Sunday, June 23, 2013

Brunei: A Kingdom of unexpected treasure Day 4

The night on my bed in my room at The Empire Hotel was incredible. Upon hitting the sheets, i immediately felt asleep and soon, it was the last day in Brunei. This whole trip to Brunei was beyond my expectations. I have never imagined myself of all countries, to visit Brunei (i know i didn't pay a single cent for this trip but still!)  Let's complete Day 4 (:
Still lying on my bed, i wanted to see how bright the sky was so i pressed one of the buttons on the remote control at the side of my bed and the curtain were drew. It felt so surreal waking up in a huge room with such a magnificent view.
The morning view from my balcony. I can totally get used to this sort of life
Was to meet everyone for breakfast but i did not have an idea where the place was so i went downstairs and roam around to checkout the lagoon. I was really looking forward to the buffet breakfast and i had really high expectations!
I was not disappointed at all! This was the kind of breakfast i wished i could have everyday and not get bored of it. They had a huge variety of bread and pastries, eggs and pancake stations with all sorts of sauces, nasi lemak corner to customize your own rice set, cooked food, cereals, yogurt and more other food! Very very satisfied! #happyboy89
I just kept going back for more and more food. The above are just some of the food that i tried
Right after breakfast, we had a tour around the hotel so show us what they have to offer!
2 storey villa fully equipped with everything you need including a kitchen! Perfect for families on a vacation
Ambassador suite, which i heard our president, Dr Tony Tan is staying in one of these rooms. Even though they are rooms, they are like apartments which is a few times bigger than my own house! There's even a hall, a meeting table, a few toilets and can you believe this is not already the best room available in the entire hotel? Did i mention Jacuzzi?
Empress Suite.

As you can derive from the name, this is only the 2nd best room in the hotel. Just look at the top left hand photo, that's the living room - with a piano with still lots of space to spare. The empress room is 345 square meters by the way. Just when you think this is good enough, the Emperor room has its own personal private swimming pool and steam sauna, yes right in the room. We did not get the chance to visit the Emperor room though, think it was occupied. Oh wells  :(

The amazing view of the lagoon from one of the rooms. (I forgot which one, LOL)

As much as i'm amazed at the size of the rooms, sometimes i wonder if there's really a need. LOL

Took the opportunity to take more group photos. We might never go into these rooms again ever, unless we get invited back to Brunei again, HAHAHA Please let us stay at The Empire for a few more days so we can enjoy the facilities!
Talking about facilities. As you can derive from their name "The Empire Hotel and Country Club", they have a country club within the hotel which includes a golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus, and as you can see in the above photo, there's even bowling alleys, basketball, badminton, tennis courts, gym facilities, swimming pool etc. Not forgetting SPA!
After the tour inspection was lunch with the Empire Hotel management, at the same place where we had breakfast but this time it's now a lunch buffet! The food was so good that i kept leaving my table to grab more food. Not forgetting there's a whole range of desserts for me to try!!! Different types of cakes, puddings and many more! Goodness me.

Last activity for this Brunei trip was horse riding and it's my first time trying!

This horse behind me has cow prints on it, white with black spots, LOL

First time mounting on a full sized horse, not too bad! Apparently they are very gentle and nice, i heard those in SG like in Pasir Ris park are damn aggressive. Not gonna try to see if it's true a not. Not worth it in Singapore, hahahahaha

Overall it was quite an experience as this is my first time trying horse riding. What's really nice is that it's an relaxing and enjoying ride plus you get to enjoy the sea breeze and scenery! I wish we didn't have to wear the hat though, LOL

The trail was along the beach, very relaxing

Went back to The Empire to wash up and also do our last minute packing before checking out of the hotel. Was told by Tom that we should visit Zest Cafe at the lobby for their desserts and coffee but due to time constraints, i managed to do a takeaway and got some cupcakes and tiramisu to hand carry them back to Singapore! (They survived the journey!)

The one and only group photo with Tom, our guide for the 4 days in Brunei. Really thankful at him for being so patient and helpful. Every time we eat, he has to wait for the 6 of us to finish taking photos of the food before he can start eating (he must be thankful during the buffets, LOL) Other than Rui Long, he is also the other "official" photographer for us and many more. Till we meet again, Tom! It was kinda like mixed feelings when we were at the airport though...

Once again, we took Royal Brunei Airlines back to Singapore.

The sunset reminds me of the view from my room's balcony at the Empire. Thank you Brunei Tourism!

My inflight meal on the return trip! This time my standard meal consist of Chicken with rice, served with salad, bread with butter, distilled water and also cheese cake! Love the combination! I had Karen's portion of cheesecake too! LOL

Thought i would sleep on the 2 hours plus journey back to Singapore but instead of sleeping, everyone of us were chatting throughout the whole journey, talking about everything under the sun (and obviously about blogging) and i remember sharing tips and a impromptu photo editing tutorial on my iPad with everyone! It was really nice to have Malcolm, Karen, Deenise, Tiffany and Ruilong as my companions for this trip. Initially i was wondering if we could get along and such, but we clicked really well! We spent 4 days together and brought back memories with us back to SG

This marks the end of my 4 day travelogue to Brunei. For those who asked me questions before my trip, or were thinking if there's anything to do in Brunei, i guess you have the answer now after reading? I do hope you enjoy reading my blog posts and may there be more opportunities for me to travel and share on this blog with you guys! That's all i have! :D

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This sponsored trip to Brunei is made possible by Royal Brunei Airlines and Brunei Tourism.

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