Friday, August 10, 2012

Gardens by the Bay!

By the time you guys read this post, i bet about 50% of you guys would have visited the Gardens by the Bay by now since it's like one of the latest "attraction" in Singapore and it's quite accessible now that the circle line brings you all the way there. Decided to go take a look at the place during one of the weekends (Admission is free for the public!)
The famous avatar looking "Supertrees" They are there not just for decoration but they actually serve several purposes such as harnessing solar energy for the lighting! There's also this sky way for you to have a view of the garden.
Even though admission to the Gardens is free to the public, you have to buy tickets if you want to visit the 2 dome - Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. ($12 to visit 1 dome, $20 for both for local resident) The OCBC sky walk cost $5/pax.
Made a decision. Chose Cloud forest over Flower dome because the "route" seem nicer! ($12. Didn't want to pay another 8 bucks just to visit both, LOL) and also bought the OCBC Sky walk tickets! Totally damage was... $17!
This is what i meant by the "route". For the cloud forest, there is this designated path from the top for you to follow so as to explore the whole dome fully. I'm not really sure about the flower dome although from the outside, it doesn't seem to be as interesting as the Cloud forest. Maybe next time i go then i share again with you guys (:
Entrance to the Cloud Forest.
Upon entering the Cloud forest, you will be greeted by this HUGE waterfall! One thing that you will notice would be the change in temperature! You will feel like you stepped into a huge refrigerator, at some point of time, you might feel cold.
Everyone will definitely stop by the waterfall to take photos, crowding up the entrance!
Here's the recommended route for the Cloud Forest. If you are feeling super energetic, you can choose to go the opposite way and slowly make you way up the 'mountain' instead, then take the lift down at the end.
Right at the top of the dome. As you can see, it's quite crowded that day...
These are the metal walkway paths that guide you through the whole dome all the way down!

Beautiful flowers everywhere! I think these are the only 2 photos of flowers in this post. Honestly speaking, i think most people who visits Garden By the Bay have no intention of looking at the different species of flowers they have to offer, but they just want to checkout the place because it's a new "attraction". Well, at least that's for myself.
Enthusiastic photographers taking photos along the way.
It really feels like a different world in the dome. No wonder they say it's like in Avatar...
View of the waterfall from the top!
"The Lost World" is the last stop of the Cloud dome. The $12 was quite worth it!

Next up, we moved on the Supertrees for the OCBC Sky walk!
The thing is... We had to queue up for about an hour just to get up onto the sky way -_-
Apparently there is only 1 lift which can fit about maybe 6 people at one time up, and the queue is so long. So can you imagine the time we have to wait just to get up? After queuing up for about 20 mins (not even halfway!) and realizing the ticket is valid for a month, decided to give up and come another day. A lot of people just buy without realizing...
Captured this shot just in time as it was the NDP preview state flag fly past!
As the night comes, the super trees started to lit up, it was a pretty sight!
Now that i still have tickets for the sky way, i might consider going to the Gardens again at night just to see the night view! I heard and read that there's even light shows which is totally avatar-ish. I guess if you can't think of anything to do or have no where to go, you can drop by Gardens by the bay to checkout the place? :)