Thursday, June 13, 2013

#Qoo10: ANdyStorm's tips on purchasing on Qoo10!

If you notice something different at my blog sidebar while reading the posts, you would realised that this blog that you are reading right now has been shortlisted for the Singapore Blog Awards (SBA in short) in the "Best Qoo10 Shopping Blog" for the 2nd year! Was kinda disappointed that i did not win last year, but now i'm back with another chance! :D

Once again, i would be sharing with you guys the bargains/ cheap deals that i managed to sniff out among all the many many items that Qoo10 offers! I will be doing 3 posts in total, sharing things that i got from different sections of Qoo10 such as "Digital & Mobile", "Fashion and Clothings"etc. I know a lot of you are already very familiar on how to shop on Qoo10, but in the this post, i would like to share some useful tips on how i shop on this amazing website! Are you ready?
Tip #1: Spin the RouletteQ daily to win Coupons and QStamp!
Before you start on anything, RIGHT AFTER YOU LOG IN YOUR Qoo10 ACCOUNT, go to the RouletteQ (Click HERE!) and try your luck at winning a Coupon or at least some Qstamp! All you have to do is "take your attendance" and you get a Qticket to try on the Roulette, for all you might know, you might win yourself a coupon which might be useful when you purchase something or checkout your cart! Or win Stamps to exchange coupons! If you did not win anything, it's okay! Because by accumulating your "attendance" daily, you are working towards to winning a coupon too! YAYYY
Tip #2: Filter your search!
If you already know what you want, make use of the search engine to lead you to exactly what you are looking for. Not only that, filter the results according to your budget and sort the items according to find out which store/item is the best selling! In my case, i was looking for creative Fisheye lens for my iPad so i did a general search for - "iPhone Lens".
Exactly what i was looking for and still within my budget of $20! (Click HERE to be link to the shop!)
Tip #3: If you are unsure, read the reviews!

I know how some of us are skeptical about purchasing items online fearing that the items might never ever arrive at your doorstep, or wonder how long does the delivery usually take, can we trust the estimate shipping days the store claims, or skeptical about the quality of the product etc. As someone who always do online shopping, I TOTALLY FEEL YOU.

That's when i rely on customer's reviews to make my call whether to buy from a particular store or not:
There are 2 types of review on Qoo10 - Customers review are short sentences/ comments on how the customers feel about the overall shopping experience at purchasing in the store. Apparently, most of the recent buyers are reviewing that the item is good and delivery is fast. You wouldn't want to purchase from a store who has bad reviews right?
Another type of review are Premium reviews where the buyers will attach a photo of the product as well as give a more elaborated review of their buys. These premium reviews are really helpful as they give you a better idea of the product.
Tip #4: Use coupons to save cost!
2 types of coupons! The above is the item coupon which directly deduct a certain amount based on the conditions on how the coupon can be used! For this case, i used a $1 discount coupon (with min. $10 spending) and got myself a nice $1 discount! If you don't have any coupon, you can use your Qstamps from the menu below to either use a couple of stamps to try your luck at drawing one, or to play it safe, use more Qstamps to exchange for the discount coupon! :D
The other type of coupon would be the Cart coupon! Sometimes for example, you cannot use any of your coupons because your item is less than $10, BUT you are purchasing more than 1 item from the same store, you can combine the value in total and use a cart coupon for an overall discount! But in my case, i decided to try my luck at drawing a FREE SHIPPING coupon (by using 3 stamps) and I GOT IT! Instead of getting a cart discount, i offset my shipping fee :D

So in total my Fisheye lens should cost $12.50 + $2 (fisheye lens) + $1 shipping = $15.50.
After all the discount, i only paid $13.50 for it! :D

Tip #5: Write a review, earn a coupon and stamp!

As reviewed, delivery for my Fisheye lens took only 3 days to arrive at my doorstep! Here are some photos of the item and some cool shots that i took with my iPad and the lens attached! Quite cool right! It's just a simple clip on leyyy.

After receiving the item, do your part by clicking "Confirm Delivery" so that Qoo10 will release the $$ that you paid initially to the seller. This is one way on how Qoo10 is protecting its customers. Remember how the reviews helped you in making a decision on whether to purchase? Now your turn to help others! After you confirm the delivery, do write a review and earn yourself 1 stamp! If you write a premium review, you get an additional $0.50 coupon! Amazing right!

I hope the 5 tips that i mentioned above 
helps you when you purchase on Qoo10!

I was browsing the Digital & Mobile section to look for a new iPad Mini case and decided to buy one!

Chose the black one in the end! ( Click HERE if you are interested to check out the store!)

As promised, delivery was REALLY FAST - within 2 days!

An iPad mini case of this material and make can easily cost more than $20 at retail stores outside and i only got mine at just $13.40 from Qoo10! Seriously what a bargain! Sometimes when people ask me where i get my casing from, i would proudly say it's only $13.80 from Qoo10. Then they would give me the "are you serious." look. AAHAHAHAHHA

I love how i can convert the iPad Mini casing into a stand when i watch movies on my iPad!

Last but not least, i was browsing through the "Time Sale" (where a whole range of items goes on discount for a certain period of time, click HERE to check it out!) and i came across this Aromatherapy oil diffuser that i always wanted to get for my room! Apparently there's a 85% off during the time sale (i have serious no idea how true the original price is, but still!) and it cost only $15.90 during the Time Sale! Note that the price has now revert to $17.90. (Click HERE)

It comes with a free choice of aroma oil (10ml) and after shipping cost of $3, i only paid $18.90 for it!

It took about 3 days for the item to arrive, nicely packed and bubble wrapped in a box. I chose Sandalwood because i really like the warm, woodsy scent, and it's supposed to have a euphoric effect that promotes a sense of well being (:

All i have to do is drop about 8 drops and on the diffuser and my room will smell of Sandalwood

That's all i have this post, do stay tuned for the next 2 Qoo10 posts! For those who are avid shoppers of Qoo10, i hope the tips are useful and for those who have yet to try shop on Qoo10, what are you waiting for? Sign up for an account now. Also, do "like" Qoo10 on their Facebook (click HERE!) to get updates on their promotions and events!

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