Saturday, April 20, 2013

DIY: Mini Cupcake Deco!

I was having my lunch break yesterday and was buying waffles at for my colleagues at Changi Village. While waiting for the waffles to be ready, i browsed the shelves and came across this box of super cute mini butter cupcakes and decided to buy it! Then a random thought came to my mind, "why not get frost and toppings to decorate these mini cupcakes!"

I remember seeing tubes of instant frost at NTUC before and i could get those cheap phoon huat colourful sprinkles or gummy bears to decorate the cupcakes so after work, i headed out to gather the stuff i need. After searching about 3 supermarkets, i FINALLY found the instant frosting! Left only 3 tubes on the shelf, left blue colour only though...
Passed by the Icing Room and saw these sugar deco at just $1 per pack!

Instant frosting. Mini cupcakes. Toppings and Chocolate Pocky sticks!

First step was to frost each and every cupcake (there were 20 of them!)

Finally done! Not very neat but still acceptable i guess. LOLOLOLOLOL

Lastly would be to add on the star and gold ball toppings and Pocky sticks!

Look at how pretty they are after decorating!!!!

Felt a sense of achievement decorating these supposedly plain butter cupcakes into something so cute!

The funny thing is, the decorating cost more than the cupcakes itself! Here's the breakdown:

Mini Cupcakes (20 pcs) - $2
Instant Frosting - $2.90
Pocky Chocolate sticks - $0.85
Star and gold toppings - $2

But nevertheless, i still had fun! But i think i'm going to stay away from cupcakes for awhile. I had like 8 of those :X