Sunday, March 18, 2012

iTouch, iPhone or iPad?

From the title above, it's quite obvious what this post is gonna be about right? Well, it all started when i first saw a white iPod touch during a lucky draw. I was asking everyone around me, "Is that a WHITE ipod touch?! Since when?" From what i know, iPod touch has ALWAYS been black (I have the black one) but suddenly out pop a white one. There wasn't even a official announcement right?

Honestly that night, i was crossing my fingers and praying very hard that i would win it. When they announced the first 4 digits of the IC no, it was EXACTLY the same as mine, until the 5 digit, FML

The next thing i did was to 'research' on whether there's really the white iPod touch. To my amazement (a bit kua zhang but still!) It has the Retina screen, front and rear camera, it's white etc. I thought it would be a good blogging 'tool' since i'm always lazy to bring out my EX1. But then again, the important question is, Do i really really really really need a white iPod touch?
You see. #1: I already have a black one (even though it's an older model) #2: There's camera so i won't be able to bring it around due to my job. #3: I already have 2 iPod shuffles, 4 iPod Nanos, 1 itouch and an iPad. Do i really need another itouch? In the end, it all lies down to - I can easily buy it anytime i like BUT i'm not willing to pay 288 bucks for something that i technically already have.

No matter what, i'm still not willing to fork out the money! Then again, i really want it so i was thinking what ways can i get it without forking out any money. Suddenly, i received an email on this blog contest and the prize was $300 CAPITALAND CASH VOUCHER. I was like, "If i win, i could use the cash vouchers to get an iPod touch right?!" So i spent a whole day drafting the post and submitting it. GUESS WHAT? I WON. I WON THE $300 CAPITALAND CASH VOUCHERS. Oh my tian.

Well well well. Just when you thought everything is over. I'm happy with my $300 voucher, and i can get the white iPod touch (i even had $12 extra ok! LOL) Fickle-minded me is now thinking...

Should i use the $300 to off set, top up and get a white iPhone 4S instead?

Someone just slap me, thanks. Now i'm thinking. Everything that i want in the iPod touch is available on the latest iPhone 4S. The camera is even better at 8MP. I can even instantly upload any photo that i take on twitter, Facebook instead of finding WIFI to upload for the itouch. I can even use it as a secondary phone in addition to my Blackberry by just getting another sim card at $10+ per month!

After minus-ing the $300, i still have to pay about $650 though. Just when you thought i only have to choose between the iPod touch and the iPhone 4S. Last week, APPLE decided to launch the...


By the time you read this post, the New iPad should be selling in the stores right now. Anyway, What kind of name is "The New iPad"?! Imagine during the reveal, Tim Cook says, "Now, this is the moment we have all been waiting for - Let us witness the New iPad!" *everyone waits for the official name e.g iPad 3 or iPad HD before clapping* #AWKWARDMOMENT much!!! AHAHAHHAHAHAHA

The 16GB 3G version cost $828 so after off setting the $300, i still have to fork out $528. So it's either i pay nothing and get the iPod touch ($288), pay $650 to get the iPhone 4S or pay $528 for the New iPad. You tell me how to decide like this? I've got 3 options right now. HOW HOW HOW?

This tweet is quite true right?