Sunday, February 12, 2012

新年 CNY Part 1

I guess i'm one of the few laziest bloggers in the blogosphere who have not even blogged about their Chinese New Year. (Damn, this reminds me that i haven't blogged about my Hong Kong travelogue last October! That's 3 months already, oh my tian. Disclaimer: I swear i edited the all the HK photos already, just need to add in words!) Anyway, here's a collection of 45 photos which basically sum up my CNY this year! Wait. The last day of CNY is actually 6th Feb, which means i'm only 4 days late in blogging about my CNY! I'm not late, i'm not late, i'm not late! It's everyone else blogged early :D

My reunion lunch which my mum cooked. Not bad hor! Got scallop with abalone and broccoli

A photo with my sis before heading to Chinatown to breathe the CNY atmosphere!

I always try to make it a point to visit Chinatown at least once a year during CNY because i like the atmosphere where all the chinese will gather and get their last minute CNY goodies and decorations. Although most of the time it will get hot and sweaty and i'll complain alot, but still! :|

Just look at the crowd. Oh my tian.

Managed to get a photo in the middle of the crowd :D

Photo with my sis! Love the sepia effect

While i was walking around, i received a tweet on my phone saying that's me in the "photo"!
I was like what photo (?!), then i was showed this photo:

Apparently someone took a photo of the crowd in Chinatown and posted it on instagram and one of my twitter followers spotted me in the photo! What are the chances! It was quite amusing. LOL

Saw a queue for Bak Kwa and decided to get some too

Definitely not cheap but CNY is a good excuse to get Bak Kwa :D

There's a lot of these store in Chinatown. What they mainly offer are either Taiwan puddings, Mochi or sweets. For the fun of it, i went to this store which offers one plastic bag at $5 and we get a stuff as many sweets as we can into the bag! The aftermath is that, the sweets looks interesting but in actual fact, it all taste terrible. It was kinda of waste money but oh wells. Had fun, LOL

It started to rain so my family decided to stop by this dim sum store for some food (:

Photo with my sis before heading out on the actually day. Checkout my outfit of the day HERE.

Casual lunch at my mum's side. Same routine every year, just as nice

Went over to my dad's side where the ban luck begins! HUAT AHHH

The very first ban luck cards i got for the year - 13 points. #FML

Ang pows that i collected for the day.

I have a habit of not opening my ang pows unless i really need the money. I still have last year's unopened ang pows and i'm going to combine them with this year's. I don't really see a need to open them yet. This way, i'm actually saving all my ang pows $$, who knows how much i have now! :D

Met up with my cousins the next day for L4D session!

Decided to have Astons for dinner at The Cathay. As usual, we expected a long queue and we waited about 20 mins for a seat. I realised it's more practical to pray for the queue to be shorter instead of praying that there's no queue at all (which is quite impossible for the cathay outlet...)

I find Astons really good and affordable. Less than 10 bucks for a main and 2 side dishes!

To be continued...