Thursday, October 9, 2014

Get more data with Singtel's WIFI-integrated mobile plans! WIN 12 months of additional 2GB/ month!

Nowadays we are so reliant on our smart phones and we use it for basically everything that you can think of. Updating photos onto social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, streaming your favourite Hong Kong drama or movies, getting the most updated news, do online shopping on sites like Qoo10 and everything i just mentioned can all be done on your phone while on the go. But in order for these activities to take place on your phone, you would require either WIFI or Mobile data. Nowadays most of us gets an average of about 3GB local data bundled with our mobile plans but how many of you feel that it's enough? Well, not for me since i'm always on social media and every now and then i would refresh my Twitter or Facebook time line, upload photos on Instagram, watch YouTube on the go and i bust my data limit EVERY SINGLE MONTH even though i already officially added an additional GB to make it 4GB/ month, oh wells :(
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At least at the comfort of your own home, you get to connect to the home wireless network...
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When i'm outdoors, i often depend on this "My Singtel" app to let me know how much data i have used for the month. For every GB that i exceed, i have to pay $10.70 and the most angry thing is, sometimes on the very last day of the billing cycle, i exceeded by maybe 1.2GB and i have to pay additional 2GB for that month! Should have just spammed that remaining 0.8GB by watching videos and make tha extra $21.40 that i'm paying for more worth it, LOLOLOL #kiasu
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I've also got friends who would turn off their 3G once their local data bundle is used up and for the rest of the month, in order to contact them, you would have to either call them, or traditionally SMS them. No more whatsapp, LOL. Unless they find a free wireless hotspot then you will see them spending the next 20 mins on their phone replying to whatsapp messages and updating on social media. Anyway this post is not about me ranting on busting my data limit but to introduce Singtel's latest Combo plan! The Combo plans are designed to meet consumers’ fast growing mobile data needs by offering high-speed WiFi usage in addition to 4G data bundles. What it means is that Singtel Combo plan subscribers can now connect to the Singtel's premium WiFi network hotspots (rolling out at crowded locations and underground MRT stations at the moment!) and have connectivity that is 5 times faster than free public WiFi services!!!
 photo IMG_0415.jpgWith this WiFi integrated mobile plan, Singtel Combo plan subscribers like myself will automatically be connected to the Singtel premium WiFi network whenever a hotspot is detected, this will totally help to off-set our local data usage because as long as we are connected to WiFi, we won't be "eating" into our local data usage! YAY! From now till 31 July 2015, we can enjoy unlimited WiFi usage and subsequently, all combo plans will come with 2GB of WiFi data allowance.
Here is an overview of Singtel's combo plans:
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The Combo plans will replace SingTel’s existing plans for customers who renew their contracts or subscribe to new lines. 

If you realize, the Combo plans now offers better value for money compared to the previous plans with more talk time and local SMS every month and on top of that, WiFi usage are included for Combo 2 and above plans! Now that i mentioned so much about the WiFi integrated plans, i think what most of you are most interested in would be where are the hot spots right! Since launched, the coverage is available at more than 100 hotspots at 11 locations which includes popular shopping malls such as Raffles City, Plaza Singapura, Junction 8, Funan IT Mall, Bugis+, The Atrium and Changi City Point. Soon, you guys can expect all CapitaMall shopping centres to have Singtel WiFi coverage as well! YAY
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Currently there is WiFi coverage at Orchard, City Hall and Raffles Place MRT station too!

The service will be progressively rolled out to 16 MRT stations on the North-East Line, as well as eight other stations with high commuter traffic over the next nine months. By March 2015, there will be approximately 1,000 hotspots at more than 100 locations across the island. If you are interested to see the whole list of places with Singtel's Premium WiFi coverage, you can checkout this LINK over here! If you are already a Combo plan user, do give the free WiFi a try! 
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Just turn on your WiFi at one of the hotspots and see what it does. *wink

Now that you know about Singtel's Combo Plan, here's a chance for you guys to win an additional 2GB of local data per month for a period of 12 months (worth $256.80)! All you have to do is fill in the form below with your details as well as tell me in less than 100 words how you intend to use the extra outgoing 100 mins talk time and unlimited data usage with Singtel WIFI to connect more with friends and your loved ones! Just as simple as that! Additional 2GB/ month leh!!!

I will be choosing the answer with the most interesting/ inspiring answer and will be contacting the winner via email! I think the chances of winning should be quite high since i'll only be choosing among the entries submitted on my blog. The other bloggers will be choosing a winner from their own blog submission too! Deadline: 2359H, 19th October 2014!!

Good luck!