Sunday, May 25, 2014

Read. Eat. Watch. Play. Eat again.

Ever since i bought my new camera few week ago, (it's the Samsung EX2F by the way) I'm been psycho-ing myself to bring it out everywhere i go. The camera is not exactly huge and heavy like a DSLR but i would say it's not very compact either. Anyway, by bringing it out, i'm like "forcing" myself to use it instead of always relying on my iPhone wonderful camera, LOL Had a random feel to go prawning so i gathered a few friends to head to East coast park in the evening for a 3 hour prawning session. I will go into that later but in the afternoon, it's the usual cafe hopping routine! Decided on Kith Cafe at Park mall but had to queue 45mins for a seat so we gave up and headed to Plaza Sing - Hoshino Coffee
 photo noq.jpg
Heard really good reviews of Hoshino and i tried their French Toast the previous time i was there and it was really good! [AD] Brought one of the 3 books that i gotten from NoQ Store ( along with me so i can read it whenever i'm free. In this case, on my way to town and while waiting for the food! Having no time to head out physically to book stores to choose the books that i always wanted to read, the kind folks from NoQ Store kindly sponsored me to choose the books that i want from their online store and have it delivered to my door step! (FREE delivery with $25 minimum order!) The books at NoQ Store are generally cheaper compared to the stores out there like Popular or Kinokuniya and use my code "ANDY" to get an exclusive 15% discount! Now you know where to get your books!
 photo food-3.jpg
Hoshino's bacon Cabonara is simply one of the best i've ever tried! The spaghetti were perfectly cooked and the cream sauce was heavenly. Not forgetting the thick chunks of bacon. Wanted to have dessert so i tried soufflé for the very first time! Basically it is a lightly baked cake made with egg yolks and beaten egg whites combined with various other ingredients and served as a savory main dish or sweetened as a dessert. (i just copied and paste from Wikipedia, LOL) Anyway, i first learnt of soufflé from watching Master chef and it takes a lot of techniques to get it right. It takes about 25 mins to prepare so i had to order it beforehand, just nice after i finished my cabonara. The taste is really unique! :D
 photo SAM_8089.jpg
Since it was early, we headed to over to The Cathay so see if there's any movie we can catch. Wanted to watch Brick Mansion but the timings were too late so in the end we got tickets to "Walk of Shame" and it was AWESOME! It's been a while since i laughed so much during a movie. Highly recommended for those who need a good laugh over the weekend.
 photo Photo10-5-14112755am.jpg
I mentioned about going East Coast for Prawning at the start of the post right? Well it's because there was a 3 hour prawning deal at East Coast Prawning on and at Singapore you can find a 5% off coupon for So i bought a few of the deal coupons and helped everyone to save a bit of money. Not bad right! HAHA
 photo prawning.jpg
Spent 3 hours there prawning and a few others came to join us for a good chit chat session and feast on our catch!
 photo bbq.jpg
I like to prawn but i don't like the aftermath which is to prepare them for BBQ-ing. LOL Have to prepare them by sticking the satay stick into them alive, after which spread salt on them then prepare the fire to BBQ. Sounds like a lot of effort but lucky got Josh and Jing long who prepared it for us! I caught about 15+ prawns that night i think! MUAHAHA
 photo withprawn.jpg
#Selfie with my golden orange prawn (got that tee from BKK, lol)
 photo dimsum.jpg
Everyone had about 3 prawns each but there's still room for supper so we decided to head off to 126 Dim sum at Geylang area! The photos above are just a snippets of the amount of dim sum we ordered! There were much more! It was a good supper session with lots of catching up (even though we meet every other week, lol) and just when we were about to leave, the cashier auntie gave us a "Mother's day" butter cake each for us to bring home! (It was Mother's Day past midnight) So we got like a total of 8 cakes altogether. It was so unexpected, LOL The butter cake was REALLY nice!
 photo SAM_8153.jpg
Ending this post with a group photo! Pros of having a swivel screen camera. LOL