Friday, July 25, 2014

Trip to Wheeler's yard!

Another cafe in my cafe hopping list down! Always wanted to visit Wheeler's Yard due to the recent hype and influx of the cafe photos on my Facebook and Instagram but the only reason that i'm hesitating is the location - all the way to Toa Payoh! But nevertheless, the newly created whatsapp group "Brunch buddies" consisting of me, Jiaqi, Jing Long and Gisiang decided to visit Wheeler's Yard on a weekend! Weekend = crowd, so we had to be mentally prepared. HAHHAHA
 photo place.jpg
Wheeler's Yard
28 Lorong Ampas, 328781
     Tue - Thu: 10:30 am - 10:00 pm  | Fri - Sat: 10:30 am - 11:00 pm | Sun: 10:30 am - 10:00 pm

Took a train to Toa Payoh, followed by a bus to Balestier Shaw Plaza and a 5 mins walk in from Jalan Ampas and turn right into Lorong Ampas. Not exactly very accessible but i think if the food is worth it, why not. Upon reaching the entrance there were already a few groups of people taking the "mandatory Wheeler's yard" shot, LOL! But we decided to leave the photo taking to the last and go in since we were super hungry! There are both outdoor and indoor seating (the place was super packed that day as expected) and the weather was a killer so we decided to wait for a indoor seat...
 photo place2.jpg
As you can see, the counter queue was super long that day. Seriously not a good idea to have brunch or go cafe hopping on a weekend because of the crowd, but then again weekend is normally the days where people are free. Oh wells... The whole interior design of the cafe was pretty interesting and definitely photo worthy. Very cosy i would say but i would love it if there isn't much people. Maybe i should try going there on a weekday.The operating hours in the photo above is different from what i stated earlier but what i got was from their official Facebook page. Now i'm confused...
 photo fries.jpg
Decided to have the all day breakfast sets but before that, truffle fries for us to share! One piece of advice, even if you can't decided between the cheese fries or truffle fries, CHOOSE ONE. Don't get both because the portion is so huge! (not complaining though) One portion is good to share among 4 person so unless you have more than 5 people, i won't recommend you getting 2 portions. Nevertheless, the truffle fries was just right, not too bad. Just a little oily though.
 photo food-1.jpg
Gisang and i ordered the Wheeler's Yard Big Breakfast each, Jiaqi got the smoked Salmon and scrambled eggs set and... i forgot what burger Jing Long ordered. LOL Presentation wise i would say the food looks really appetizing and delicious, portion was good but taste wise, i thought it was just so-so. Nothing much in a my Big Breakfast stood out (then again it's kinda expected cos all breakfast platter consist of about the same thing) The bratwurst taste a little weird though.
 photo SAM_8216.jpg
 photo SAM_8213.jpg
Was sharing tables with others if you realised. It's like this whole square table so the 4 of us took 1 corner of it, LOL
 photo SAM_8206.jpg
I realised nowadays we keep eating our meals cold because we will spend the first 15 mins or more trying to get the perfect shot for instagram. After that use camera for blog. Kinda used to it already since i'm one of the culprits. /guilty
 photo SAM_8229.jpg
Mandatory #groupselfie after our meal with the signature blue door!
 photo SAM_8230.jpg
Was quite pleased with the #groupselfie shot then this group of girls came up to me and ask me help them take a group photo and in exchange, they took one for us too! Now we got an almost full body shot! Wait. Was i the one who cropped our shoes away while editing? Probably not, and there's no reason to. LOL Will i go back to Wheeler's yard again? Maybe.

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