Sunday, December 11, 2011

Frank by OCBC: I got my card!

Throughout the past few months, i have been receiving invites in my email by FrankbyOCBC for their launch of their new FRANK cards but i haven't been replying their emails (so sorry!) due to my own commitments (even though i was really really interested in the card!) So finally i managed to get some time off and RSVP-ed for their most recent event which is the opening of the Vivocity outlet!

Look at the amount of bloggers attending the event! We were given a task which is to design our own "name tag" to identify ourselves. There were markers, lots of stickers, tapes and what not for us to decorate our tag! I thought it was a rather innovative way for us to identify ourselves (:

Here's my tag! Simple but not bad right! LOL

What i really like about the FRANK cards is that we are able to choose from a wide range of designs available! It's not like the other debit/ credit cards where everyone only has that one design. FRANK allows you to change the design whenever you want, and all you have to do is pay a small sum for that exchange! Now we don't have to stick to one boring design for our debit/ credit cards! Cool :D

Photo with Hayley! It's been a long long time since i last met her! Looking as pretty as always (:

With Angie! aka yourapplepie (:

Shine! The last time we met was when we were dancing at FutureStage! Prettier and prettier!

Food and drinks were available as they introduced to us their latest credit card!

After the presentation was done, we headed back to the FRANK store to applied for our cards!

There's this huge screen outside the store where you can scroll through all the designs!

I wanted something simple yet unique. Not too cartoon-ish...

Group photo with some of the other bloggers outside the FRANK store!

Finally got my card after 3 weeks! Chose the "Broadway" design, love it! If i ever get bored of the design, all i have to do is just drop by one of the FRANK store, choose another design, pay a small sum ranging from about $0 to $50 (depending on design) and wait for the new card to arrive! As easy as that! Tempted to make for yourself now? LOL