant trekking!

Even though this is not my first time sitting on an elephant, there is still this fear whenever i stepped onto the elephant because it just feels so unstable! All they have is just this rope to "prevent" you from falling off the seat. It took around 5 mins before i calmed down and enjoy the trekking, LOL

Me and Nurul posing for the camera, i like this photo

Su Ping and Chris was shortly behind us. They like never struggle as much as me and nurul ley.

See! They happily enjoying the trekking.

I always thought the route was those normal straight route but i was wrong. The elephant went up and down steep slopes (it was really scary, if fall then really GG le!), into waters. Half the time i was hoping the trekking would come to an end as soon as possible. Like i had enough! Ending?

By the way, i was still feeling sick that day. Anyway, they fetched us back to the hotel after the trekking so we rested before another car came to fetch us for our night activity! Simon Cabaret!

Simon Cabaret is a well known show in Phuket. It features a spectacular musical floor show performed by the world famous "lady boys" of Simon Cabaret. We paid 600 baht for VIP seats!

I did the research online and this is one of the must watch in Phuket!

VIP seats ticket at 600 Baht ($25) each. We had the 3rd row from the front, really good seats!

Took a group photo before the show starts. No photo taking or videography allowed during the show so we kept our camera. I would say this show is definitely worth watching! They did musicals such as Burlesque, different cultures such as Korea. Their costumes are damn kua zhang and some of them (or should i say most of them) REALLY look like females! I stared at them for a really long time because a few of them really caught my attention. They are even prettier than real girls! OMG.

At the end of the show, all these performers will line up outside the theater for you to take photos with them, you must tip them at 25 Baht ($1) each, which i thought was rather reasonable...

Here's one of the photos i took with them! They very act chio, LOLOLOL

I was thinking in my mind, "Are they happy with their current life after their 'transformation'? Are they hiding something behind their smiles?" That's probably something i will never know. Anyway, that's not the end of Day 3, more photos with the lady boys and the exciting night life of Phuket to be revealed in the next post! Stay tuned for the last travelogue post.

P/s: Was still feeling unwell so i went to the pharmacy to get some pills that night :(

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