Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas with *Cousins at Hotel Re!

Once again, i know it's already 2012 but i die die still want to publish this post! I actually edited the photos for this post before year end but just didn't have the time to add in the words. So now i finally have the time, i better finish up before it drags any longer. This post is so last year, LOLOL

Last year's Christmas day was spent at Hotel M with the friends that i made through blogging few about 1 or 2 years back (affectionately known as *cousins with the asterisk) so this year, we decided to celebrate Christmas the same way, but at another place this time! We were considering whether to go back to Hotel M or try out a new hotel. Narrowing down to Hotel Re! this year...

Made a booking about 2 weeks before hand! *excited*

Took a train over to Outram Park station and walked about 10 mins to the Hotel. Along the way, there will be signage to show you the way to the hotel. But while walking, in my mind i was thinking, "why would anyone want to build a hotel here..." It doesn't seem like the best place to build a hotel.

Check in time was 2pm but we arrived earlier, only to find out my room wasn't ready so we waited and waited... ALL THE WAY TILL 3PM! So you can imagine about 6 to 7 of us at the lobby waiting.


Finally got to check in and while inside the lift, we took a group shot!

Our triple premiere room! Quite satisfied with the room, but honestly. Studio M is cooler!

Hotel Re! - the modern retro boutique hotel in Singapore!

Once we entered the room, everyone started exploring the room (not like it's very big also) Quite a simple room, can't really see what so special "modern retro" the room is but for our room, we had 3 beds, LCD TV with cable channels, rain shower etc. About $220/ night. I realised this paragraph is not a very positive review, but i don't care. They check us in late leh! 1 whole hour waiting. HMPF

Our "Lime juice", "Mineral Water" and "Ice lemon tea" brought by Josh, LOL

Rest of the snacks that we bought beforehand! Those in the white container are complimentary.

As we were quite early (activities that we planned are for the night) so afternoon we were either playing Monopoly deal, sleeping, eating or watching Cable TV! I watched like 3 movies that afternoon - Mainly Karate Kid, Shrek 3 and How to train a dragon! It was until 6 when everyone was present!

Web cam photos! Bought a few $2 Santa hats from Daiso just to take photos!

#1: I was taking a photo with Mel and Jiaqi with my camera and JL decided to #foreveralone!

#2: More group photos using my EX 1 camera! Totally got the Christmas "feel"!


Jing long and Mel went out to grab KFC dinner for all of us! What a feast!

Group photo before eating!

SEE THAT KHOO JING LONG! Everyone posing except for him! >:(

We also had a log cake which Jiaqi won from twitter giveaway! So lucky!!!

FINALLY EVERYONE IS PRESENT! Anyway, the log cake was delicious! Nom Nom Nom

While everyone was eating, i went to my bag get something to give out to everyone!

Every year i look forward to gift exchanges during christmas because the process of exchanging the gifts very interesting and we get back something in return! After all, X'mas is the season of giving!

But this year after voting, we decided not to have a gift exchange because most people don't know what to get and thought might as well use the money to get dinner instead. So i thought maybe i do up something for everyone. So i got little Xmas cards from mini toons, printed individual small photos that i once took with them and attached the card to the cute key chains which i got from my Phuket trip and gave it out to every single one of them! Took me quite a while to source for the photos lor!

Voodoo keychains for the guys, Elephant keychains for the girls! At least they got something

Felt that the effort was worth it when i saw everyone smiling happily in this photo (:

TAU POK!!! I sustained a few abrasions in the midst of playing. I was the ultimate victim!

Wei jie bought this drinking game called the "DRUNKEN TOWER"

Basically the game is like Jenga, we have to pick a block out from the tower and see what's the instructions on the block. The instructions can be like a simple "drink one" or "Player to the right drink one" Very simple drinking game. We had a partner each and mine was Li mei, we don't drink!

My turn to pick one block! I think i toppled the whole tower in the end. LOL

We then moved on to play "Circle of Death" (I think that's the name of the game...)

Basically we had to pick a card out from the circle without breaking the circle chain. Then just match the card number according to the paper! The most fun part is when anyone picked out the number 10, meaning they can set any rule. We had rules like "Cannot point fingers at anyone" or "Cannot say the word - Drink", "End every sentence with Merry Christmas" If we break the rule, we have to drink!

We played games throughout the night and apparently we made too much noise till the manager had to knock on our door 2 times to ask us to quieten down. Everyone slept at around 4am! I slept in an awkward position because of the no. of people squeezing resulting in a serious backache :(

Last group photo in the room before we checkout the next day!

We took a lift photo when we came, now another one when we leave!

That's all for my Christmas post! Had an enjoyable time with the *Cousins that day and i hope in 2012, we can have another Christmas stay over at another hotel!