Sunday, March 11, 2012

What if we had more than one option in Uni?

So what's your path like? Most of us here will go through the "standard" path whereby we attend 6 years of Primary School, 4 or 5 years of Secondary school, move on to either 2 years of Junior College or 3 years in Polytechnics followed by getting a degree in a University and like the famous phase says, "You are never too old to learn" Your learning path goes on and on and on...

Let me share abit about my path:

Quite straight forward right? Except that perhaps i took a year longer than most people because i was in the Normal Academic stream during my secondary school. Well, i did had a choice to get into the Express stream but i decided to give myself one more year. (It's better than i cannot cope...)

After O levels, i was given a wide range of engineering courses but i decided to choose Business IT in Republic Poly simply because i wasn't interested in engineering. After Poly, the females will have to make a decision to either work or enroll into Uni to continue their studies. HOWEVER, the guys will have to enlist into army for 2 years. That's the "STOP" part in my education path diagram above.

Fickle minded people like me can't make up a decision on whether to continue study or to start working after army so i thought the 2 years in army allowed me to think of what i really wanted...

But there was simply too many choices to choose from! How to make a decision?

I secretly have this goal of becoming a hotel manager. (I was inspired by this Hong Kong drama!) Being a hotel manager enables me to meet people from all walks of life, people from different places and that's what i always wanted to do. Extending my help to different travelers and making sure their stay in the hotel is perfect. It seem like a really satisfying job when someone say a simple 'thank you' to you after checking out. Anyone of you here have the same sentiments as me? LOL

Of course, hard work is needed to be put in before you can even be a hotel manager. It starts from the very basic - Getting to know the industry. Why not study to gain the relevant knowledge in Poly and Uni before entering the work force so that we don't have to start from scratch right?

Bachelor of Commerce in Hospitality & Tourism Management

Knowing the industry is perhaps not enough, what about learning how to deal with the human resources in your resource pool? Allocating and recruiting the correct people for the correct job?

Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management

Wait. Does it mean we have to major in 2 different degrees? Would it take a long time? Very often when we are choosing from so many different degree options in a university, we all hope that we can take up more than one option isn't it? With both skills, wouldn't it make my goal towards becoming a hotel manager closer? But then again, majoring in 2 degrees...

The answer is NO! Kaplan now offers Murdoch's double degree and Masters programmes! If i had this opportunity to choose between the lists of double major degree programmes that Kaplan offers, i would definitely choose the Bachelor of Commerce in Hospitality & Tourism Management and Human Resource Management (Double Major) We can have Best of both worlds! ;)

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