Thursday, July 11, 2013

Travelogue collage: Bangkok June 2013

It's been almost 2 week since i last updated my blog. Have been quite busy with work, and a little secret project of mine which you guys will know of it very soon, and of course, as you can read from the title of this post, i went traveling again last month! I know i already went Bangkok in March and came back from Brunei in May and the next thing you know, i flew to Bangkok again. That's 3 overseas trip within the first half of 2013! Quite an accomplishment, LOLOLOLOL

This BKK trip was a rather impromptu one, decided less than 3 weeks before departure but i'm glad to be visiting the Land of smiles, or should i say the shopping paradise again! I really enjoyed myself during the first trip in March and after that trip, i told myself i must return again (for more shopping!) but little did i expect it to be just a short 4 months later!

Since i got my iPhone 5 recently, i decided not to bring any one of my cameras along (for the first time ever for an overseas trip!) and rely on my iPhone instead if i wish to take any photos. After all i already did a travelogue for BKK and  there's no point writing another one since it's probably gonna be the same thing? But still, i managed to take quite a number of photos on my iPhone and decided to put them into a collage for this post! Filtered out 100 photos in total!

These 100 photos were taken throughout the 4 days from the moment i stepped into the airport on Day 1 till i'm back in Singapore on Day 4. This collage basically summaries my entire 4D3N trip from the places i went, the food that i ate and the things i did! Pictures speaks a thousand words and i believe this collage  more or less narrates my trip! Enjoy! (:

"I believe i will return to BKK again. It's just a matter of when."