Sunday, October 7, 2012

Planning a trip to Taiwan!

It's almost the end of the year and it's time to reward myself for whatever i have accomplished/ worked hard for the past 10 months! What's more rewarding than a good holiday getaway out of the country! (maybe an iPhone 5 or the upcoming Samsung Note 2 but still!) Tentatively the trip would be early November so i'm left with less than a month to plan for a trip! There's so many countries that i want to go to such as BKK (almost all my friends have been there at least once -.-), Japan, Korea, Australia, Paris and erm, did i mention i'm heading to Taiwan for this holiday getaway?

Honestly, i'm rather skeptical about going to Taiwan. Yes, i know a lot of people have been raving about what a great destination it is but to me... The thought of all the Chinese characters everywhere (i can't really read for nuts) and having to converse in mandarin , the traveling time to different attractions (which could last for HOURS) and what is there to look forward to in Taipei? Example, if i were to go to Hong Kong, i know i have to visit Lantau island, Disneyland etc. Phuket, i must definitely go for snorkeling. Paris, visiting the Eiffel tower is a must. You get what i'm trying to mean?

Well, I did a "google image" search on Taipei and here's the result:

Okay, i get it. So i have to visit the Taipei 101 when i'm in Taipei. What else?

After reading travelogues on blogs after blogs, and researching online for a few days on the different tourist attractions, i finally have a list of places that i will include in my itinerary when i visit Taiwan and here they are:

I will definitely be staying at Xi men ding - 西門町 which is like a hotspot for night shopping and food.

Visit the Taipei 101 - 台北101 which is the "must" when you visit Taipei.

Something that i always wanted to try. Release the Kong Ming lantern at Ping Xi - 平溪.

Take the Ferris wheel at Miramar Entertainment Park - 美麗華百樂園.

How can i forget the Shilin Night Market - 士林夜市 for the snacks!

Not sure if i will visit the Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe though.

Mr. J Restaurant - Mr. J 餐廳 opened by Jay Chou himself.

Heard bad reviews but still gonna try the Modern Toilet Restaurant - 便所主题餐厅!

Fisherman's Wharf  - 淡水漁人碼頭 to visit the Lover's bridge... or maybe not.

One of the theme parks, Window in China - 小人國主題樂園 which is like a mini land of landmark replicas! Must visit!  

The above are the places that i would want to visit in Taiwan! I'm thinking of going for 5 days 4 nights which should be enough to cover all these places? I know there are a lot more places to visit in Taiwan but i'm not so much of a scenic person so i'm not intending to go look at mountains and trees. Are there any more places that you guys think i should/must go? Do drop me a comment below or tweet me at @andystorm! Would definitely appreciate it! Thanks!