Sunday, March 30, 2014

Singapore City Race: I completed my 15km race!

If you read my 2014 resolutions blog post that i did earlier at the start of the year, you would know that my #6 resolution/ goal would be to join at least 3 runs this year and now i accomplished 1/3 of that goal because i signed up for the Nathan Singapore City Race and completed the short distance race of 15km! Was thinking whether to just go for the 5km one and clock as 1 run but the registration fee for the 5km and 15km difference is only a few dollars so i might as well go for the longer distance, LOL (the 25km and 45km one is seriously too kua zhang for me already, HAHAHHAHA)

Prior to this race, i told myself i need to prep up by going for runs at my estate area but i kept procrastinating and gave excuses such as the weather is too hazy, lol. In the end i did not even go for a single prep run. When i tell people i'm going for the 15 click run, everyone was like - "You sure a not, confirm give up one lah." Wah lau eh. All no support one. Was really excited for the race day because this race that signed up for is not the conventional one way marathon run!

Instead, we will be given a map on the day itself and we have to decide on the routing to get to the different designated checkpoints before returning to the start point eventually. The quickest route will will be about the distance you signed up for, OR even longer if you plan a longer route. Just like an Amazing Race around Singapore, but on foot :D
 photo selfie.jpg
Selfie in the lift while making my way to Marina Barrage, the start point. Told myself to sleep early the night before but ended up sleeping at 2am because i was watching Running Man. Had only 5 hours of sleep before making my way out :|
 photo IMG_9358.jpg
Among all my lazy friends, only Joyce agreed to join this race with me. LOL Partly because the registration fee is about $48/ pax and they see no reason why one should pay to run. Quite true lah but it's also about the experience! Had no time to have breakfast together so i grab egg muffins for the both of us along my way there. WE ARE READY! :D
 photo IMG_9391.jpg
While people try to bring as little things as possible for a run, i bring the most absurd things. HAHAHHAHAHA

There's a reason for everything i brought along lor. My mentality is "THIS IS AN AMAZING RACE" and for example since we have to plan our own route - portable charger because we might need to use our phone GPS to navigate, umbrella in case it rains, Markers to draw on the map etc. All sounds quite practical and logical what! (except for maybe the Pepero snack, can eat along the way, lol) I put everything into this tote bag and this 2 girls behind us exclaimed in Chinese "他这样拿,可以跑 meh?" (Translate: "He like that hold can run meh?") Not sure whether they are referring to me though...

In my mind i was like, "What you bitches want hellooooo?"

Obviously i'm not going to hand carry my tote bag and run 15 kilometer -__- On the official website they mentioned they will be giving out a drawstring bag each to all the runners so obviously i'm going to transfer everything in my tote bag into THAT drawstring bag and carry it (like a bag pack in case you have no idea what a drawstring bag is) during the run.

 photo IMG_9361.jpg
Pinned on my race tag. By the way "Shutter" is the team name for me and Joyce, LOL Anyway, we have a total of 5 stations to clock for the 15km race and at each stop, we are supposed to get a sticker and paste it on my tag (:
 photo IMG_9377.jpg
First time getting a Race time Shoe tag (like a time chip) which i have to secure to my shoes so that their system can record our timing accurately. Technology nowadays, so advance that i don't even know it exist. HAHHAHAHA
 photo IMG_9380.jpg
Early Sunday morning at Marina Barrage. Pretty good weather for a run!
 photo IMG_9388.jpg
Saw Josh at Barrage too! He joined with his group of 3 other friends. Apparently it's their 2nd year joining.
 photo IMG_9402.jpg
Finally got our map and was given about 30 mins to plan our route before the race officially starts!
 photo IMG_9444.jpg
Joyce and i decided to go from the furthest and slowly make our way back to the Barrage so we plan to go over to Bugis area first (Arab street - Masjib Sultan Mosque) then over to Shaw house in town. The Shaw House checkpoint was at the top level so you can see all the escalators occupied by the runners, damn epic. Thereafter Sri Thendayuthapani Temple, up Fort Canning Park, Buddha tooth relic temple at Chinatown and back. First 30 mins into the race was pretty much wasted as me and Joyce were figuring how to get out of Gardens by the Bay and going to the washroom. LOLOL #FAIL
 photo 13375702414_f3660d7c2b_b.jpg
Found a photo taken by the official photographers at our first checkpoint where there's a water point :D
 photo IMG_9419.jpg
After a few hours of walking, running and complaining, we finish clearing all the 5 checkpoints which concludes our 15km race! Really an enjoyable experience going around the city of Singapore on foot. So happy to get my first medal that i must camwhore with it like a million times. Don't understand how 15km is considered "short distance", it's like soooo far omg. The distance category is - 5km: "Mini distance", 25km: "Mid distance" and 45km: "Long distance" Oh wells, i'm a short distance finisher without a doubt. Lucky never go for 5km, "Mini"finisher like quite noob. HAHAHHAHA
 photo IMG_9418.jpg
After arriving at the finishing point, there was free flow of sandwiches, ice cream, fruits, drinks and even beer! You can see everyone happily sitting in groups relaxing and chit chatting after a long run on a Sunday. Like a happy only (:
 photo IMG_9425.jpg
Shall not spam all the "me-and-my-medal" camwhore photos here, just one will do! :D

Overall it was a really good experience and i'm glad i signed up for this race! 2 more runs/ race to go before i hit one of my goal for 2014! If there is this Singapore city race again next year, i would definitely join and this time, i would persuade more friends to join me in this "amazing race"! So.. what are the upcoming runs and who wants to join me?

Did i mention in this post that along the race i went into Mcdonalds to get a cup of Coke light? How about when Joyce and i saw a Gong Cha outlet with no queue so we decided to buy a cup each to drink along the way? No? Okay. LOL