Monday, February 24, 2014

Having a blast with my new speakers!

As you can read from the title above, it's quite obvious what this post is gonna be all about but still,
What's the difference between the 2 photos below?
 photo IMG_8460.jpg
Well, it's quite obvious that it's my new speakers - the Sound Blaster Axx AXX200 from Creative!
 photo IMG_7656.jpg
The kind folks from Creative recently sent me their latest yet-to-be-launch in Singapore speakers (i'm not sure if it's already available in the SG market at this point of time because i took quite awhile to come up with this blog post, Opps.) After reading up on its whole wide range of built in features online, i was really excited to receive the product! There are already so many wireless speakers out there in the market but how does one really stand out from the others?

Before i go on with this post, i just wanna say that i'm not a professional tech blogger and probably won't be because i know nuts about all those processor, audio card blah blah blah but as a lifestyle blogger, what i really look for would be how a product can do what it's supposed to do but also enhance and bring accessibility into my life! So if you are looking for the technical specs of this speaker, i suggest you head to the official link and read up on it, LOL! Instead i will be sharing some of the cool features that i really like in this Creative Sound BlasterAxx AXX200 in this blog post! :D
 photo SAM_7441.jpg
Other than the fact that the Sound BlasterAxx AXX200 is a wireless speaker which you can connect your devices via bluetooth and play your audio wireless-ly, what i really like is that other than the "on" button, everything else can be controlled from your iOS/ android device! There are 3 apps which you can download for easy remote control.
 photo SAM_7428.jpg
The "SB Remote" app duplicates the physical touch screen buttons on the speaker right into your phone which allows you to control the main functions of speaker directly through the app! The SBX technology delivers outstanding audio play back for your music, movies and games! The "central" app (as the name suggests) allows you to have an overview and total control of speakers including the indication of battery life, SBX profile, in built music player and even an alarm clock! There is also this "Night mode" which minimizes abrupt volume changes and this speaker automatically adjust and equalize the volume of different audio tracks. Sounds pretty cool being able to remotely control everything har? :D
 photo SAM_7427.jpg
I love how i can just lie on my bed and look through my playlist then playing it through the speakers (:
 photo IMG_8464.jpg
If you do not wish to connect your photo to the speakers (for whatever reasons) you can play audio directly from a MicroSD card! If you use the one touch recording feature (Yes, you can record audio using this speaker too!) all the recordings such as audio calls, voice music will also be saved directly into the MicroSD card. Super convenient!
 photo SAM_7430.jpg
The last thing i would expect a speaker to do would be to be able to double up as a powerbank. It's capacity of 5200 mAh battery is able to provide up to 15 hours of playback time, can also allow you to charge your devices via usb!
 photo SAM_7434.jpg
The most fun part about this speaker would be the Megaphone function! Firstly, it can literally work as a megaphone (aka loudspeaker) or a microphone so you can have instant karaoke session anytime (and recording it at the same time!) and you get to change your voice instantly just by speaking through the microphone! There's a whole list of voice to change to such as Ore, Robot, Male to female, alien(?!) etc. Really super funny and amazed by how it works!!!
 photo IMG_8472.jpg
On top of the speaker, Creative also sent me a separate docking base that comes with a supplied universal power adaptor so that i don't have to plug in and out the cable whenever i need to charge the speaker! So thankful! :D

I'm pretty sure i covered the features which i really love about this Sound Blaster Axx AXX200 speaker. I liked the fact that it's so portable yet powerful, i'm so gonna bring it to my next staycation with my friends (and make weird voices with the VoiceFX function! HAHAHAHA) Just in case you are wondering on the price, according to the website, the price of the speaker is $375 and the docking base is $75. BUT i think there is a launch special - Both at $229! Consider maybe?