Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Last Christmas, i gave you my heart ♥

Every year when i prepare my "round up" post for the year, i would look through all the blog posts that i've done for the past 12 months to help me recap my year and i realised, the previous year's Christmas would be blogged on January! Well, no exception for 2012, i'm blogging about last year's Christmas now! I seriously wonder how some bloggers can blog about their Christmas within the remaining days of the year. Well, it's like literally almost impossible for me, LOL

Every Christmas, i must meet up with 3 bunch of my favourite people! They are my poly clique, my two BFFs and the Cousins*! First bunch i'm blogging about would be my poly clique! Knew each other since year 1 and for the past 3 years or so, we have been meeting up for X'mas gift exchange without fail! Come to think of it, that's 5 years of friendship!
Met up at Orchard ion and decided to have Fish and Co. this year! This is the first time we are ordering from the iPad instead of asking someone to take our orders! So much more efficient!  Meanwhile waiting for our orders to arrive...
Rinn took out some random receipt from her wallet and wrote our names down for gift exchange! ♥
Happy us with our presents! Love gift exchanges because i'm always curious what people will buy for others, HAHAHHAA
Halfway through, our orders started coming in one by one!
Happy us with our gifts! I was secretly hoping i would get a Starbucks tumbler this year because mine spoilt :(
More group photos! I'm so glad that we are still meeting up after our poly days (even though there's a couple that we only meet up like ONCE a year only but still!) There's so many things to catch up on our lives and i hope there are more Christmas like this to come! After our meals, gift exchange and chats, we decided to go somewhere else for dessert!
Haagen daz ice cream platter that cost us about 30 over dollars! We were jokingly saying that with the money, we could have went to NTUC and get one pint of ice cream each, quite true but still! Haagen Daz ice cream is like a good treat! ♥

Next up would be my BFFs!

Was discussing on whatsapp on where to meet up for this year's Christmas and i thought of "With a pinch of Salt" at Katong. A quiet and nice place to chill for dinner and catch ups! Plus, it's really affordable and the food is not bad!
Cheers to 5 years of friendship!
The food that we ordered! Their Cheese Fries is a MUST TRY! I love Cordon bleu :D
Individual shots with our food!
Time for GIFT EXCHANGE, the most exciting part of the meet up, HAHAHAHA! Every year we have to buy gifts for each other and me being the only guy, it's much easier for me to buy gifts for the girls, just buy 2 of the same thing for them!
When Nurul said that she got really practical gifts for the both of us, she really meant PRACTICAL. She got me 2 towels from Muji and a seat cushion for Yah See, which no doubt, we will eventually use it! She also handmade this board for us with our photos! So Sweet ♥ Yah see got me a gift that i would have never imagine she would buy - AN IPAD MINI CASE! She knew that i always wanted the iPad Mini but has been procrastinating and so, here's a good reason for me to get one! For your info, by the time you read this, i've already bought the iPad Mini. Totally her fault! :D
I bought them a glitter lava lamp each! So pretty Ordered one of their more famous dessert - The molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream!
Just nice they decorated their restaurant with X'mas decoration so we decided to take photos with the Christmas tree!
Something really funny happened that night! We asked one of their staff to help take a photo for us in front of the Christmas tree and as we get into position, we suddenly felt something behind us moving and the next thing we know, the Christmas tree topple onto the ground! SUPER PAI SEH. Lucky there wasn't a lot of diners at that point of time!
Instax photos to end the night with BFFs!

There will still be one more upcoming Christmas post to conclude X'mas 2012 and that's with the Cousin*! For the third year in a row, we booked a hotel room (Siloso beach resort hotel this year!) and spent our Christmas together so they totally deserve a blog post for themselves! Well well well, the actual truth is, i have yet to edit the photos. Opps.