Friday, March 2, 2012

Hong Kong Travelogue: 香港 Day 2!

Back for the Day 2 post! If you haven't read Day 1, you can read it by clicking HERE! Slept quite late the previous night and woke up the next morning at about 9am. We opened the curtains and...


We bought the I HK tee from temple street the night before after bargaining and decided to wear it on Day 2 where we will be visiting the Ngong Ping! So you can imagine the 5 of us running around wearing the same tee. So obvious that we are tourists, confirm buy things kena chopped one! LOL

This is the view when we open our room's door. Amazing huh?

We all look like we got not enough sleep. LOLOLOLOL

Took the hotel shuttle bus to Tsim sha tsui (another HKD30) to meet Jeffery for Breakfast!

We saved Jeffery's HK sim card number as "Do Not Answer", LOL

The weather perfect for camwhore. Naturally lighting

Checking out the MTR map on the iPad while waiting for Jeffery at the station.

I like this photo alot! ♥♥♥

At every MTR station, there is this wall where they will imprint the station name behind a coloured wall and our mission to take as many photos with the station name as possible! So tourist, LOL

Jeffery did some research on his iPhone and found one good dim sum restaurant for breakfast!

The 5 of us in the I HK tee! What an epic scene.

There was one time when we (the guys) went to the toilet, but we entered one by one and we somehow pretended that we don't know each other and did our things and it was such an epic scene for the people inside. It was almost like a flash mob. 4 unknown guys wearing the same tee, LOL

At London dim sum restaurant, we don't order what we want but we wait for the aunties to push their trays around and we see if there's any dishes that we want. For every dish that we take, they just keep chopping on this bill but the actual fact is, we have no idea how much each dish cost!

Some of the Dim sum dishes that we took! I think we took too much for the 5 of us!

Xiao long baos and Siew mai. Authentic Hong kong Dim sum

Caught on camera chewing my food. Unglam +1

I notice Jeffery always make funny faces when taking photos. You will see more later!

Asked one of the staff to help take a group photo. Felt like some wedding banquet. HAHAHAHA

Mong kok station.

We had to take a train over to Tung Chung station to take a cable car to Lantau island!

I forgot for what reason, we stopped by Hong Kong station...

Finally reached and saw the cable cars!

The queue was quite long but we finally got our tickets after about 15 to 20 mins!

I heard this ngong ping cable car is the longest in Asia!

Group photo onboard the cable car!

Across the sea, up the mountains just to get to Lantau island~!

Wendy brought her instax camera and we took a few group photos!

and we FINALLY reached Ngong Ping 360!

It was some bubble festival during that period and there were bubbles machines EVERYWHERE!

Decided to take some camwhore shots with the bubbles. LOL

I think this is some kind of wishing tree...

The entrance of the Ngong Ping Village!

This reminds me of the Running Man special episode where they have to come Ngong Ping Village to do a mission! That was definitely one of the best episodes throughout the whole series.

Another group shot with my EX1 camera!

This is the main reason why most people come to Lantau island.

We decided to slowly climb up the stairs but we took longer than anyone else. Mainly because after every about 20 steps, we stopped and started taking photos! I brought my tripod along so we could get more group photos! You will see them as we slowly reached the top of the stairs...

It was quite a magnificent view and the Buddha was HUGE. Did a silent prayer (:

Another group photos of the guys!

Can you make out what the 3 guys at the back was trying to do? We were showing 3-6-0, LOL

Jeffery and his crazy posing again. Wonder what's going on in his head, LOLOLOLOL

Definitely my favourite snack in Hong Kong! It's so delicious!

The 4 photos that we bought. Never had the intention to buy them but for whatever reason, all the photos turn out to be damn nice. So we bought everything, and they are not cheap hor! I think it's about SGD$10 per photo! After we got 4 photos, we told ourselves, the next time a photographer ask us to pose, we will do stupid face so that the photos will turn out ugly and we won't buy it.


By the time we took the cable car back to mainland, we were all really tired.

Avenue of Stars.

As tired as we may be, we decided to go ahead with the itinerary as planned and head to the Avenue of Stars to catch the Night lights display show at 8pm! I can still remember during my last trip i came to this place but was too late for the show. This time we managed to reach on time!

The view was pretty! But honestly, the light show wasn't very impressive...

This is one of my most favourite group shot in this trip!

Made good use of my tripod which i specially bought my Phuket and Hong kong trip!

Awesome view of the city skyline.

Randomly took a group photo with a pig statue. Apparently the pig is famous in HK, LOL

Went over to Mong kok for night shopping!

Photo taken using the Canon S95. Vibrant colour mode, very suitable in Hong Kong.

Search for this Toy Mart building in Mong Kok and i'm so glad we found it!

I like to shop at stores like Toy post in Singapore because i get to see different things that people are selling in a single shop and some things are really interesting. In HK toy mart, there are so many of these stores! You will see what are some of the crazy things that we bought in that building!

Wide range of contact lens! Those that we see in online blogshops. Safe or not, i don't know.

Cute thumb drives in all sort of shapes!

It was getting late and we felt hungry so we decided to stop by this Clay pot store for dinner!

This clay pot rice store seem really popular as it was damn crowded!

Deciding on what type of clay pot rice to order...

I like the fact that Coke always come with lemon slices in Hong Kong!
Additional side order of Veggie in oyster sauce!

Our delicious clay pot rice!

It tasted so authentic that we finished every single grain of it! 很好很好很好吃!!!

Reminder to drink Shui liu shan when you are in Hong Kong, it's the best!

Night market at Mongkok, alot of interesting things to buy also.

Blackjack machine in the arcade! First time seeing such a machine, SUPER INTERESTING.

Horse racing machine at the arcade too. It's like REAL gambling.

Here are some of the stuffs that we bought from Toy Mart! Did you see a cotton candy maker machine?! OR that jellyfish tank? OR that toy capsule machine?! OR that underwater film camera?!

We were so excited that we immediately bought batteries from 7 eleven and fixed up the toys at Jeffery's place. (also to check whether it really works!) After which, we cabbed back to our hotel.

Our hauls for Day 2!

As mentioned earlier in the Day 1 post, Day 3 was supposed to be a trip to Macau, somewhere which i really wanted to go but due to time constraint, we decided not to. But still, Day 3 was still as interesting as we took the "ding ding train" and visited a lot of celebrities! LOL

To be continued...

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