Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sun-date at Tulipmania, Gardens by the Bay!

Usually on Sundays, i will either spend the whole day at home sitting in front of my computer replying emails, editing photos and blogging or at the very most, head out for brunch then return home in the evening for dinner. I usually don't spend the whole Sunday outside because the next day is a working day and i wouldn't want to tire myself out by staying out. Anyway, that's not the main point of this blog post, HAHA. For the past week, i've been seeing photos of these beautiful Tulips display on social media, especially instagram and i told myself i must see them with my own eyes! (By the time you read this post, the display probably just ended - 14 Apr to 4 May. Oh wells.) So i asked around to see if anyone is interested in going with me and in the end - Me, Joyce, Angie and Jinglong met up on the following Sunday! :D
 photo CIMG0139.jpg
Before heading to Gardens by the Bay, we were looking for a place to have our lunch and ended up at the super crowded food court. Did a quick search online and found out that the food court is named "Rasapura Masters Food Court" Erm, Okay... But anyway, the food there is by far the most expensive food court that i have ever visited in Singapore. The claypot rice that i had cost me $9.80.  Then again, this food court is within MBS. Kinda expected it. LOL
 photo CIMG0143.jpg
Heading over to Gardens by the Bay via the MBS link!
 photo CIMG0310.jpg
Shot taken using the HDR mode of my new Casio ZR1200. The effect is super kua zhang can.
 photo CIMG0159.jpg
Reached the ticketing counter and saw the never ending queue. I was actually thinking whether to get the tickets online the night before but because we couldn't confirm the no. of people coming, we decided to go there and get the tickets instead. Wrong decision. We immediately bought our tickets online using my iPhone and managed to skip to queue! :D
 photo collage3.jpg
As you can see from the photo above, the amount of people visiting the display was oh my tians.
 photo collage1.jpg
It's normal for girls to camwhore with the flowers as the background but when you see a guy do the same thing, it's just weird. LOL Jing long brought his Danbo along which explains my previous post. (See the photos HERE if you haven't!)
 photo flowers.jpg
Testing the Macro blur background mode of my camera. Like not bad hor?
 photo collage2.jpg
The thing about using a swivel screen camera is that half the time you will definitely have someone not looking at the lens but at the screen. So i have to constantly remind my friends to look into the lens and not the screen! HAHAHHAHA
 photo CIMG0264.jpg
Got one of the tour guides there to help us take group photo. Love this shot!
 photo DSC01895.jpg
My casual Sunday #outfitoftheday.
 photo ootd.jpg
After 2 hours at the Gardens, we went back to MBS to take more photos! Our #ootds!
 photo jump.jpg

 photo jumpshot.jpg
"I love doing silly things in public and not caring because I'm with my best friends." #qotd
 photo float.jpg
Trying to "levitate" with the umbrella in hand. #notverywelldonebutwhatever LOL
 photo DSC01954.jpg
Even though it was a super hot day, we still sat on the roof for more than an hour taking shots after shots but it was really fun though. Remember i started the post saying that on Sundays, i would normally return home in the evening, well that day after taking the photos, we headed down to Bugis for BBQ steamboat followed by desserts, no regrets! :D